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The high-dimensional Overlooker should have only one purpose from the beginning to the end: that is to use his "information coverage" authority to replace the remnant soul of "Tuduo" occupied by "Liu Bo" in the "Calamity Seal", so as to gain access to the "unknown" Among them is the sleeping real "Liu Bo" chance.

Abner knew early on that every "time-travel" of "Liu Bo" was actually "pollution" from a high position... This point has not changed in essence even after "God of Luck".

In the original trajectory, "Tuduo" is just a fallen true god, so the "Calamity Seal" will be occupied by "Liu Bo" through time travel.

But if the original remnant soul in the "Calamity Seal" becomes the top old "High-Dimensional Overlooker" who symbolizes strengthening, then the situation may be different... You must know that even if it is the "Uncertain Fog" that has been accepted by the "Unknown" ", the spirit contained in it has not been completely assimilated so far, and is still resisting.

Therefore, once this "information" covers the reality, the spirit of the "high-dimensional overlooker" is likely to achieve a certain degree of symbiosis with the spirit of the "Liu Bo" avatar, or even "stitch"... This indirectly allows him to have near

The real "Liu Bo", the opportunity to compete for the "pillar".

And in order to achieve this goal, he created another "timeline" parallel world.

He guided the "God of the Four Seasons" born in the "Tudor Kingdom" in that world to believe in the power of "decay", and then used the authority of "information coverage" to make the same generation in the "Tudor Kingdom" in the main world. A "God of the Four Seasons" was created, and "Dimensional Intervention" was forcibly carried out, so that the "Kingdom of God" of two different dimensions had an "intersection".

The reason for choosing the "Tuduo" kingdom of God is because this kind of kingdom of God that has lost its owner is born with loopholes in various barriers, which can project more power and complete the layout.

Secondly, the "Seal of Disaster" was brought out by the Sauron family from this kingdom of God. It is quite convenient to use for layout, and it is easier to make "reasonable" when arranging "story".

Thirdly, a declining kingdom of God is just the medium that the "king of decay" desires to project power into the barrier, plus a "god of the four seasons" who has the authority of "decline" because of "dimension interference", even if it is seen that there is something The "King of Decay" will never let go of the problem, and will definitely send his loved ones in the barrier to intervene.

And with the "King of Decay" in the light, the "High-dimensional Overlooker" can hide himself, even if the gods in the barrier find something abnormal, it is difficult to detect his purpose.

Of course, his cover-up is actually only aimed at the few true gods who don't know much about "Liu Bo", lest they destroy the plan... As for the goddess, Adam, etc. who are very familiar with "Liu Bo", almost all of them are "Ming" Card".

The "high-dimensional Overlooker" played "Liu Bo" in that parallel world, and separated out a clone with the character of "Liu Bo", which polluted the "Disaster Seal" and "Abner" of that world respectively, and created This is a script in which many "good friends" come to the "Blood Plain" to rescue "Abner".

Then, he continued to interfere with the "destiny" of the small town of Lanser in the main world. The several "accidents" encountered by the mayor were probably written by his "script" for the purpose of being in Abu When Na arrives, it is better to arrange for people from the two worlds to enter the "Blood Plain" in the "interference" dimension at the same time, so that the two sides will have an "intersection".

"Hmm... The time flow of the two worlds is 80% irrelevant, and the 'high-dimensional Overlooker' should have very high authority over the 'timeline' parallel world created by him, so he can adjust the time at any time to ensure the 'Blood Plain' , the same person will be entered at the same time.

"This should be the reason why Miss Gwen and Lydia were 'arranged to come here...because they are the main force to save people.

"And Forsi over there is more like forcing it in... After all, the plot of 'helping the other party solve the full moon eating language after acquaintance in a literature salon' is really a coincidence and bloody, more like 'a high-dimensional overlooker, after discovering After I brought Forsi to the small town of Lancer on a temporary basis, in order to equalize the staff, I temporarily came to cover the information, and the result... Well, the four witches are probably similar.

"And the reason why he has to keep the staff consistent...reasonable

My guess is that to 'information, coverage, even indirect influence on something involving 'Liu Bo,' would require enough...'intervention witnesses, or 'observers,' as we call it, to reach Chi The purpose... "No... If this is the case, there is no need for him to wait for me, and there is no need for him to arrange friends around me...

"That's right, the 'Disaster Seal' is currently in the 'Unknown Land', without my permission, his 'information coverage, there is no possibility of success at all!

" a choice!

"One is my choice to fight alone against 'Liu Bo' who will wake up in the near future, or to introduce a new 'variable', but it is likely to make 'Liu Bo's strength increase dramatically in a short period of time!

"This may be the reason why the Goddess, Lilith, and Erwulong allowed me to enter the 'Tuduo, God's Kingdom... They can't judge whether the result is good or bad, so they left the choice to me...

"Heh, there really is no danger in the 'Kingdom of God' adventure this time, but the 'risk' is all in the future!

"How should I choose?"

Thinking of this, Abner looked towards the front of the throne, where a scuffle had already taken place at this time, but Gwen, Forsi and the others were completely reduced to spectators.

Because Sauron, Einhorn, and Medici appeared from nowhere, and fought together with the four witches who also showed their true strength.

Their goal is obviously the "Disaster Seal" held in the hands of "Abner", which is the "Conqueror" characteristic.

"This is why Tudor, God will rely on a strong 'aggregation' effect to attract high-sequence Beyonders from the 'Hunter' pathway to the small town of Lancer, right?

"I'm afraid it's also part of the 'script...' The high-dimensional Overlooker wants to select a high-sequence 'hunter' after the 'information coverage' is successful, to capture the 'disaster seal', and then 'pollute' it, gaining in The ability to act autonomously within the barrier?"

As his thoughts turned, Abner pinched his chin with his fingers, and began to think about the pros and cons of the two situations:

"If you choose to agree, then in the future when you confront Liu Bo in the 'unknown', you will undoubtedly have one more ally, and you will no longer fight alone...... At the same time, the 'disaster seal' itself exists The hidden dangers will also be removed by the "high-dimensional overlooker". All the back-ups it left behind at the beginning, there are "high-dimensional overlookers, step on the thunder."

"However, there may be a lot of bad consequences... For example, those who look down on high dimensions are likely to be overconfident. At that time, they may directly become the biscuits of "Liu Bo." Strength... After all, even "Bai Zao" dare not easily understand "Liu Bo," the symbol of "High-dimensional Overlooker", even if it is strengthened, it cannot be a pillar.

"And if you don't agree, I'm afraid you won't stop here, and then you'll be the 'enemy!

"Of course, it's nothing. She and I are not friends at all. Currently, he has nothing to do with me through the barrier... For example, this Tudor's 'Kingdom of God', even after his long-term transformation, he The power projected in is still no match for the 'memory theater' in my hand.

"Relying on the item formed by that uniqueness, I can easily take away the dominance here. Even the 'parallel world' created by Lin is also accepted.

"However, being thought of by a top-notch 'Old Days', I'm afraid it won't feel good... After all, you can't always 'defend against thieves, can you?

"So, is there a third option?

"What about an option to temporarily stabilize the 'Gaowei Overlooker' without letting him be eaten by 'Liu Bo?

"Hey, even if it's an outer god, the inner core is 'crazy,' really gives me problems!"

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