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Cattleya didn't wear her usual black classical robe, but changed into a red dress that became popular in a certain movie and was quite common in Backlund, which made it easier for her to hide her identity in the city.

At this time, she frowned and looked at Mr. "Professor" who was completing the last part of the ceremony. She didn't understand until the other party got up and said: "This ceremony seems to involve the field of soul fusion...but I have been promoted to Sequence 3." Master Prophet' doesn't need..."

As a high-sequence Beyonder of the "Secret Peer" pathway, she has enough knowledge and eyesight to see the meaning of the ritual.

But before Cattleya finished speaking, she was interrupted by Abner with a wave of her hand; "I know what you want to say...but you should understand that the ritual of taking potion is essentially to assist Extraordinary people resist the impact and side effects of potions when they advance.

"And the 'Master of Prophecy' potion will allow you to go deep into the "river of fate" after you take it, and eventually get lost in many "tributaries of fate" and become part of the "world of absolute rationality".

"So, no matter what the ritual requirements of the advanced "Master of Prophecy" in the potion formula you get are, in essence, it is to establish an anchor point of "fate" in reality to help you position yourself in the "river of fate" , and finally return to reality.

"And to a certain extent, I have a symbol of 'fate', which can directly become your anchor point!"

The problems encountered by the "Master of Prophecy" when advanced are actually similar to those of the "Prophet", except that they will go deeper into the "River of Destiny" or the "World of Absolute Rationality", so Abner can be said to be quite experienced.

Of course, these problems when the "Master of Prophecy" advanced were not conjectured or purely "insighted" by him, but were verified by Bernadette.

"So that's how it is..." Cattleya nodded, she still believed in what Mr. "Tower" said, but she still didn't understand the ritual he arranged, "But why is it a ritual in the spiritual realm? Anchor point Do you need the help of your soul?"

"The anchor point is not needed...but I need it to be your anchor point!" Abner replied with a smile.

"Being my anchor point..." Cattleya repeated Abner's words, and then her face froze, as if she understood what the other person meant, "You want To enter my mind and become one with my mental body for a while?"

After finishing speaking, she carefully identified the rituals arranged in the villa, and found that it was indeed the function of this aspect, which proved that her guess was almost inseparable. "That's right... This is what Bernadette should do. It will be easier for her to become an information creature... But she has something to do and can't come in a short time... And if I do it, I need to rely on rituals." Abner said seriously.

In fact, as a "spiritual angel", he can also be simulated as an "information creature", so there is no need to be so troublesome.

The reason for entering Cattleya's mind and merging with her spirit for a short period of time is to catch the "hidden sage" by his "tail" when he is spying secretly.

In addition, No. 28 Kingstor Street is also very close to Osses Square, where the spiritual resonance of tens of thousands of people is enough to interfere with the "hidden sage's spying on Cattleya's spiritual realm, and Abner can use this to hide his own exist.

This is why Abner had to wait until the new year to help Cattleya get promoted.

Blending of souls...then you know all the secrets hidden in my heart? Cattleya was a little embarrassed for a moment, and a blush appeared on her face.

It's not that she doesn't trust Mr. "Tower", after all, he has already won her favor, and with Mr. "Fool" watching from behind, she is not worried that the other party will take the opportunity to completely dominate her heart.

But as long as it is human, who doesn't have some secrets that they don't want outsiders to know? There's nothing else to do with spiritual integration, but the shame of revealing one's privacy is the deadliest.

Abner naturally knew what the "Queen of the Stars" was worried about, so he added with a smile: "Don't worry, I will 'hint' to forget what I saw in your mind after you are promoted... um , I can swear to Mister Fool."

Hearing these words, Cattleya breathed a sigh of relief, and said after deliberation: "Thank you for your understanding, Mr. 'Ta'... In addition, I can also swear that I will "forget" about the secret in your heart .

In her perception, after the fusion of minds, there will be no secrets between the two.

Then you think too much, with my attainments in the "spiritual domain", what you want to "see" is completely up to me! Moreover, this is for your own good... Otherwise, the knowledge of the "outer gods" and "old days" that I know can easily cause you to encounter terrible "pollution". Though thinking so in his heart, Abner nodded on the surface, approving Cattleya's words.

Next, the two swore an oath to Mister Fool, and then they came to the "altar" of the ceremony together.

Abner directly activated the effect of the ceremony, then looked at Cattleya, and said solemnly: "Now, open up all the authority of your spiritual island."

Cattleya took off her heavy glasses, and observed it carefully again with her slightly dark purple, mysterious black eyes. Then she took a deep breath and lifted all the barriers in her heart.

The next moment, Abner turned into a "fog"-like "thought group", invaded Cattleya's spiritual island, and merged with it. Cattleya immediately realized that she had a lot of "interesting thoughts, she Forcing myself not to think too much, after calming down, I took out the "Master of Prophecy" potion that I had prepared a long time ago, brought it to my mouth, and poured it in.

The next moment, UU Reading Cattleya's consciousness seemed to have entered a colorless, mechanically cold world filled with countless information.

That is the "Absolute Rational World", where the "River of Destiny" resides!

Then, as if her spirit was torn apart by something, she continued to go deep into the various "tributaries" of the "River of Destiny", as if to exhaust every "fate" development of everything.

As the spirit became more and more dispersed, Cattleya's consciousness became more and more blurred, and she was about to be completely lost in the "River of Destiny". But at this moment, the voice of Mr. "Tower" suddenly sounded in her heart:

"Come back, this is not your home..."

The voice was soft and gentle, but it "awakened" Cattleya at once, and contained the "spirit" that was still going deep into the tributaries of the "River of Destiny", successfully locating the source of her own "fate".

At the same time, Abner, who was integrated with Cattleya's "mental body", suddenly noticed something, and secretly said:


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