Mystery: Start with the Reader - v10 Chapter 45 andorra

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Andorra is located at the junction of the Republic of Intis and the Principality of Segal. Although it belongs to Segal in name, it is actually a free city and autonomous territory, which can be regarded as a buffer zone between the two countries.

Moreover, since this city faces the Misty Sea in the west and the endless Andorra Mountains in the east, not to mention rich natural resources, the transportation is quite convenient, and the tax rate is negligible, so it is a gathering place for adventurers, and Bayam's positioning on the sea is somewhat similar.

Abner, who has "traveled" so far, is now refreshed, strolling leisurely on the streets of Andorra la Vella, admiring the architectural style that is different from that of Loen and Intis.

But Forsi, who was walking beside him, was a little sluggish. After all, what happened to her just now in the "City of Miracles" Levished was a big blow to her, and she looked "broken".

"Okay, don't be so upset, we're about to get to the next 'fun,' place, you should get up

Come on. " Abner said in a soft voice after casting the "Soothe" ability on Forsi.

"The next...could it be another place like the 'Hall of Honesty,'?" Forsi revealed a hint of it in her eyes


"I'm not sure yet...but it should be a relic of the 'Blood Emperor', which is probably different from the 'Hall of Honesty'

of. Abner recalled the "interesting incident" that happened not long ago, his eyes were full of smiles.

Speaking of which, in the ruins of the "Blood Emperor" Tudor in Andorra, Abner rescued Hazel back then, and got the "nameplate" from the "gatekeeper" who "sacrificed" himself into the underworld. It is already known after being combined with the "1" level sealed item "Tudor's Variation Badge" left by Giuseppe.

However, since the true **** is involved, even if the opponent has already fallen, he still cannot "see" much valuable information.


In addition, through Elaine, after consulting the relevant materials collected by the Sauron family, Abner roughly speculated that this relic in Andorra is likely to be the place where Tudor used to be the kingdom of God, so he has not easily explored it.

Until not long ago, he became the "Spirit Angel", leveraging the power of the "Eye of Omniscience" in the "Unknown Land"

, using the authority of "Omniscience" once a month, it was only then that I learned a little about the situation inside the ruins, and learned that it had already been opened once, and there was almost no danger, so I decided to take Forsi on a "travel" so far.

‘Tudor’s ruins?” Forsi’s face was full of astonishment, and then she complained, “George III was promoted before

The 'Black Emperor' is also using the relics of 'Tuduo', right? Why are there remnants of the 'Blood Emperor' everywhere...he

Is this a hobby of building mausoleums?

"The ruins of Loen's mausoleum are "Tudor-Trunsost, during the United Empire period, as the "Prince of Order"

It was secretly built by Tudor in order to prepare for the ceremony of becoming a **** of the 'Black Emperor'.

"On Andorra's side, the God crossed paths to become the "Red Priest", a legacy after becoming a true God... After all, Andorra, and even the current Intis, Segal and other countries are the 'King of the Four Emperors'." War, the territory of the 'Blood Emperor'."

Abner explained a few words, then changed the subject and looked at Forsi, "But I don't know the specific location of the ruins, so I have to find out about it with the local Adventurer's Guild or something like that. .....This task is entrusted to you, after all, 'finding the coordinates,' arriving at the coordinates, and 'recording the coordinates' are also indispensable links for 'traveller'."

Forsi nodded when she heard the words, and thoughtfully said:

"The 'Blood Emperor' is the 'Red Priest', the true **** of the way. The vicinity of his ruins is probably similar to the Bansi Port mentioned by 'World, Mister. The climate change will be quite intense... this should be a clue."

"It's very clever, good reasoning." Abner praised sincerely, and then added, "Look up any nearby villages or small towns that have had adventurers disappear when the weather changes drastically over the years." Record it, and you can basically determine the location.”

"Village or small town?" Forsi looked at Abner with some puzzlement.

"It's very simple. According to the information I found, the Sauron family actually discovered this ruin as early as the beginning of the Fifth Epoch. In order to hide people's eyes and ears, in order not to be noticed by the church and other countries, they arranged one after another near the entrance of the ruins. Many people were stationed.

"In name it is to develop mines, but in reality it is guarding the entrance.

"Those people and their descendants gradually formed real villages and towns and settled down.

"And when the Sauron family declined and Roselle came to power, along with the change of dynasty, not only a lot of data was lost, even the 'keys' of the ruins disappeared..."

In the end, the "Tudor's Variation Emblem" was brought into Backlund's underground ruins, obtained by Giuseppe Castile, and then fell into the hands of Abner.

And "Tudor's nameplate" also fell into the hands of Abner through the hands of an unknown "gatekeeper".

Regarding this, Abner had a vague guess, which could be confirmed only by getting evidence from the ruins.

"Isn't the location of the ruin recorded in the data of the Sauron family?" Foer asked again after thinking for a while.

"After all, the Sauron family has experienced a 'destruction,' and many things are gone...but a machine of this level

The secret book will not rely on paper to record, UU Reading Angel Family must have had a more secure way of recording before. "

While Abner was speaking, the two had arrived at the door of a bar called "Chalk".

This bar is a relatively concentrated place for Andorran adventurers, and it is a distribution center for various information and commissions.

Speaking of which, although the major powers of the Northern Continent are already at war with each other, since Intis's main attack direction is the border of the Hornages Mountains, it does not involve Andorra in the south, and Feneport's invasion of Segal It is also in the southeast of Segal, so this free city has not been greatly affected. On the contrary, because of the turmoil in Segal, a large number of businessmen and adventurers have poured in, making it even more prosperous.

--After all, even if Segal is defeated and the whole is annexed by Feneporte, there is a high probability that Andorra will remain as a buffer zone between major powers.

Abner was about to take Fors into the bar, but suddenly found an acquaintance just walking over from another direction, and pushed open the wooden door of "Chalk" before them.

The man was young, but he looked quite good, and had distinctive blue hair. He was Miss Gwen's crew member, a descendant of Aloran, the "wizard" Tran.

Because Abner changed his appearance, Tran didn't notice him, and walked straight towards the bar.

Staring at the back of this "boy", Abner touched his chin, and said silently to himself:

"Since Tran is here, Miss Gwen and Karen's sister are probably also nearby... Are they here to accept the commission?

"Also, judging by the way he walks, this child's body is still a bit weak..."

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