Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 55 The effect of "Liu Bo"

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The latest website: Land Abandoned by God, the night when the frequency of lightning has dropped to a very low level.

"Two slices of white bread with a piece of barbecue feels pretty good... It's just that the one Leonard bought seems to be a cheap one, and the taste is not delicate enough... Forget it, it can't be because of a rich life , recently and frequently

Meals in the Feysac court are so annoying, I can't bother my 'gourmet lovers' with every meal..." After swallowing the last bite of food, Klein briefly reviewed A few words, and then casually threw the rest of the packaging into the dark depths. Anyway, the concept of environmental protection does not exist here, and there is no trash can.

Of course, he has dealt with the relationship between these things and himself in advance, just like every time he gives up a secret puppet, he has to go to "Origin Castle" for a "disinfection" to avoid being locked by Amon's avatar.

"Well, inanimate objects will not be turned into a hidden state by the darkness here..." Klein took the kerosene lamp Sharon prepared for him, and took a picture of the discarded items just now.

After solving the problem of food and clothing, he will be able to try certain things that have been predicted to be dangerous before.

In the flickering yellow light, Klein grabbed forward with his right hand and dragged out another self from the air.

That is him in the historical pores, also holding a kerosene lamp.

In the next second, Klein entered the gray mist, allowing his consciousness to "wake up" in the projection he summoned.

Surrounded by teams of monsters, this projection opened its mouth in the endless darkness, intending to pronounce the name Amanisis:


He couldn't make any sound, and what he wanted to say seemed to be hidden.

"Sure enough, it's consistent with my speculation." Klein, who was wearing a half-height silk top hat and a black knee-length windbreaker, exhaled slowly.

Glancing at the lantern emitting a dim yellow light, he suddenly recited in a low giant language:

"Leodro!" "

Before his voice completely subsided, hundreds of lightning bolts twisted and intertwined and fell like an echo call, covering the area in an instant.

Klein didn't even have time to dodge, and even switched places with the secret puppet, and he was still within the attack range. In the silver and white light, he fell to the ground on the spot, his body was charred black, and he convulsed violently, as if he had turned into a giant piece of coal.


Then, his figure quickly disintegrated, and disappeared like a mirage.

Klein, who was wearing a real top hat, an Intis-style windbreaker, and a simple lantern, "returned" to reality, and couldn't help but click his tongue twice: "This is comparable to what happened in the Port of Indor and Backlund Church back then."

When the lightning strikes me, I need to be more energetic... Lao Liu is right, in the land abandoned by the gods, this word can really be used as the "Forbidden Curse" in Western Fantasy. "

While thinking this way in his heart, Klein opened his mouth again and read out a name in giant language:


As soon as he uttered the first syllable, a transparent flame shot out from his body, instantly burning him to ashes, without giving him a chance to exchange positions with Secret Puppet. Klein's figure reappeared, he pressed his top hat, and calmly walked forward on the hill covered with weird plants.

"Hrabergen. "


"Bad Heil. "




"There is nothing abnormal, there is no corresponding divine power left in the area around the City of Silver...

"Medici, Ulorius,'s even more useless, none of them are gods...I thought it was a special case for Zhenhe in the afternoon, and the court of giants. Using the real name of Saslier outside can activate the "fallen" power of the Land Abandoned by God..., the red angel, as the king of angels with uniqueness, can be considered a half-true god, even a little trace They didn’t stay, it’s a shame, no, it’s a disgrace to the King of Angels!”

The black windbreaker swayed back slightly. Klein walked down the hill, just about to rely on "flame jump" to leave here, but suddenly thought of

What, stopped again.

He hesitated for a while, but still couldn't resist the curiosity in his heart, let his real body enter the gray fog again, and then used his own historical projection to chant in Chinese:

"Liu Bo!"


In the attic on the top floor of the three-story villa in the small town of Lancer, after receiving the long knife that could kill "Xia Tian", Alex did not immediately go to assassinate the other party, but "taught" him under the mayor's "teaching" Next, familiarize yourself with how to use this weapon.

After all, according to the mayor, even if the descendants of "Tuduo" hold special weapons, they have to be killed at a specific time and at a specific ritual location to change the season... This requires subduing the opponent first.

But because of the crops and minerals produced in the "Four Seasons" area, the vast majority of people in the town are already fans of the "High Priest". It is simply impossible to defeat those well-trained patrol members armed with guns.

Therefore, it is necessary to unite all outsiders first...

And this needs to wait for the time to switch to the "surface layer" town to appear!

Because at that time, most of the townspeople would enter the "surface layer" together with the town to meet reality, and those who stayed in the "inner layer" town were mostly outsiders who did not believe in the "God of the Four Seasons". Opportunity for "connection".

Seeing that the mayor was not going to do it right away, Abner was also happy to make some arrangements in the town first, so as to surprise the other party at that time, so he took the time to watch the mayor's teaching to Alex.

And at this moment, Abner noticed the news that it was "touched" from the "unknown place" behind the "eyes".


"This is...Klein? He's trying to die again?" Abner checked briefly, and found out the "good thing" that Mr. "Fool" did, and "saw" it The last image sent back by the other party's historical projection.

At the moment when he read "Liu Bo", almost all "fate" of his past, present, and future point to death. He may be able to escape the danger from the present, but he cannot interfere with the fatal attack encountered in the past. There is no way to avoid future crises...

Fortunately, Klein has "Origin" Beacon of Destiny", and he will not lose to any old one in terms of personality, so

Only then was "death" not to occupy all the destiny, and the body was not affected.

"This is the power of the 'Ring of Fate,' right? As expected of the old days, it's really scary...

"However, when Klein recited my name in the Land Abandoned by God, it actually triggered the power of the 'Ring of Fate... This shows that the **** of luck also touched the Unknown Land at that time. 'The ring of fate, the authority that comes from him, and has been used in the catastrophe, this is the 'divine power, residual.

"He is not, the reader, the angel of the way, no, the clairvoyant, the kind of authority that can leverage power for his own use, so it depends on 'fate, the connection of the field, can be driven, the unknown place, the thing in it something?

"In addition, in the ruins under the Fragrant Manor, the special state of 'God of Luck, the body cannot be touched, moved, and indestructible' is also the 'ring of fate, the embodiment of power? "

Just when Abner was thinking, several beautiful ladies with different appearances passed through the city wall and entered the small town of Lancer.

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