Mystery: Start with the Reader - v10 Chapter 38 Reversed situation

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After "stealing" Zaratul's "fate" but accidentally falling into "unknown", Amon felt that his consciousness was suddenly raised, and then he entered a place like a "cinema".

"Amon, let's play a game!"

As these words came, He even involuntarily threw himself into the "screen" of the "theater".

After Amon regained consciousness, his body trembled suddenly, and his whole body froze in place.

At this time, He has unknowingly appeared in a very familiar room, which is the small hotel where He was waiting for "The Fool" to throw himself into the trap.

And in his line of sight, his image reflected in the full-length mirror in the room belonged to Gehrman Sparrow, the strongest adventurer in the Five Seas.

In addition, there was a figure on the chair next to Him at some point. The man's face lacked flesh and blood, and the skin was tightly attached to the bones without any color. It was as transparent as crystal, and he was wearing a dark jacket and woolen long sleeves. pants.

This is the secret puppet he picked up before, "Admiral of Hell" Ludwell.

At this time, the "Pirate General" faced Amon's eyes that could no longer move, smiled and said:

"Don't throw Secret Puppets around, they will be tracked."

While speaking, he stood up slowly, took out a monocle made of crystal from his clothes pocket, and slowly put it on his right eye.

This is the original "fate" trajectory of this matter without Zaratul's conspiracy? Amon suddenly had a little understanding in his heart, and quickly deduced that he was playing the role of "The Fool" now, and the "Amon" in front of him was probably Zaratul...

No, he will not be Zaratul! This is the means of foreign gods! What does he want to do? Choose a more "naive" guy for "secret"? Or does this Outer God think that the "Fool" is more likely to suppress Tianzun than me?

While thinking, Amon tried to communicate with "Origin Castle" as a "fool" in order to get out of the predicament, but the next moment, his thoughts disappeared.

This feeling is too familiar, and it is his own usual method, so even if he "forgot" many things, he still noticed the clues.

"Interesting..." Amon smiled, staring at the person who suddenly changed into "Amon" in front of him and said, "But your 'stealing' authority is at most only at the level of Sequence 1's Worm of Time', and it cannot reach the level of my body." To a certain extent... But I really don't feel the uniqueness of 'wrong' here... Is it temporarily blocked?"

The so-called "Amon" person is naturally "played" by Abner. Before he went to great lengths to "capture" Klein and brought him to Chernobyl, it wasn't just the one he said to Klein. There are three reasons, and its main goal has always been to use the information gap and the plot prophet to design Amon.

It's just that this matter couldn't be said in advance, so I didn't tell Klein.

And as he expected, Amon thought that no one knew about his avatar buried at the entrance of Chernobyl's "Chaos Sea", so he dared to let his main body be exchanged with him secretly, intending to reap the benefits of the fisherman.

But it is a pity that Abner predicted his actions, and the fate of the other party's "stealing" was not actually his own fate of occupying "Origin Castle", but was "grafted" into the "theater of memory" in "unknown".

As for the current script of this theater, it was modified based on the relevant plots in the original work in Abner's memory.

This is another application of the "memory theater". Abner was still groping for it, but Olnia's method after borrowing the soul stone of the "Night Emperor" gave him a lot of inspiration. He quickly developed new uses.

However, the "memory theater" itself is only the uniqueness of the outer god. Even after the increase of the "unknown" symbol, it can only temporarily shield Amon's "uniqueness". Once the "drama" is over, the other party is still the "King of Angels" ".

Fortunately, apart from the authority of the "high-dimensional Overlooker" in "Unknown", there is also the "primordial hunger"!

So, Abner emphasized again: "Let's play a game."

And if I win, you'll have to leave something to go!

This is the power of "primordial hunger" to force "trade", and the game is only an external manifestation... Of course, this is more like a game of gambling.

Facing Abner's "game invitation", Amon stared at him for a long time, then suddenly raised the corners of his mouth, and opened his mouth calmly, "You kill me."

But before he could speak, he forgot about it and stood there like a statue carved out of stone.

His intention of refusing was stolen, and he just said inexplicably: "Okay!"

The next moment, the scene changed, and the two of them had already arrived at the dark wasteland of "Land Abandoned by God".

Amon glanced at the lantern in his hand, and realized that he had recovered most of his mobility. He couldn't help turning his head subconsciously, and looked at the "outer god" pretending to be "Amon" next to him.

And the other party had a translucent "Worm of Time" with twelve links in his hand, and said with some expectation:

"Since you have agreed to play this game, I will give you a chance:

"Before I reach the real destination, I will not 'parasitize' you again, you can use all the methods you can think of to try to escape, and I will do my best to stop it.

"Good luck and don't let me down."

This should be what I would say... In the original "Fate", would I play a game like this with that Mister Fool? So who wins?

Amon thought of the methods Zaratul had used on "The Fool" before, and inexplicably felt that it was probably the other party's ability to peek into "Fate" in advance and plagiarize himself.

"I didn't promise 'game'!" Amon emphasized.

Facing an existence that might be "the old days", although he felt it was very challenging, he instinctively looked for a way out, and he didn't dare to really finish the game with the other party.

"You have to be clear about one thing. You don't have the authority to 'wrong' here. It doesn't mean that as long as you deny it, what you promised just now doesn't exist...Well, even if there are loopholes in my operation, you are just an 'ancient scholar' now , can’t take advantage of the loophole.” Abner glanced at him and said with a smile.

In fact, Amon could faintly feel the uniqueness of his own "error" after the end of the deep "parasitism". After all, He has been with him since birth, and the connection is so close that even the "memory theater" cannot completely shield it.

And Abner deliberately let go of some restrictions.

But as long as Amon wants to communicate with "mistakes", his thoughts will disappear, and the "God of Mischief" finally tastes the pain of "being pranked".

But Amon did not give up, and the next moment he began to silently recite the real names of gods such as "Goddess" and "Mother Earth".

There are outer gods intruding into the barrier, UU reading He does not believe that the true gods will remain indifferent.

But in the next second, his thought disappeared.

Abner, who was walking beside him, raised his mouth slightly and said:

"Do you actually think that true gods such as 'Goddess' and 'Mother Earth' will come to save you?"

If it wasn't for stealing the real names of "God of War" and "Eternal Blazing Sun" alone, it would be rather strange, I don't even bother with your operation...

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