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The Penuviejo River originates from the Andorra Mountains and flows westward into the Sea of ​​Misty. Although it is not as long as the famous rivers such as the Lane River and the Tussock River, even the Hoy River in Tingen can be easily "crushed" it......

However, the Penuviejo River has abundant water sources and many tributaries, and its veins run across the entire Andorra Plain. Together with the Andorra Mountains in the east, it forms a natural barrier that separates Intis and Segal.

At this moment, a riverboat is driving on the main waterway of the Penuvillo River, going upstream towards a pier at the northern foot of the Andorra Mountains.

Abner, who had changed his appearance, stood on the deck, admiring the beautiful scenery around him, while "analyzing" the incident with his mind.

"Bringing Forsi to Andorra can only be regarded as a temporary idea, and I have made sure that there is no trace of anyone's 'arrangement' behind it.

...But it was a coincidence that Miss Gwen's subordinates disappeared in the small town of Lancer. She led a team to find someone...

"It's really just a small coincidence...if there is no Mr. Alex in Miss Gwen's Extraordinary team.

"Hehe, if the result of my 'insight' is not misleading, there is a high probability that this Mr. Alex is a descendant of 'Tudor' bloodline.

"And he also embarked on the path of 'hunter, even if it's just a Sequence Nine!

"However, according to the information I have obtained so far, this Mr. Alex does not know the origin of his blood.

Who is the head...

"Either he is being used by others, or it is just a pure 'aggregation' effect.

"Well, the latter is very likely... After all, I would think of coming to Lancer at this time, probably because of the 'gathering'."

Thinking of the two items formed by the "conqueror" characteristic behind the "channel" in the eyes, and the "red

The "0" level sealed item "War Red" cross formed uniquely by the Priest, if the remains of the "Blood Emperor"

If the trace really had a collective effect on the "Hunter" pathway and the Tudor bloodline, then it would be strange if I didn't come!

"I just don't know why Gwen, Lydia, and Tran were also involved... one of them

This is also related to "Tuduo, is it related? But I can't see it...

"In addition, how did the relics of the 'Blood Emperor' come into existence? Aggregation? A legacy of the Kingdom of God


"However, the only good news is that among the big bosses who are likely to be attracted by the path of 'Hunter, I am the most'

Big, that one!

"That's why I used the 'God's Eye' before, and the result I got was 'not too dangerous,'"

While his thoughts were turning, Abner immediately "teleported" "Vincent Miranda" over secretly, and ordered himself

The high-ranking witch under him temporarily put down the work at hand and rushed over as soon as possible.

Since it is a "cohesion" effect, naturally the witch cannot be absent.


On a certain plain in the south of Andorra La Vella, "Red Angel" Medici and Tony Twain of "Iron Cross"

He walked out of the void in a rather embarrassing manner.

They were originally used as "mercenaries" to create chaos on the battlefields of Fenepot and Renburg, taking the opportunity to complete the task of the "true creator" and stabilize their own state.

But who would have thought that an angel from the "Knowledge Church" would discover their existence, and Medici, who had not yet recovered his strength, was no match for the opponent, so he had to take some members of the "Iron Cross" and use "Spirit World Shuttle" to escape.

However, due to the haste of running, the other subordinates did not know where they were taken by "teleportation". Only Tony Twain escaped from the spirit world and returned to reality because he followed Medici closely.

"This seems to be...Andorra?" Tony didn't have the slightest arrogance in front of the "Red Angel".

After looking around, he continued, "Our organization is located in that free city.

There happens to be a stronghold inside...Master Medici, why don't you go there and repair it. "

However, Medici didn't seem to hear his words, and only looked at the Andorra Mountains on the west side with sharp eyes. After a long time, he frowned and said to himself silently: "There seems to be something attracting me. .....and kind of familiar..."


Feysac, in the Almere Palace.

A tall man who was accepting the "Appeasement" of the "0" level sealed item of the "spectator" pathway suddenly stood up, but

He immediately entered a state of meditation, and it took a while before he suppressed the restlessness in his emotions.

"Something seems to be calling me..." The man with the iconic red hair and over 2.3 meters tall murmured.

Trier, the residence of the Sauron family.

The evil spirit that accommodated the extraordinary characteristics of the "Immortal Witch" provided by Abner suddenly moved, thinking:

"Tudor's Kingdom of God is about to be 'opened,'?

"Rhein is over there now...Looks like I have to join in the fun..."


In the small town of Beimang, there is a strange chapel enshrining the "creator" on the top of the mountain.

"Father" Adam, who wore a simple white robe and a light golden beard that almost covered the lower half of his face, opened his eyes.

Xiu's gaze seemed to penetrate the space, and he looked straight at a small town in a certain mountain range in the southwest, UU Reading then nodded, and said with a sigh:

"'The High-Dimensional Overlooker, and the 'King of Decay,'?

"The symbol of the former is indeed a lot stronger because of the ' can do this even through a barrier!"


Andorra mountains, somewhere out of the valley.

A group of hundreds of rebels is quietly gathering here. Although their military uniforms are dilapidated, the Segal-style rifles in their hands are in very good condition.

"Captain, the troops have assembled and are ready to attack Lancer town at any time.

"Although the terrain of this town is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the patrols in the town are well equipped and trained, they will not be our opponents... After all, we still have 'secret weapons' that we haven't used. "

At this time, the adjutant of the centurion reported to the leader, a middle-aged man who observed the terrain with a telescope.

The middle-aged man gave a soft "hmm" and only asked, "Is this town really rich in minerals?"

"Of course, otherwise, why have their ancestors guarded this broken town for generations? What's more, it will cost a lot of money to support the patrol team in the town!

"Without financial resources, how can they support them?" the adjutant said confidently.

"Then this time, we will shoot it down at all costs! Given the terrain of this town, if it is rich in minerals, it will be an excellent stronghold!" The middle-aged man put down his binoculars and said indifferently, "Tell my soldiers Ladies and gentlemen, once Lancer is taken, everything they rob in the town will belong to them, whether it is wealth or women."

"Yes, Commander!" The adjutant's eyes lit up when he heard this.


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