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Next to a pier in the upper reaches of the Penuville River, Abner, Forsi, and the Gwen Extraordinary Squad hired to "protect" them had just stepped off the riverboat when they heard dense gunfire coming from Lancer. It came out from the valley where the small town of Seoul is located.

Of course, due to the relatively long distance, ordinary people on the ship did not notice it. Except for Gwen, Lydia, Tran, Fors and Abner, even Gwen's commando team had only a few people with sensitive senses. The team members noticed.

Lydia winked at the team members who were on alert when they sensed the gunshots, signaling them not to be too obvious. If the "employer" is scared away, they have no reason to stay. It will be difficult to handle.

Regarding Lydia's behavior, Gwen chose to acquiesce, but after all, she felt that she had involved Forsi and the two in danger. She felt quite guilty, so she took the initiative to come to Abner, who was disguised as a professor and assistant. Protect them by their side.

Already promoted to "Guardian", and holding the "Silver Sword", Gwen's "defense" ability against himself is still

Quite confident.

Seeing this behavior, Forsi's impression of her immediately improved a lot. Relying on Abner's ability to "shield" other people's perceptions, she said directly:

"This Miss Gwen has a very good personality. It's no wonder that when Xio returned from her first sea trip, she always praised her."

At this time, Forsi already knew that she hired the so-called "Dragon Knight Lieutenant General" who was newly promoted on the sea, and Annie, who had explored the cave with Xio and Abner and killed the "Dragon Eye Python" together. Miss Gwen.

Speaking of which, Fors had heard the other party's name from Xio a lot, but this was the first time seeing her in person.

"It's really tall... What Xio said when he was sparring with her can only kick her knees seems to be true... Fors said


Abner glanced at her, smiled and said: "Gwen and your sequence are the same, and this time is your "travel,

So in the future, I won't make a move until the critical moment. It's all about have to cooperate well with her. "

"There will be occasions that require me and her to fight with all their strength?" Fors immediately received the main point of Abner's words.

"It's hard to say...but the enemies left for you must be within the range you can handle." While speaking, Abner sensed the current positions of "Vicente" and many high-ranking witches .

"Okay... I hope this trip can get enough feedback, otherwise, I feel very bad for encountering so many troubles!" Fors sighed.

Abner was by her side, so she would not be afraid of danger.

"Don't worry, according to my estimate, it won't be lower than what you gained in the Hall of Honesty." Abner raised the corner of his mouth


He is also a "traveler" who used to be, and he is still sure about the progress of digestion.

Hearing this, Forsi's strength seemed to be emptied all of a sudden, and the experience of "community death" made her not even want to say anything, she just gave Abner an angry look.

And Abner didn't care, he pulled out a "historical projection" of himself, and let him arrive at the small town of Lancer first.

At this time, the battle at the mouth of the valley where Lanser Town is located has entered the most intense time, and with the casualties, both sides are also red-eyed, constantly poking their heads out of the bunker to shoot.

But overall, because of the terrain and fortifications, the patrol team in Lancer Town has the advantage.

Although this patrol team only has a few dozen people, its weapons, morale, and even military capabilities are all higher than the chaos army of more than a hundred people, and it is a veritable elite.

In the ditch outside the mouth of the valley, the middle-aged man known as the "head" raised his binoculars to observe the not-so-high city wall built outside the small town of Lancer again, feeling troubled in his heart.

"This section of the city wall was built just right, directly locking all the attack routes. In the words of Emperor Roselle, this is 'one person guards the dangerous pass, and everyone is helpless,...

...the leader of this town is not simple, maybe he was an officer!

"Even if I'm the 'provocateur' of Sequence 8, I'm not likely to rely on my ability to destroy it, but I may

'Provoked, beaten into a sieve...'"

Thinking of this, the middle-aged man felt ruthless, and ordered to the adjutant: "Destroy that section of the city wall with a secret weapon."

"Yes!" The adjutant responded first, but he didn't execute the order immediately, but asked hesitantly, "

Commander, do you want to use it now? There are only two rounds of that thing left. "

"Use it, blowing down that part of the city wall will allow us to take advantage of our numbers." The middle-aged man gritted his teeth.

Abner's projection, who came quietly to the battlefield, happened to hear this conversation. Just when he was a little curious about what the so-called secret weapon of the gang of rebels was, and whether he wanted to "see" it, he saw the adjutant cautiously He quickly opened a box, took out a long tube from it and put it on his shoulder.

This... This seems to be the individual anti-armor weapons sold by "Morning Star City" to the three kingdoms of Lunburg...they are not effective against the city walls... Abner thought After making some complaints, UU read the book and then used the authority of "wisdom" without any hesitation to make some moves on the ammunition in the long barrel:

"Armor-piercing projectiles can only be used against armor, and city walls are not armored, so armor-piercing projectiles hitting city walls are ineffective."

It’s okay to use the weapons you sell for the army to fight, but you must not use them against civilians under your nose!

Although the townspeople in the small town of Lancer are not serious civilians, they lost the support of the Sauron family more than a hundred years ago, and they are no longer a military organization.

With a "whoosh", a pointed cannonball shot out from the long barrel, and it hit the ground with a "perfect" posture.

On the part of the city wall at Taniguchi, a city brick collapsed...

"No sound?!" The middle-aged man and the adjutant cursed at the same time, "Shit!"

Just as they were about to shoot out the last ammunition, their troops were attacked violently behind them.

The morale of the rebellion army was already low due to the setback of the attack, but now they were flanked again, and the enemies behind them seemed to be all "sharp shooters", and almost a dozen people were reimbursed for a single encounter.

Under such a blow, the already loosely disciplined chaotic army collapsed in an instant, and even the "supervising team" formed by the so-called "regiment leader" could not suppress it.

Glancing at the chaotic soldiers who had fled in all directions during the attack by Gwen's Extraordinary Team, Abner turned back to look in the direction of the town, thinking in his heart:

This rebel army will be attracted, probably due to the upcoming "opening" of the "Blood Emperor" ruins... After all, the "Red Priest" path symbolizes "blood and fire", and the rebel army may attack the city It's just an "appetizer"!

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