Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 86 May 8th

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In the blink of an eye, five months passed, and the time came to Monday, May 8, 1351.

Sunya Sea, Rorsted Islands waters.

"Youlan Avenger" leads a pirate fleet, shuttling through the battlefield filled with gunpowder.

Suddenly, a huge ball of fire flew over from nowhere, and the entangled silver-white sharp rays separated the sea surface, creating a passage that did not exist before, surrounded by the majestic waves on both sides, pointing directly at the "Youlan Revenge" Zhehao".

Alger Wilson, who was standing at the bow, saw this scene and raised his right hand with an unchanged expression.

The violent tornado suddenly appeared, rolled up the blue sea water, rolled up the sharp silver rays, making them look like a long snake, straight into the sky, and collided with the huge fireball.


The water spray exploded and fell like rain.

Argel then locked onto a battleship, opened his mouth, and let out a roar.

With a bang, the boat was thrown into the air by the sudden and violent waves.

Seizing this opportunity, the broadsides of the "Blue Avenger" fired on their own, and the sound of rumbling continued.

Seeing that the Extraordinary on the opponent's battleship wanted to use the recoil of the fireball to make the ship move sideways, Alger's right hand slammed down.

A thick silver-white lightning struck down, causing the Extraordinary's body to scorch black and tremble continuously.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The shells hit one after another, and the ship disintegrated in mid-air.

At this moment, Alger looked a little dazed, and couldn't help but lower his head to examine his right hand.

This is the power of the "official priest of disaster", is this the feeling of a demigod? He sighed a little intoxicatedly in his heart, then quickly sobered up and let the "Blue Avenger" chase the enemy.

A few days ago, he finally completed the ceremony of "Officer of Disaster", successfully becoming the eighth demigod of the Tarot Society before "Moon", "Star" and "Sun"!

An hour later, the fierce naval battle ended, and Loen's side defended the Rorsted Islands again.

Since Loen's land defenses were continuously breached, even though there was independent support from the Church of Storms at sea, they had to be forced to turn on the defensive.

The Church of God of War and the Feysac Empire have carried out attacks like today's many times, but they have not been able to break through the outer line of defense of the Rorsted Islands.

Alger was in a good mood. After the "Blue Avenger" returned to the port, he called the sailors to disembark and went to the "Scented Leaf Bar", one of the few bars that were still open, for a drink.

This bar may not be known to others, but Alger knows that it is the property of the "heroic detective" Abner Brian, who is very popular in all major countries in Peking University.

Even the new four kings and the seven great pirate generals on the sea have spoken out, not allowing any pirates to rob merchant ships bearing the flag of the Blaine family.

——Because the news of the "Undead King" Agaritu's death was confirmed by the "Queen of Stars", one of the newly promoted "Four Kings", he has been removed from the list. The current "Four Kings" are "King of the Black Seat", "King of the Black Seat" Mysterious Queen", "King of the Five Seas" and "Queen of Stars".

As for Edwina and Maria, they didn't disclose the news that they were promoted to demigods, so they were still pirate generals.

The seven pirate generals currently recognized in the sea are "Admiral Iceberg" Edwina, "Admiral Pale" Maria, "Admiral Song" Siatas, "Vice Admiral Disease" Tracy, "Admiral Iceberg" Lieutenant General Dragon Rider Gwen, Vice Admiral Deep Sea Hal Constantine, and Vice Admiral Twilight Joel Fudge. Among them, Shatas is the "elven singer" brought out by Abner from "Grossel's Travels". When she was pregnant with Mobet's child, she relied on Abner to leave the seabed The "Trident" in the settlement of elves made a name for itself.

After giving birth, Shatas even relied on the assistance of the elves in the settlement. A month ago, she fought a big battle with the pirate group of the "Admiral Seven Killers" supported by the "Rose School of Thought", and finally killed each other and won After passing his title of "Pirate General", he monopolized several important shipping routes between the north and south continents.

And the so-called "Twilight Lieutenant General" Joel Fudge,

It's actually Ms. Daly.

After the Tarot Society took care of "Vice Admiral Twilight" and his father, Feysac and the God of War church naturally had to support a new pirate general to do some shameful things.

Under the secret operation of Queen Sophia II and the Countess of Rouse, and recommended by the archbishop of Sonia Island, Mrs. Joel Fudge, finally became the "Twilight Lieutenant Admiral".

In addition, the reason why Ms. Daly is called "Twilight" is because Dunn, who is already a "demon hunter", prepared a "Twilight Guardian" spell for his wife, which made her emit orange yellow light when she was fighting. Light, resist most attacks.

Entering the "Fragrant Leaf Bar", Alger glanced casually, and saw a drunkard lying on the ground, with some scorched marks on his face, and no one around helped him, and even hid far away.

Seeing this, Alger frowned, because he could tell at a glance that the alcoholic had been "struck by lightning".

But the opponent used "Lightning Strike", but did not hurt the alcoholic at all, but the precise control technique that made him feel pain was difficult for Alger to do.

After taking a few glances, Alger asked for a glass of wine, went to a bartender he knew, pointed to the man on the ground and asked, "What happened?"

The bartender glanced at the drunkard on the ground, and said angrily, "What else can he do? He's a newcomer, he doesn't know the rules, so he provoked the lady boss."

The proprietress... Alger nodded thoughtfully.

He met the so-called "proprietress" once, and knew that she was a very beautiful woman... That time she was accompanied by "Sea Serpent" Weaver to participate in an underground trade fair, and was entangled by several pirates Molested, and the next moment, those pirates became inexplicably mentally ill and started killing each other.

Alger always thought that it was a "Hypnotist" from the "Audience" path, but now it seems that the other party has a high probability of being from the "Sailor" path, and his strength is even higher than his own "Disaster Priest"!

"How did that Viscount Abner Bryan establish friendly relations with so many powerful and noble ladies?"

City of Silver, at the top of the round tower, in the room of the chief elder of the "Six-member Council".

Colin Iliad waited for Derrick to finish his salute, then pointed to the objects on the table in front of him and said:

"This is the map and key of the 'Alien King Kwahitun' kingdom of God that you want... But be careful when taking it, it has only been simply 'sealed' now, and it may be 'resurrected' at any time.

"And once it's 'recovered', it needs to satisfy its various desires, otherwise it will be used as the object of its "desires" to vent.

"It was a horrible scene that I would not even face directly."

Derrick was very happy to see that the task given by Mister Fool was about to be completed, UU Reading www.uukanshu. com But when he heard the back, his face suddenly became serious, and he said: "I will definitely be careful!"

While talking, he looked at the things on the table and found that it looked like the "eyeball" of some kind of creature, so he looked at the chief with some puzzlement.

"This 'Eye of Kwahitun' is both a map and a key. When you stimulate it with spirituality, a map leading to the Kingdom of God will appear in the 'eyeball'."

After Colin briefly explained a few words, he explained its "seal" method and coping strategies in detail, and then watched Derrick arrange the "sacrifice" ceremony and send it above the "grey fog".

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the gray mist spread beyond the horizon, like the ancient palace where the gods lived.

Lines of crimson light shot up on both sides of the long bronze table, solidifying into blurred figures respectively.

"Justice" Audrey looked around and found that except for Miss "Temperance" who was still absent, the rest of the members stood up, lifted the hem of her skirt, and saluted to the top:

"Good afternoon, Mister Fool~"

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