Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 80 old acquaintances

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January 1, 1351, New Year.

At an intersection in the Backlund Bridge area, the old Kohler, who was wearing a thick jacket on his upper body, was holding a bag of bread, and walked quickly to the residential area on the left.

And there are many people around him who hurried home with food like him, all of whom have just used "food stamps" to get back from various "charity relief points".

Since being rescued by the too beautiful Miss Sharon before New Year last year, the old Kohler was arranged to go to Pritz Harbor to help Miss Sharon's younger brother, Mr. Maric, take care of his little daughter Wenna. Although Mr. Maric is a gangster thug, he looks scary, but the old Kohler has been with him for a long time, but he knows that this gentleman is also a very kind and talkative person in essence, and Miss Wenna is even more obedient and sensible. child.

He would be a friend of Detective Sherlock Moriarty, not just because he was Miss Sharon's brother.

Originally, they lived well in Pritz Harbor this year, but the outbreak of the war plunged that port city into chaos. Even Miss Wenna's school was closed, so Mr. Maric had to move back to Baker. Rand.

The old Kohler also followed them back to the city where the "wind" last year almost blew his "stalk" down.

Looking back on the little things of this year, the old Kohler, who was obviously much stronger than a year ago, and his face was rosy, sniffed and smelled the smell of bread in his arms.

"It's delicious! The quality of the bread distributed by the 'Brian Charitable Foundation' is really good. Ms. Wenna must like it very much." After the old Kohler sighed with emotion, he stepped up and walked into an alleyway, and entered the innermost one inside a house.

It was the house that Mr. Maric rented, and the weekly rent was as high as 14 soli. Old Kohler had lived for decades and had never lived in such a nice house. As soon as he walked to the door, Kohler was taken aback because there were voices in the house, and Mr. Maric was usually still working at this time.

He subconsciously thought that a thief had entered, and thinking that Miss Wen Na might be in danger, he hurriedly opened the door and rushed in.

But then he saw a familiar figure with a big beard, and beside the bearded gentleman, stood a delicate and beautiful lady who looked like a doll.

"Detective Moriarty, Miss Sharon, are you here?" Old Kohler exclaimed in surprise.

And at this time, he realized that Mr. Maric, who was always extremely pale, had also returned home early.

"Old Kohler, long time no see." The bearded Sherlock, also known as Klein, responded with a smile.

It is true that he has not seen the other party for a long time. Ever since the old Kohler stayed with Maric, Klein also visited him once before going out to sea, and confirmed to him that Sharon and Maric are really his friends.

Speaking of which, Klein disagreed with Maric asking Kohler to look after the little girl Wenna at first. After all, Maric was involved in the Rose School of Thought, and it was too dangerous for Kohler to follow him as an ordinary person, and he might die at any time.

But he quickly figured it out again, just as the old Kohler heard the words from an alcoholic:

"People like us are like stalks in the field. When the wind blows, they will fall down. Even if there is no wind, they may fall down..." Poor people like Kohler who have no risk resistance ability, Where is it not dangerous? What's more, he already owed Miss Sharron's life-saving grace, so he should work for her.

As for why Klein returned to Backlund? Naturally, it was because today was the New Year, and he didn't want to suffer alone in the Land Abandoned by God. It’s fine if there are no conditions, but since Abner’s spirituality is so abundant that he can maintain his projection for a long time, then what is there to be polite about him and his fellow villagers?

When he first developed the "Fool" function, he never thought of being polite to himself!

"Old Kohler, put down the bread, Sherlock and Sharon brought a very sumptuous dinner." Maric said with a rare smile on his face.

These dishes come from Klein's "Maige Manor" and are cooked by professional chefs. Naturally, they are much better than the bread at the relief point.

In this regard, the old Kohler shirked it at first, but was quickly moved by the kindness of the few people, and enjoyed the food that he had never dared to think of before.

Want to come to the banquet.

Although because of the coming of the war, the dishes that Klein brought were only the ones produced by "Maige Manor", but for Kohler, it was already a delicious food that made him feel like he was in a dream.

Everyone present was "insiders", and no one paid attention to etiquette, so everyone ate their share "quietly". It wasn't until Old Kohler licked off the grease on the surface of the plate that Klein wiped his mouth and took out the Five "movie tickets" and said with a smile:

"Tonight there will be a premiere of Brian Films' "Battlefield Rose" at Ossys Square in Jorwood District. I got the tickets. Let's go enjoy this new movie together as a New Year's gift for myself." In front of the house at No. 17 Minsk Street.

Mrs. Starling Summer, who dressed up briefly and tried her best to look decent, took her husband's arm and walked towards Ossys Square with a few children on foot.

They are all believers in the "Goddess of the Night", and they were lucky enough to get tickets for the new movie on the previous "Winter Ritual Day".

For the Summer family, who have not held banquets or dances for several months, have not gone to various clubs or salons to participate in parties, and all their savings have been used to hoard food, this is already a rare way of "entertainment".

"Why not hold the premiere in the theater? Even if there are seats in the open-air plaza, it is very cold..." Mrs. Starling couldn't help complaining to her husband.

"I don't know... But I heard that Viscount Beldan personally designated the venue." Mr. Summer shook his head.

Since Coim Company was taken over by the military due to the wartime act, the former manager of UU Kanshu has lost his job, but fortunately he is still a good "accountant". En Film and Television Company" employment, and finally have another source of income.

As the couple talked, their children whispered, imagining what the movie would show.

They are a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, and they are both cute. Osses Square is not too far from Pinster Street, and they arrived at their destination after walking for nearly half an hour.

However, because there were too many people coming, the police cordoned off and ordered people to line up to avoid stampedes.

Perhaps because of the large number of people, the Starlings only felt that the closer they were to the square, the warmer it would be, as if the cold winter wind was blocked by the crowd and did not blow in here.

At this moment, Mrs. Starling suddenly saw a familiar figure and asked in surprise, "Detective Sherlock, are you going to watch this movie too?"

Her voice was very penetrating, at least ten meters away from her, Melissa, who was looking for a seat with her brother Benson, turned her head suddenly: "Detective Sherlock?!"

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