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In the luxurious room of the "Four Seasons" hotel in the free city of Andorra.

Miss Gwen, who was already nearly 1.9 meters tall, was arranging the ceremony, reinforcing the "seal" on a silver straight sword with a one-eyed giant mouth at the top of the hilt.

This is the "Level 1" sealed item "Sword of Silver Silver" that Abner lent her for self-defense.

It can be picked up, and its full strength can only be exerted when it exceeds two meters.

Moreover, the one-eyed giant mouth at the top of the hilt is still a chattering "talker". If the holder does not respond to it, perhaps at a certain critical moment, "Xiyin Sword" will suddenly give up resistance, and even attack the owner;

But if the bearer is willing to talk to that head statue, he will be hovering on the edge of madness...

So Abner's suggestion to Miss Gwen is to use a ritual to "seal" the head of the person who obviously has the quality of "alive".

Although this will definitely lose some of the power of this sealed item, but since Miss Gwen is less than two meters tall, she can't fully utilize it, so it doesn't matter if it loses a little bit.

As for the "seal" method, it was naturally arranged by Abner. For this reason, Miss Gwen also learned the honorable name of a "hidden" existence:

"O lord of dead souls from eternal darkness;

"You are the lord of the dead, the king of conquest;

"You are the **** of war and destruction."

Although she was instinctively afraid and wary of this honorable name that clearly had the level of "True God", but out of trust in Abner, she still hesitated and prayed to him, and successfully won the support of the "Sealing Ceremony" the power of.

Moreover, Miss Gwen was somewhat relieved that nothing else terrible had happened.

In fact, only Miss Gwen is a "wild" Extraordinary who "self-taught" with some occult books.

Only then did they make a similar decision... Lydia and Tran, no matter how much they trusted Abner, would never dare to establish contact with a hidden existence of unknown origin.

After completing the ceremony of strengthening the "seal", Miss Gwen breathed a sigh of relief, and put the long sword back into the scabbard.

For Gwen, who was far away from the "Black Throne" and could not use its power to "transform" the ship's mother, this "Black Throne"

"Xiyin Sword" is the greatest guarantee of her safety.

After packing up the ritual objects in the room, Miss Gwen removed the "spiritual wall", opened the door and let Lydia and Tran who were waiting outside enter the room.

"Tran. Lydia, you guys are is it going?" Miss Gwen asked after pouring two cups of coffee for them.

"I secretly inquired about the situation of the small town of Lancer...Although this town has a long history, it does have some problems..." Lydia took a sip of coffee, organized the language to continue , "It is said that the residents there have been adhering to some ancient ritual for thousands of years to pray for good weather and the rotation of the seasons."

"In addition, it is said that the townspeople there have been banned since a long time ago, completely obeying the mayor and other officials in the town, and have the characteristics of an 'army,'... It is not like what we speculated before, it was only recently A group of Segal's rebels secretly occupied it.

"The reason why Joanna and Simon disappeared in the small town of Lancer may be more complicated than we imagined."

"I can understand praying for good weather...but why do you have to pray for the rotation of the seasons? Isn't this the law of nature?" Miss Gwen frowned and asked.

"I don't know..." However, according to the information of our blood race, Andorra seems to have worshiped an evil spirit called "God of the Four Seasons" in the ignorant age long ago... Maybe Is it because of this?

"By the way, the reason why the hotel we are currently in is called 'Four Seasons' seems to be due to this legend." Li

Dia put down the cup and said uncertainly.

"Is that so..." Miss Gwen nodded thoughtfully, then looked at Tran again, and asked softly, "How about you?"


"In the tavern and bar, there were no missions and encumbrances about the small town of Lancer... But fortunately, there happened to be a lady who wanted to hire mercenaries to protect her to go to that town, so I entrusted this Grab it." Tran recounted in detail what happened at the "Chalk" tavern.

"Could it be too coincidental?" After listening to Tran's words, Lydia questioned, "Have you investigated the background of that lady?"

"Naturally, I investigated..." The lady has a clear Loen style from her appearance to her conversation, and she claims to be an external professor of the History Department of Trier University. This time she went to Lancer The town is also to study the folklore there.

"In addition, she also brought a male assistant with her. The accent is from Intis Toulon, and her appearance and personality also have typical Intis characteristics.

"In short, they should have nothing to do with Segal or Andorra..."

As soon as Tran said this, Miss Gwen interrupted: "'It should, but it can't be used as go to investigate

their background?"

"Investigation..." I traced a series of trajectories before and after they entered Andorra by means of "wizards"

, their various procedures are complete, and they have passed my 'divination, confirmation, and there is no problem... In addition, I also asked the 'messenger to ask Betty who stayed behind in Trier, and she also came from Trier. The information about those two people was found by the University of Seoul, which is completely consistent with what I saw.

"So, I think their purpose may not be pure, but their identities must be true. After all, they cannot be faked at all..."

Tran said sternly.

What he didn't know was that manipulating "information" and creating false identities was easy for Abner, the "cherubic angel". He didn't even use the "memory theater" to do it properly, even Many witnesses could be found to confirm that Forsi is the youngest external professor at the University of Trier.

Of course, this method is still far from the "consultation coverage" of "Memory Theater", and it will leave many loopholes, but it is not a big problem to hide it from Tran and Gwen in a short time.

Sure enough, after hearing Tran's multi-level verification, Miss Gwen nodded in satisfaction, and then said after deliberation:

"Since they are not directly related to the town of Lancer, we don't care what their purpose is, we just need to use their identities to enter the town and find Simon and Josena.

"Well, if we can, we still need to protect the safety of that professor and her assistant."

Having said that, she paused, and then asked: "Where are you going to gather, and when are you going to leave?"

"One o'clock in the afternoon, near the west gate... By the way, the professor originally wanted to take a carriage, but because the waterway can connect to a small pier near Lancer, they decided to take a boat on my suggestion. ...This can greatly reduce the harassment of bandits and rebels, although we are not afraid." Tran replied truthfully. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

"There is still more than an hour..." Miss Gwen glanced at the clock and ordered Lydia, "Let the assault team

The members finished their lunch as soon as possible, and we will go to the west of the city to gather in half an hour. "

As a back-up "Pirate General", Miss Gwen's subordinates will no longer only have Tran and Lydia as before.

A wide and sparkling river flows between the plain and the mountains, and large ships that are gorgeous or loaded with cargo pass through the water gate in the east of the city and head towards the pier in Andorra la Vella.

On both sides of the river, there are many coolies gathered, shouting chant, dragging the ropes, and pulling the big ships to their destination step by step.

In the wind that normal people would feel cold, these trackers were all bare-chested, and there was faint white steam around the skin.

Although Andorra la Vella faces the Misty Sea to the west, it is barely a port city, but its main urban area is not close to the sea, so these ships need to go upstream and dock at the river terminal.

Originally, a large part of the sea-going ships were powered by steam, and there was no need for trackers to pull the fibers at all, but the River Works Association and the

The Tugboat Owners Association resolutely boycotted steamships, and the city hall of Andorra had no choice but to sign a decree that does not allow steam engines to be turned on after seagoing boats enter inland waterways.

"If I hadn't left home to be a mercenary, maybe I would have become one of them..." A member of Gwen's assault team couldn't help but sigh with emotion when he saw this scene.

His name is Alex, a native of Andorra, and he is now a Sequence 9 "Hunter".

On the other side, Abner, who was accompanying Fors and Ms. Gwen to make contact, turned his head and glanced at Mr. Alex, then nodded thoughtfully.

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