Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 64 Enter the Kingdom of God

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"Why... lure them here..." the mayor repeated Abner's question, and suddenly revealed abnormal pain in his tone, "I...I don't know...I forgot!"

Forgot... whose handwriting could it be? The first thing Abner thought of was "Adam", but then he abandoned this idea, because this is not Adam's style, and with the tacit understanding between himself and Adam, he would not just arrange it without saying hello. people around me.

Seeing that the mayor really couldn't remember, Abner could only press this question and asked the third question: "How can I open the entrance to the 'Blood Plain'?"

Although he has the "Tudor" badge and nameplate, he doesn't know the correct method.

"The town of 'Inner Layer' is the entrance to the 'Kingdom of God'... You only need to activate the 'key' spiritually within the scope of the town, and you can make the town and the 'Bloody Plain' overlap together..."

The mayor's voice was almost inaudible at the end, and seventy to eighty percent of the branches around him were turned into powder, and even the three "openings" on the thickest branches became blurred.

Seeing this, Abner seized the time to ask the last question: "You just said 'out of control, it won't be like that', what do you mean?"

Hearing this, the mayor seemed to cheer up a bit, summoned up his last strength and said, "Be careful in the 'God Kingdom, Li...'"

Before he finished speaking, he couldn't hold on any longer, and completely turned into a pile of powder, and his Extraordinary characteristics were also condensed afterward.

"This 'plot is a bit bloody...why can't I ask the last and most important question in advance?" Abner touched his chin and said to himself, "Although I can grab a certain amount of freedom, But the overall trend is still a continuation of the 'script, right?

"Then it seems that he can only be the one behind the scenes..." Is he self-defeating? Or is it the beginning of another calculation?" Hey, the methods of these lybs are all the same, they always take the initiative to expose some, and then use it hide some...

"But I really didn't see what he was hiding." However, the only thing that is certain is that his plan is not harmful to me...otherwise, the goddesses who have been paying attention to me, Lilith and the others, would have put this away by now The ruined place polluted by the Outer Gods has exploded."

While his thoughts were spinning, Abner began to "observe" the situation of several companions in the town while finishing the finishing work.

Of course, he didn't need to worry about the witches. Gwen and Lydia also had "Vicente Miranda" watching over them in secret, so the only thing he paid attention to was Forsi.

Speaking of which, Fors is currently fighting a "Witch King" who is not in a good state...

This "Witch King" is actually the hole card of "God of Four Seasons" and "Summer" avatar, the subdued demigod he mentioned earlier.

Well, to be precise, the person who fought the "Witch King" with disgusting pustules on his face was actually the historical projection of Hugh Dilcha.

Although La Abner's projection can end the battle faster, but with Forsi's current spirituality, summoning the other party may be "drained" immediately. This is obviously not suitable in a town full of dangers, so Forsi Si can only take the next best thing and pull out another powerful close friend.

Although the projection's combat effectiveness is not as good as his own, the strength of the "Witch King" who chose to believe in the "God of the Four Seasons" has dropped even more, and he has already fallen into a disadvantage.

And Fors himself took out "Leymano's Travel Notes",

Constantly stimulate the ability to be supplemented by the members of the "Tarot Club" above.

"Mysterious Reappearance - The Little Match Girl", "Law - Deprivation" and "Air Cannon"

After a hard fight, Xixiu submitted the submission of "mystery weakened, reality enhanced", 2-2-8 years, February 2, 2018, until night, leaving the younger brother to become countless bats" and other life-saving means. Abner's "recorded" spell "Mysterious Reappearance-Little Boy" successfully wiped out the "Witch King".

Although no matter how you look at it, the spell is just a secret skill combined from "Yang Yan" and "Darkless Spear", but since Abner insisted on calling it "Little Boy", Fors just let him.

worth mentioning

Yes, Abner also called a secret technique composed of "yang flame" and "pure white ray" "fat man", but he didn't know what it meant.

Seeing that Forsi took care of a demigod so easily, even though the opponent's condition was very poor and his intelligence had degraded to a very low level, such a result still made Abner nod in relief.

"Forsi is probably the strongest Sequence 5, even Klein should not be able to defeat her at the stage of 'Master of Puppet'...

"After all, in the battle with the demigods, Forsi didn't reveal her strongest hole card.

"However, if this is also a 'script,' then this 'Witch King' is actually a 'gift' offered by the other party?"

While many thoughts were spinning in his mind, Abner took out the "Tudor's Variation Badge" and the Tudor nameplate carrying it again, and held it in his hand.

He closed his eyes and thought for a while, and finally decided to go to Tudor's kingdom of God to see the situation.

After all, even if I can take Forsi, Gwen, and Lydia out of here this time, there is no guarantee that they will not be attracted back by other means by the existence in the dark, and it will be even more dangerous at that time... Why don't you take advantage of this opportunity? Take care of yourself and solve the problem completely.

Of course, we need to seek the opinions of Miss Gwen and the others. As for Forsi? This was the opportunity for her to digest the potion, so she naturally had to go on a "travel".

Soon, several people gathered together again in the bedroom of the "High Priest", but this time there were two more men, Tran and Alex.

After briefly explaining the situation, Abner waited for Miss Gwen's reply.

If Gwen was the only one, she would definitely agree to Abner's invitation to explore the Kingdom of God without hesitation, but she is now the captain of a team, so naturally she has to consider other people's ideas.

And Lydia. Tran and Alex both made a statement of "will obey the captain's order".

Miss Gwen no longer had any worries, and nodded to Abner. Seeing this, Abner didn't say anything more, and directly inspired the "key" to enter the Kingdom of God.

The next moment, a blood-red land appeared in front of In the surface town, the three evil spirits Sauron, Einhorn, and Medici investigated for a long time and found nothing unusual here. , as if their believers and dependents had never disappeared in the town.

Just when the three former archangels were speculating, a **** attack came suddenly, and the speed was so fast that even Huidiqi couldn't react. Sauron and Einhorn were naturally "hit" by the **** , into it.

When the blood in front of them gradually faded, before Abner and the others had time to observe the surrounding environment, they suddenly saw a small team struggling forward on the plain "below".

There are Gwen, Lydia, Forsi, and even a few witches who are paddling in this team... but Abner's figure can't be seen.

Sitting upright in mid-air, Forsi, who seemed to be watching a play in a theater, couldn't help but said:

"What's the situation? Those people below are our projections? But why is there no Abner?

"In addition, although their appearance is the same as ours, their temperament is completely different..."

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