Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 81 faith and courage

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Backlund, Queens District, in Hall's luxurious villa. Audrey, who had just returned home from the New Year's banquet, entered her bedroom on the pretext of being tired.

"Thanks to Her Majesty the Queen for streamlining the procedures for this year's New Year's Ball, otherwise I would have to risk sneaking out of Sodrak Palace and rush to Ossys Square in the Jowood District.

"Although Mr. 'Tower' helped me cover at the ball, it shouldn't be a big problem...But I really don't want my father and brother to misunderstand.

After muttering a few words in her heart, Audrey first took a blue cloak and put it on her body, and then took out a palm-sized notebook from Susie's backpack. Green, looks quite old.

That was the "Leymano's Magic Book" that was rented from Miss "Magician".

Audrey first opened one of the pages, poured spirituality into it, and created a phantom of herself on the bed, just in case.

Then, she turned back a few pages and used the ability to "record" on it to create a "portal gate".

Then, Audrey took a deep breath, and together with the big golden retriever dog carrying a backpack, walked through the circular gate that seemed to be outlined by flames.

Osses Square is located in the Jowood District. When the "Holy Wind Cathedral" was still the headquarters of the Church of the Storm, Pope Osses built this square with a capacity of more than 30,000 people to hold large-scale religious activities from a height. See, the piazza is like a keyhole, with two semicircular colonnades formed by four rows of Doric columns forming a huge ellipse.

It has a radius of about 300 hectares, with a towering obelisk in the middle and a fountain on each side.

—300 hectares, roughly equal to 45 acres on Earth, or 24 acres, or 3 hectares.

At this time, Ossys Square was already crowded with about 12,000 spectators, and about 8,000 people were waiting in line. Fortunately, the preparatory work of "Brian Film and Television Company" was done very well. Everyone inside and outside the square was in order, and there was no crowding or stampede accident.

Audrey who turned on "Psychological Invisibility" did not try to squeeze through the dense crowd, but relied on "Leymano's Magic Book" to take Susie directly to the back of a "lion" statue in the square, lightly Sit lightly on it.

Observing the people who came to watch the movie from a high position, Audrey found that they were rarely in a sad mood today. It seemed that the New Year brought everyone a good mood.

Before they knew it, all the audience had entered the arena. A few minutes later, as the music sounded, the main creators of the film stepped onto the stage in front of the big screen, addressed the audience one by one and extended New Year greetings. "This kind of premiere seems to be created by Mr. "Tower". The opening of previous dramas did not have this... I don't see any effect now, but maybe it has some deep meaning."

While Audrey was talking to herself, all the lights around the square were turned off... And as the main actors left, the big screen also lit up, and "Battlefield Rose" officially opened.

Although this story is called "Battlefield Rose", the opening scene of the movie is not a war, but a scene of a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl living happily under the love of her parents and four elder brothers.

But happiness is always short-lived. With the sudden outbreak of war, the four elder brothers working in different fields went to the front line one after another and joined the battle.

Then, the bad news came back almost every month, first the eldest brother, then the third brother, and finally the news that the fourth brother died in battle also reached the girl.

Her parents were seriously ill because of this, and they aged a lot in an instant.

Therefore, the girl who liked shooting and fighting since she was a child, and who is quite skilled, decided to disguise herself as a man and go to the front line, and brought home the only remaining second brother.

Although only a quarter of the movie has been shown so far, the content on the screen resonated strongly in the hearts of most of the audience!

Yes, the kind of people who are suffering every day, and are most afraid of knocking on the door, bringing bad news from their children, parents, brothers, and lovers, aren’t they the people present themselves?

And every father, child, lover who lost a loved one

, who wouldn't want to imitate the heroine of the movie and bring back their only remaining relatives?

Feeling this strong resonance in her heart, Audrey instantly understood that the citizens who could get tickets to watch the movie today were obviously screened by Mr. "Tower". Had a similar experience!

Therefore, she no longer hesitated, no longer waited for a better opportunity that might appear at the climax of the movie, bent her back, and took out a bottle of potion from the small leather bag carried by the golden retriever Susie.

Countless pieces of light floated in the potion, just like the manifestation of the collective subconscious sea.

Audrey didn't hesitate. In such a scene, she unscrewed the cap of the bottle and gulped down the liquid inside.

Unlike in the past where she could experience the potion slipping through her throat and into her stomach, Audrey suddenly became abnormal.

She felt that she couldn't sense her body anymore, and her whole body seemed to be condensed into a mass of thoughts, blending into the illusory sea around her.

This is the first time that she has directly seen the collective subconscious ocean without going through the "island" where dreams and hearts are located. It is like returning to the mother's arms before she was born, and returning to the beginning, the imprint left by the ancestors of mankind. Like the tide, it washes, disintegrates, and influences. There was fear, madness, and all kinds of terrible spiritual pollution. Audrey had difficulty fighting against it for a while, her consciousness faded, her "figure" was shaking, and it was about to melt.

However, the nearby "sea area" is not peaceful. The belief in finding her family back from the grief deeply affected Audrey's soul, and she finally became sober. Contaminated until sanity is restored.

The family is also the most important belief in Audrey's heart. She resonates with the surrounding "spiritual sea" instantly, giving birth to endless "courage". UU Reading

"Don't give up, never give up, never give up!" The belief became more and more firm, Audrey recited the oath of the heroine in the movie before departure, and her figure quickly became clear.

"Susie, I made it...

"I have always been worried before, worried that as the sequence improves, I will be more and more affected by the potion, become more and more indifferent, and become more and more like a mythical creature instead of a person."

Susie raised her head in a daze, only to see that the eyes of the blond girl beside her were shining with the same "brilliance" as the girl who looked like the "sun" in the movie.

Then, she heard Audrey say in her heart:

"But I am sure now, as long as my belief in protecting my family remains firm, I will never become that kind of existence!

"very nice······

At the same time, in the villa at No. 28 King Street, Abner's promotion ceremony for "Queen of the Stars" Cattleya has also been completed.

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