Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 90 Meet

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After the thick stone pillar stood upright again, the mottled long table returned to its original state, and the magnificent and sacred palace seemed to have remained unchanged, Klein's expression twisted uncontrollably, and he couldn't help but raised his hand and rubbed his forehead.

"This doesn't seem to be the power that an ancient **** should have... surpassed the 'Dragon of Illusion' Angleweed, and is only slightly inferior to the 'Ancient Sun God'...

"If the 'Alien King' Kwahitun really has such power, how did Lilith get rid of him and Fregella in the first place, and still escape unscathed?"

Although the records of the City of Silver say that the three ancient gods perished together, Klein, who knew that Lao Liu and Lilith were likely to have an affair, naturally knew that the ancestor of the blood race still existed. After the incident on the first floor of the "Dream Labyrinth Tower" Gave him the "Moon" card as a reward.

"Hmm... just now, it should be the end of the battle between the three ancient gods, and the scene where Kwahitun desperately wanted to return to the kingdom of God... That's why the 'darkness' came suddenly, there was' The full moon' rises.....

"Before he fell, his strongest desire was to return to the Kingdom of God...Then it is reasonable to speculate that it is not that the 'Alien King' is that strong, but that there is something powerful in his Kingdom of God , could save his life!

"I will receive such a terrible 'feedback', it should also be due to trying to spy on that thing...

After thinking for a while, Klein sorted out his thoughts, and then he tapped the edge of the long shift table, causing the mysterious space above the gray mist to start to vibrate again.

Amidst the shock, a **** light suddenly appeared on the ground of the palace.

The light twisted, struggled, and was finally swept away by the power of the gray mist, leaving nothing behind.

After several tens of seconds, Klein really calmed down, thinking to himself:

This light is a bit like the power of the "primordial moon", but it seems to be different in essence... There is also a feeling of "decadence" and "filth"...What exactly is it? The "Fallen Goddess" that Abner mentioned? Or is it the so-called "Mother Tree of Desire" at the apex of the two pathways of "Prisoner" and "Criminal"?

Questions flashed in Klein's mind one after another, giving him a lot of guesses, but it was difficult to get a final answer.

Concentrating his thoughts and pressing the question back to his heart, Klein manifested a new pen and paper, and wrote down the knowledge he had gained by looking directly at the "Alien King":

"Sequence 2: Ancient Evil.

"Main material: the heart of 'Kwahitun', or 'Extraordinary characteristics of ancient evils.

"Auxiliary materials: 50ml of magma from the first layer of the 'Abyss', ten thorns or rose thorns that have been infected with the blood of the ancient **** 'Kwahitun'.

" turn oneself into a 'cursed object' for at least three hundred years to be used by others..."

"Sequence 1: Abomination."

"Main material: 'The Source of the Curse' of 'Kwahitun', or the extraordinary characteristic of 'God Abomination'."

"Auxiliary materials:...."

"Ritual:...Conceived in the body of a being that accommodates the uniqueness, or possesses the symbol of the gods, and is born as its child..."

"Sequence 2: Creator."

"Main material: the brain of 'Kwahitun', or the Extraordinary characteristics of 'Creator'.

"Auxiliary materials:  …

"Ritual:...create an extraordinary race, and allow this race to reproduce naturally for at least a hundred years..."

After doing these things, Klein picked up the eyeball again and looked at it with a solemn expression for a while, then spread his spirituality into it, and watched the "map" projected inside.

But soon, he blurted out in surprise:

"This location...isn't it the small island that Lao Liu conducted research with the 'Dark Emperor' and 'Underworld Emperor' in the first Rhine?

"The alien king's divine kingdom is actually inside that small island prison?

"Yes...their research direction

There are items summoned by Rhine from the starry sky... and the abandoned Kingdom of God may be a weak area of ​​'seal' or 'barrier', so it is easier to summon items from the starry sky there?

"In addition, the terrifying thing in the Kingdom of Kwahitun may have also fallen into the hands of Rhine, the 'Dark Emperor' and the 'Underworld Emperor'... That should be the main direction of their research."

Various thoughts flashed through his mind, and Klein decided to find an opportunity to talk to Lao Liu about this matter... But don't worry too much, after all, the "card of blasphemy" hasn't been assembled yet, and the distance between them It may take some time to explore that small island.

What's more, Lao Liu should have recovered the memory of "Rhine Carruldia", so he might know the situation there. Even if he didn't know, the "God of Spiritual Things" Torzina, the "Alien King", once Congshen is currently Lao Liu's angel, and he must be aware of the situation of his old boss, Shenguo.

While his thoughts were turning, he threw the "Eye of Kwaxitun" into the debris pile, and mobilized the power of the mysterious space above the gray mist to suppress it, lest the paper figurines he cut would be destroyed next time he came up. Began to "indulge" driven by desire.

West Balam, a port city named Norman.

This is one of the colonial cities of the Loen Kingdom. A month ago, it was once attacked by the warlord supported by the "Rose School of Thought", and it was finally defended because of the rebellion in the Karaston area behind the warlord.

But even so, the houses and various facilities in the port were also destroyed. Most of the related people from the Northern Continent had already evacuated. Except for the poor who couldn't leave for a while, all the people left were naturalized mixed-race children and those who were close to Loen. The natives are gone.

Of course, Loen's colonial army and some of the church's clergy are still staying here. UU Reading www.

At this moment, at a corner of the port pier, Emlyn White, who was wearing a black stand-up collar windbreaker, took out his pocket watch and glanced at it, before turning into countless transparent bats and flying towards the depths of the sea.

At the same time, on the surface of the sea about five or six nautical miles away from the port, an ancient battleship rose from the sea, revealing the whole picture.

That was the flagship "Trident" lent to "Admiral Song" by Abner.

A minute later, countless bats gathered in human form and landed on the deck, and saluted the two ladies who came out of the captain's cabin:

"Good afternoon, Ms. Shatas, Ms. Gwen."

Miss Gwen, who was already over two meters tall, gave a simple salute and said with a smile, "I'll just wait for you, Mr. White."

And Xiatas, who had soft and shiny black hair and tied it into a simple ponytail, looked a little dazed, and muttered in his mouth: "Giant... blood race. Deal with the Rose School.

"Why do I have the illusion of going back to the three-race alliance to fight against alien species together..."

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