Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 69 "The Traveler"

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The latest website: People in different dimensional worlds can't have any intersections, but because of the "interference point" created by the "high-dimensional Overlooker" and the "Tudor Kingdom", Forsi, Gwen and the others were able to communicate with each other. The self in another world interacted at the "information" level.

But this is already the limit, except for the high-sequence Extraordinary who is controlled by the "high-dimensional overlooker", other people cannot really go to other dimension "worlds".

And even if the Extraordinary who is in charge of the path by the "high-dimensional overlooker" wants to enter other "worlds", most of them will come in the way of replacing the "self" in that world.

In short, in a world, two "selves" cannot exist for a long time at the same time.

Closer to home, the experience of acting as "self" in another world obtained by Fors and Gwen is also the "remuneration" preset by the "high-dimensional Overlooker", which is used to make friends with Abner and participate in the competition for them. This "script" reward.

Abner briefly talked to everyone about the "deal" he had just made with the "high-dimensional Overlooker", and then took out the nameplate with the "Tudor" badge inlaid and concluded:

"In other words, the "inner layer" of this town is the entrance to the "Blood Plain", and the "Blood Plain" is the connection point between the two worlds.

"Now the "key" to open there is in my hands, if any of you are interested in that world, you can come to me, and I will arrange a "travel" trip for you.

"Of course, after I make sure that world is not dangerous.

"In addition, I will temporarily block the "inner layer" of this town, and clean all the townspeople's memories of the "high priest, the **** of the four seasons" and the "inner layer town"... You should also pay attention to keeping it secret, so as not to attract unnecessary trouble."

Having said that, Abner opened his "Pure White Eyes", and with the authority of "wisdom", he "induced" the people, objects and other things in the town to complete the "seal" ceremony by himself, and "forgotten" the Everything about "Extraordinary".

"The White Tower opens its eyes, and all things go together", this is a mighty power that can only be accomplished at the level of the "True God", but now Abner relies on the "wisdom" authority that Er Wulong has specially promoted for him, and with the help of the "Theory of Destiny" , "Memory Theater" and other powerful items, barely achieve the same effect.

— This is also because the town lost the gaze of the Outer Gods, which allowed him to succeed so easily.

" you know where my missing crew members went? According to the 'High Priest', they should have strayed into the Kingdom of God, but there was no one in the 'Blood Plain' just now. See them." At this moment, Miss Gwen asked.

She obviously hasn't forgotten the original intention of bringing the team to this small town.

Abner remained silent on the surface, but actually went to check the bottom-level "information records" of the "Blood Plain". After a few seconds, he sighed and said, "Those people didn't die, but they can't come back either. .....they "mistakenly" entered a parallel world and replaced themselves in that world. "

It is said to be "by mistake", but it was actually arranged by the "high-dimensional overlooker" in order to deepen the connection between the two "worlds" through "interaction", so that the "connection point" of "Blood Plain" can exist longer.

And it is very difficult for him to directly influence the people inside the barrier, or the price to pay for such an influence is too high, so he set up "rules" to allow people to "mistakenly enter" that world by themselves.

"I went to another world..." Gwen was stunned for two or three seconds after hearing the words, and finally said helplessly, "That's okay... I am relieved knowing that they are fine."

Afterwards, Abner sent the Gwen team back to Andorra, and then "dismissed" the four summoned witches, and then returned to the mayor's villa in the small town of Lancer, ready to explore the " Parallel world, by the way, receive the "Abner" of the "Shoulu" system there, so that after the "high-dimensional overlooker" is eaten by "Liu Bo" in the future, he can leave a part of the authority over the source quality, and prevent "Liu Bo" Bo" is thoroughly digested.

As for Forsi? She can "travel" by herself, and she doesn't need Abner to bring her, so she will go back to Backlund on her own to prepare for the ceremony of being promoted to "Mystic Mage".

Soon, holding the "Tudor" nameplate

Abner set foot on the "Bloody Plain" again. He looked at the place carefully, and couldn't help but think in his heart:

"It seems that this kind of godless and declining kingdom of God can easily become the loophole of the "seal" and the "barrier"...." The kingdom of God in the depths of the mirror world of the Emperor of the Night belongs to the kingdom of disorder Let me tell you, the tributaries of the Kingdom of God, the King of Phoenix, 'There is a River of Eternal Darkness passing through the depths of Calderon City'... and Bansi, which connects to the City of Disaster, is also likely to be the Medici. The prototype of the former kingdom of God, right?

"It seems that these godless kingdoms are hidden dangers. You have to pay attention and don't be used by the outer gods."

While thinking, Abner came to the other side of the "Blood Plain", where there is an "entrance" to another world.

However, with the "dimension" he was in, he couldn't directly enter it. He had to use the corresponding extraordinary ability to match himself with the dimension of that world.

According to the relevant knowledge obtained from the "Higher Dimensional Overlooker" and "Theatre of Memory", Abner simulated in his own "White Tower" an extraordinary characteristic that does not belong to the 22 pathways on the earth.

It is a path of God from the "high-dimensional Overlooker", adjacent to the "Theatre of Memory", and what Abner simulated is the Sequence 4 "traveler" of this path!

The next moment, the several "wisdom eyes" that Abner separated lowered the dimension and threw them into the "entrance".

One night two weeks later, Backlund, Queens District, Earl Hall's house.

Audrey, who was wearing a white gauze nightdress, opened her eyes, took a blue cloak, and put it on her body.

She immediately turned over and got out of bed, walked to the full-length mirror in the room, and carefully examined herself with the help of the crimson moonlight shining through the curtains:

Those emerald green eyes seemed to glow by themselves, they were crystal clear, allowing people to clearly see every detail. Audrey closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, all abnormalities disappeared.

The corners of her mouth turned up little by little, her cheeks showed a shallow depression, her eyebrows and eyes were slightly curved, and her eyes turned lightly. She praised herself in a low voice in her heart:

"Audrey, you've finally come this far~!" She had completely digested the "Dreamwalker" potion.

According to Audrey's own grasp and prediction, she felt that after digesting the potion, it would be after February of the new year. Who knew that after receiving the "blessing" from the "Mr. Snake" or "Ms. Snake", During this period of time, she encountered many strange and completely different dreams in succession.

This includes multiple dreams, dreams caused by mental illness, lucid dreams, dreams caused by the influence of evil spirits and resentful souls, and dreams of several demigods.

Under normal circumstances, as a "dream walker", Audrey can generally judge which level of the dream she is about to enter belongs to, so as to avoid encountering danger, but those demigods hide so well. Delly didn't realize the clue until she entered their dreamland, and she was shocked.

Fortunately, she was not discovered several times, but instead accumulated experience, and because of her careful travel, travel, observation, and analysis in the demigod dreamland, she greatly digested the potion.

In addition, other special dreams also gave her a completely different experience. After that, she tried to construct multiple dreams by herself, and tried to hide behind the scenes in the dreams, skillfully guide the development, reversely interfere with the subconscious mind, and treat the mental illness of the dream owner Or drive away the pollution brought by evil spirits and resentful souls.

To some extent, she violated her self-requirement of only observing and recording and not interfering, but it strangely accelerated the digestion of the potion.

Which led her to sum up the new code:

"...If you really want to intervene, be the planner and guide behind the scenes, even if the goal has been achieved, no one will notice."

In this regard, Audrey did a good job. After those people with serious mental illness had five or six slightly weird dreams, they recovered unknowingly.

It is quite normal for a dream to appear strange and incomprehensible.

"Luck is the main factor in digesting the 'Dreamwalker' potion so quickly. It seems that His Highness's favored person is very satisfied with the ice cream I "sacrificed"." Audrey looked in the mirror myself, smiled and blinked


She quickly looked away, then took a slow breath, and said silently to herself: "The battle in the Amanda Mountains is getting more and more fierce...

"Another port in Jianhai County has been lost...

"The Hornatches line in West Veras County is said to not hold out until spring.  …

"If it wasn't for the superiority in the sea war, the connection with East Balam in the southern continent would definitely be cut off..."Alfred is still there...

“I don’t know how this war will develop.

"Fortunately, I'm about to become the sixth demigod of the 'Tarot Society', no, I'm the seventh demigod... oh, I'm actually behind Forsi, and among the early members, I'm only better than "Upside Down" Man 'Mr.' and 'Sun' are faster.

"Well, in order to help Ms. Temperance, Mr. World has given me the potion formula and main ingredients of 'Manipulator'... The tears of seven different human beings due to strong emotions also passed through this passage The dream experience of time has been collected...

"The golden leaf of the treant mentor was traded from the little sun, and the blood of the old mind dragon was also bought from Mr. World."

Thinking of Audrey began to think about what kind of occasion should be used to complete the "Operator" promotion ceremony. That requires taking the potion on a specific occasion with at least ten thousand people, in the great resonance of their emotions. As her thoughts turned, Audrey had a preliminary idea:

"There are two options...

"The first is to invest in holding a large mass on the Goddess' Winter Ritual Day..." The second is to be at the premiere of the new movie of 'Brian Film and Television Company'.

"It is said that it is a film that appeals for peace and opposes war. It is co-starred by famous actors from various countries in the Northern Continent. It should be able to resonate with the public.

"It's just that Backlund doesn't have a theater with a capacity of 10,000 people, and there aren't that many people willing to spend money to watch a movie now.

"Maybe I can persuade" Mr. Tower to put the premiere in a memorial square, so that people who have suffered from the war can see it?

"Speaking of which, if Queen Vera hadn't been cracking down on illegal businessmen since she came to the throne, and bought a large amount of food from the south, stabilizing the price of food, the middle class in Backlund might not be able to survive now. No one is in the mood to watch a movie."

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