Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 65 dimensional interference

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On the blood-stained wasteland, hundreds of soldiers in armor and holding halberds formed a formation and charged the adventure team surrounded by Forsi and Gwen in the center.

Although they are just ordinary people, they cooperate tacitly and cover each other. More importantly, even if they are killed by extraordinary abilities, they can regroup after being turned into gravel, and they are almost immortal.

Therefore, the team that was surrounded on the wilderness walked more and more slowly, and even some people were still injured under the protection of Gwen.

Seeing this, Gwen's eyes were full of hostility, and his whole body seemed to be surrounded by negative emotions, and he shot out a "storm of light" with a ferocious face. This frightened Lydia on the side. She tremblingly activated a magical item in her hand to "pacify" Miss Gwen's state.

And Fors, while continuously releasing large-scale attack spells, shouted something loudly, boosting the morale of the entire team...

Just as Fors who "watched" this scene on the cloud said, although these people have the same appearance as her, their temperaments are completely different.

"That's not so much me, it's more like Hugh... I don't have that kind of leadership ability..." Forsi is very self-aware.

"The 'I,' expression below looks a bit like Tran..." Lydia also squeezed her chin and gave a "tsk", also confused, "What's going on here?"

Ms. Gwen's focus was on the scene itself, she turned her head to look at Abner, and asked, "Is this 'God Kingdom' using our images to stage a 'drama'? ‘Hunter, does the true **** of the way have similar abilities? "

"Those soldiers who are constantly 'reborn' may have been created by the authority of the 'Red Priest', but this general scene like 'theater' is not..." Abner shook his head, thinking thoughtfully, "I roughly guessed What's going on here...but I don't understand what she's doing."

"Him? You mean...'High-dimensional Overlooker,?" Aglaia, the "Witch of Doom" who knew something about "Theatre of Memory", seemed to keep up with Abner's train of thought, "The ones below... are What happened in 'History,'? Or he wanted 'History,' to be staged like this? But why must the character of the characters be misplaced."

"What is a "high-dimensional Overlooker"? "Forsi asked on behalf of the others.

"Similar to the 'declining kings' I mentioned just now, they are all 'evil gods,' as long as you know the name, don't try to understand it, or you will be in danger." After a few words to the others, Abner said a little Thinking, answered Aglaia's question, "Maybe this is not 'history,... but something that is actually happening."

"It's really staged? But we... wait, you mean... other worlds?" Aglaia's face was stupefied, and his gaze on the team below became strange.

"What charades are you playing? Can you tell us about it?" Fors patted Abner's arm and said with some dissatisfaction.

Abner looked around and saw that everyone, including Miss Gwen, was showing curious eyes. Then he organized his words and said to Forsi: "You went in with me before "Grossel's Travels" ", you should know that there is a world created by the dragon of fantasy, using the power of the true **** level?"

"And there are not only 'idealists' who can do similar things. For example, the 'high-dimensional overlooker' I mentioned is also possible...

"He can use his authority to create a new 'timeline' from a certain node, which is the 'parallel world' mentioned by Russell in his "Heroes" series.

"That world has people and things similar to ours, but everyone's 'fate and development may be completely different, so it is normal to have differences in personality and ability.

"Of course, at the level of the 'high-dimensional Overlooker,' the 'parallel world' created by him should not be able to involve 'unique, related people and things... Even if there is, it cannot be all, some of the characteristics and powers are afraid It's already the limit..."

Speaking of this, Abner suddenly remembered that the "God of the Four Seasons" mentioned by the mayor worshiped the authority of "decay", but he himself was not a follower of the "king of decay"...

and also

Perhaps, the "God of the Four Seasons" who has attracted the attention of the favored "King of Decay" and has been planned is not the existence of the world I live in...

Is this..."parallel world interference"?

The "High-Dimensional Overlooker" can actually do this step... From this point alone, he is no worse than "Adam" at the end of the original book, and this is the means he uses through the barrier...

Sure enough, because of "Liu Bo"'s crossing, the symbol of "Gaowei" has been magnified, and the authority of "Gaowei Overlooker" may not be much worse than the pillar!

If my guess is true, then the "King of Decay" and his family

In fact, they are all just the cover of the "high-dimensional overlooker" put on the front, and they are used to attract the attention of the gods in the barrier...

What is his real purpose?

Although he had doubts, Abner was not too worried, because he had discovered that the "high-dimensional Overlooker" was able to build such a "theatre" in the divine kingdom of the "Blood Emperor", and the means of displaying parallel world images depended on What, I am sure that I can take over the control of the "theatre" at any time.

"Shall we help them?" Miss Gwen asked at this time, pointing to the battlefield below.

At this time, the teams of Gwen and Forsi from the "parallel world" are already in jeopardy in the face of a steady stream of enemies.

"It's very difficult to help... because we are not in the same 'dimension' as they are at all... so we can only stand here and look down." Abner shook his head, and explained a little based on his previous understanding of "Theatre of Memory" , "Although the parallel world is derived from the 'timeline' separated from our world, the dimension is lower than ours...even if the two worlds we are in now interfere with each , is still higher than them...

"Unless you actively reduce the dimensionality, the help you can do to them is extremely limited, and you can only pass some information through means."

And once the dimension is reduced, it means that oneself will also face danger. Just when Miss Gwen and Forsi were a little disappointed, Abner changed the subject again: "But it's okay to give them a little hint and let them overcome the difficulties in front of them."

After finishing speaking, he smiled meaningfully, and thought to himself: Although Miss Gwen and Fors are kind-hearted, they are not so kind as to worry about unrelated people for no reason... Even if those people are from parallel worlds Own.

Although it cannot be ruled out that they suddenly feel unbearable in the face of "acquaintances", but at this moment, it is more like the "plot" that should have been in the "script".

Perhaps, the first step to "interference" and "interaction" is to allow "communication" between selves in different worlds?

Is this why Miss Gwen and Lydia were deliberately "arranged" here? Because in the parallel world, they are one of the members exploring the "Blood Plain".

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