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The not-so-intensive offensive and defensive battle outside the small town of Lancer finally ended in the defeat of the rebel army. Even the middle-aged "regiment leader" with a Sequence 8 level of strength was killed by Gwen's assault team. The analyzed Extraordinary characteristics of "Provocateur" were quietly put away by Lydia who led the attack.

However, when Miss Gwen, who was protecting Forsi and Abner, came to the entrance of the town in person, she was not welcomed by the townspeople, but instead was the black muzzle of the patrol team.

Ms. Gwen actually understood their attitude quite well. After all, the other party couldn't confirm that she and others were definitely not enemies. Even if they helped clean up the chaos, there was no guarantee that they were "friends."

At a time when the situation is tense, the leaders of the town cannot easily trust outsiders.

What's more, Miss Gwen knew in her heart that the purpose of their group's coming here was indeed not pure.

Of course, it's okay to understand, Miss Gwen still feels a little uncomfortable, and being so vigilant by the townspeople, it is difficult for them to find the missing Joanna and Simon.

Just when she felt embarrassed, Fors stepped forward on her own initiative. She took out a cooperation document between the University of Trier and the small town of Lancer, and asked Alex, who had the "Tudor" bloodline, to The gentleman shot into the town wall with a bow and arrow.

Miss Gwen didn't expect Forsi's actions at first. After all, this is a special period. How could the town's leadership put Lancer in danger because of a mere cooperation agreement?

But what she didn't expect was that shortly after the documents were shot, the gate of the city wall at the entrance of the valley was opened, and a patrol team walked out of it, intending to personally bring them into the town.

They are all well-equipped and well-trained, but their clothes are generally very thin.

Seeing this, Gwen looked in surprise at Forsi who was not far away, her beautiful face was "written" full of disbelief.

Forsi smiled awkwardly, and said in her heart: Don't look at me, this is probably caused by Abner!

At this time, the captain of the patrol team, a black-haired man who looked to be in his mid-twenties, walked up to them, and after examining everyone, he said in a cold tone: "According to the mayor's order, and the 'Four Seasons God, the oracle, please come into town with me.

"Here, I need to remind you, you must follow my footsteps closely, and you cannot enter the blocked area without authorization, otherwise you will bear the consequences!"

After finishing speaking, he didn't wait for everyone's response, he turned around and led the way.

"God of the Four Seasons"...Miss Gwen frowned. She had heard this name from Lydia before. It was said that it was an "evil spirit" that existed in the last era. The target of worship... However, with the establishment of the belief in the Seven Gods in the Northern Continent, these "evil gods" should have been wiped out long ago.

But Abner squinted his eyes after hearing the name "God of the Four Seasons". Combined with some clues he found in the town through his historical projection, he couldn't help but come up with an idea:

"The so-called 'God of the Four Seasons...has he really existed in history?

Although they had their own ideas, neither Abner, Fors, nor the Gwen team followed the patrol captain without the slightest hesitation, and crossed the city wall.

Immediately, they felt the difference inside and outside the town.

The first is the temperature. You must know that it is December, and it is winter. Even though the latitude of Andorra is much lower than that of Trilbacklund and other places, the temperature during the day is still only four or five degrees... But in the town, the group felt the summer-like heat, conservatively estimated to be at least 40 degrees.

And the lush vegetation around the road also let everyone know that this is not an illusion.

Secondly, except near the road, the scenery not far away is quite different. Some places are full of spring and flowers are blooming, some places are covered with snow and the cold wind is howling, and some places are full of fallen leaves and everything is bleak...

It seems that every season has left traces in this town.

Miss Gwen only felt that sweat dripped from her forehead in an instant, and the clothes on her back were also soaked in sweat during the walk.

After thinking about it, she still took off the fur cloak that was covering the outside, and then took off the cotton coat inside, leaving only the simple leather armor inside.

It was an extraordinary item, a personal item that she commissioned Abner to make out of the materials.

But even so, she was still getting hotter and hotter as she walked, wishing she could even take off the last leather armor... However, the rapidly depleting physical strength allowed her to maintain a certain degree of sanity. She looked around and found that she was wearing a Most of the Extraordinary who came also had a situation similar to hers, and some male members were even shirtless, with the exception of Alex.

On the contrary, there is nothing unusual about the patrol team members who are ordinary people, as well as the female professors and assistants under her "protection".

Is there a power here that targets Extraordinary people? Is it because of this power that Joanna and Simon fell here? What should I do? As soon as Miss Gwen thought of this, her body suddenly became lighter. , the "symptoms" of rapid loss of physical strength no longer exist.

She looked around in a daze, and found that the conditions of the other commando members hadn't improved. Lydia tried to take down the patrol leader several times to ask why, but failed because she couldn't burst out with strength.

Why am I okay? When Miss Gwen was wondering, suddenly out of the corner of her eye, she saw that her hand had unknowingly held the hilt of the "Silver Sword". A flash of lightning seemed to flash in her mind , suddenly realized:

"It's the great 'God of War and Destruction, UU Reading has protected me!"

At this point, her eyes were no longer confused, but she did not immediately attack, but let her body be pulled by an inexplicable force, and walked towards the building at the end of the road.

The current situation is unclear, and she can't guarantee whether direct action will bring about more serious consequences, so she decided to stay calm, wait for the change, and wait for the opportunity.

Well, the latter words were also taught to her by Abner when they met last time, and she used them as "maxims" to solve many difficult problems.

Of course, the most important thing is that although her team members have fallen into a situation of physical exhaustion, their lives are not in danger for a short time, they just lost their combat effectiveness.

The group was quickly brought to a very grand three-story villa. This villa had an obvious Intis style, but the style was relatively old.

"Are they the guests this time?" A dignified black-haired young man walked out of the villa. He first glanced at Gwen and the others, his eyes stayed on Alex for a few seconds, and then smiled and said:

"Guests, I know that some of you may feel uncomfortable now...but please don't worry, as long as you stay in the town for a few hours, you can gradually get used to it, and as long as you don't try to use extraordinary abilities in vain, you will be able to get along with me It's the same as normal people."

Gwen and the others didn't respond, after all, most of them don't even have the strength to open their mouths now.

But Abner ignored the young man's words, he raised his head and looked at the top floor of the villa, as if he was looking at something through the outer wall, and at the same time thought to himself:

This kind of power against Extraordinary abilities seems familiar...

"What is the so-called 'God of the Four Seasons'?"

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