Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 54 hit hard

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Latest URL: Although Abner still can't fully grasp the purpose of the so-called "Mayor" in front of him, he can be sure that what he wants to do is definitely not to renew his contract with "God of Four Seasons"......

As for letting go of outsiders who entered here after re-signing? Haha, that's even more impossible! Isn't he worried that if someone goes out, he will report it to the church immediately?

But Abner doesn't want to expose the other party immediately. After all, he also wants to find out what happened in the "Blood Emperor"'s kingdom of God, and what is the nature of the so-called "God of the Four Seasons".

Glancing at the mayor who seemed to be forcibly enduring something, Abner said with a smile: "It turns out that this is the key to enter the 'Blood Emperor, the Kingdom of do you use it?"

At this time, the mayor wearing thick glasses had sat down again, slowly shook his head and said, "Young man, don't worry... Blood Emperor, there is a lot of danger in the kingdom of God, we should wait to kill him." 'Summer, finally, gather the strength of all of us to find the God of the Four Seasons together, it's better.」

"alright, I got it. Abner was kind and kind, and nodded with a smile.

"Hunter" Alex couldn't help asking: "To kill that 'High Priest, do you need a special weapon? But I don't have any..."

"Don't worry...I have kept that weapon since your ancestors escaped..." the mayor said as he stood up and walked to the other side of the room, from under a floorboard. He took out a long knife with a scabbard.

The moment he saw the long knife, Abner narrowed his eyes slightly, and all the clues were finally connected together, allowing him to "see" most of the truth about this town.

"The ability of this knife and the extraordinary characteristic of the one that Bernadette gave me probably came from the Outer God, named by me, the Spellbreaker" are things of the same path, but the sequence is higher... ...

"Is it "defeating the king?" Does he also have the authority of reincarnation, so he can let Yiji die and Yiji die?


"No... No! I understand what he wants to do! So it is!

That's not going to let him succeed..."

While his thoughts were turning, Abner had a thought, and let Vicente Miranda enter the small town of Lancer.


On the second floor of the villa, "High Priest" Embrio, after answering why outsiders hadn't noticed Lancer's abnormality, looked at the delicate faces of Gwen, Forsi, and Lydia with a smile , very arrogantly said:

"So, if you want to go out, you have to please me... Only when you make me happy can you return to the "surface layer, the small town."

Of course, you can continue to resist... But that is meaningless, it is impossible for a human being to resist hunger, and you will come to me sooner or later. "

Ge Shi was disgusted by his despicable words, she scolded angrily:

"Don't forget that you are in my hands, you have to obey my orders!"

As she spoke, she turned her palm slightly, and the blade of the "Xiyin Sword" cut through the epidermis on "Dajike" Embrio's neck.

But the strange thing is that the other party did not shed blood.

"I was held hostage by you? This is really the biggest joke!" Embrio smiled, "I can understand

I tell you, in this inner layer, in this town, I will not die, no weapon will kill me.

"If you don't believe me, you might as well try it."

Hearing this, Gwen was beautiful without frowning, and she could see from the other party's confident attitude that most of what he said was true.

What to do?

Just when her thoughts turned sharply, Gwen's spirit was suddenly in a trance, and then she showed a confident smile, raised the corner of her mouth and said:

"Then I'll give it a try!"

After finishing speaking, she recited in a low voice in ancient Hermes:

"O Lord of the dead souls from eternal darkness;

"You are the lord of the dead, the king of conquest;

"You are the **** of war and destruction.

"I beg you...

"I pray that you will bestow the power of War Red on the long sword in my hand."

As the awkward words were spit out one after another, a touch of blood red was created out of thin air, covering the surface of the "Sword of Xiyin".

Then, Miss Gwen faced the confident and playful eyes of "High Priest" Embrio, swung the long sword in her hand, and directly chopped off the opponent's left arm.

Embrio didn't care about this at first, but soon, the so-called "high priest" let out a hoarse scream as the pain was so severe that it was unbearable.

Then fell to the ground and rolled...

After his body got used to the severe pain a little bit, he grabbed the broken arm and tried to install it back with his face full of tears, but failed several times...

"How? Why can't I put it back?! And how can I feel the pain?" Embrio was stunned on the spot, talking to himself in disbelief.

"The so-called "immortal body" is only because the attack is not strong enough...Once the attack exceeds your limit, it will naturally hurt you.

"Oh, the God of War and Destruction seems to be stronger than the God of Seasons! At this time, I kept watching

Forsi, who was closed in heat, spoke for the first time, her tone full of sarcasm.

Embrio, who was in a "absence" state, didn't listen to her words at all, but Gwen looked sideways at her, and the long sword pointed back: "You are not an ordinary university professor... who are you anyway?" ? "

"Miss Gwen, take it easy...we are not enemies. "Forsi smiled and waved her hand, then wiped it on her face, dispelling the "Faceless Man" ability of "Record", and restored her original appearance, "I am a friend of Abner and Hugh, and my name is "Forsi, , you may have heard of me."

"Miss Fors Wall?" Gwen thought for a while and asked tentatively.

"Yes..." Forsi nodded with a smile, then looked at Embrio who started to roll again and said, UU Reading "Don't worry, his previous screams won't come out, After I entered this room, a hidden space was divided, and people outside could not hear the sound inside. "

Miss Gersh is not worried about those townspeople, with her "Guardian" strength, coupled with the "Silver Sword", dozens of well-trained soldiers can't cause her much trouble.

What she worries about is the "God of the Four Seasons" behind this so-called "High Priest".

What to do now? In the "God Lord" that Miss Gwen got, she only let her seriously injure the "High Priest", and she didn't explain what to do next.

"He cannot die just yet..."summer, die, "autumn, live...but autumn is the season when all things wither, yes

The one that fits the concept of 'sorrowful defeat' the most. "Forsi pondered for a moment, then said.

"What does it mean? "Gwen asked puzzled.

I don't know... But these are Abner's original words, you can understand it yourself Thinking this way, Forsi imitated Mr. Fool's attitude and smiled inscrutablely.

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