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Sunya Hai, the captain's room of "Future".

"Admiral of the Stars" Cattleya was carefully reading the collection of stories compiled by Mr. "Tower", when suddenly her eyes were filled with gray fog, and she returned to normal after a while.

However, she frowned.

"Gehrman Sparrow wants me to recite his honorable name in ten minutes... he actually has his honorable name? What speed is this?" Cattleya whispered and repeated in the gray fog just now. The "task" obtained above, I couldn't help showing a trace of shock and admiration on my face.

Gehrman should have been promoted to Sequence 4 and become a demigod at the end of June.

And now it is December of the same year!

The queen once said, I use the blood of "Snake of Destiny" to advance, and it will be easier than others to become a Sequence 3 "Master of Prophecy" in the future. . . ...Moreover, the Tarot Society brought me a lot of precious mystical knowledge, and the stories that Mr. "Tower" told me in private, made me digest the potion greatly... .. But even so, I feel that it will take another month, and I can hope to hit Sequence 3 around the New Year...

This kind of promotion speed may only be comparable to Mr. "Tower", and he is worthy of being the favored person of Mr. "Fool"!

It's his honorable name... Seriously?

Cattleya thought of this, estimated the time, and then without hesitation, clasped her hands and recited a respected name in ancient Hermes:

"The favored ones of the spirit world and Origin Castle; "mysteries from ancient times;

"The testimony of a long history;

"The protector of Backlund's magic and theatrical performances; "The great Gehrman Sparrow..."


At No. 7 Pinster Street, Leonard, who was discussing the death of George III with the old man, was stunned for a few seconds, then retracted his legs on the coffee table and stood up.

"That 'Fool' sent down an oracle again?" Pales asked in an old voice.

His green eyes shone slightly, and he nodded solemnly, then repeated the mission given by "The Fool", and finally asked: "

Old man, why do you think he wants me to chant his honorable name after a few minutes? Is there something wrong with him?

"Wait... he actually has an honorable name?!"

Pales was silent for a few seconds before he said, "Maybe, he really encountered difficulties, so you need to recite your honorable name, and then help him to some extent."

"Sure enough!" Leonard immediately forgot that Klein had been promoted to Sequence 3. Relying on his fairly rich experience, he pointed to the core and asked, "Did you already guess something?"

"I probably know the situation your former colleague is in now..." Pallez paused, but continued without waiting for Leonard to ask,

"The change of 'Origin Castle' before will definitely attract the attention of many old guys.

"This should have involved the contention for 'Origin Castle'. "

"Origin Castle"... Leonard took a slow breath, frowned and said:

"He was caught by Amon?"

"It could also be 'Zaratul'..." Pales said unhurriedly.

For some reason, Leonard always felt that the old man didn't seem to care too much, but he didn't think deeply about it. When the appointed time was about to come, he immediately clasped his hands, closed his eyes, and recited that sounding very Klein style Name:

"...The protector of Backlund's magic and theatrical performances......

In the waters near Sonia Island, the "Blue Avenger", which was ordered by the Church of the Storm to attack the port and the Fusac merchant ship, is hiding a little outside the safe channel.

Alger Wilson stood behind the window of the captain's cabin, using his super-distance vision to stare at the coastline that was still a long way away.

In the eyes of this "new" "Ocean Singer", there are many "captains" who have accepted similar tasks, all of whom are outstanding in the mid-sequence.


Sark's sea line of communication.

Of course, what's more important is that Fusac's side has the same functions as theirs. The "Twilight Admiral" responsible for protecting the shipping lanes around Sonia Island has been cut off by him in advance, and the new pirate general who inherits his legacy has not yet officially entered bit.

But this also means that the blow from Fusac will be strong enough, and there is a high probability that the demigod of Sequence 4 will lead the team!

But regarding this point, although Alger thought it was dangerous enough,

But I am not very worried, because in the sharing session of the Tarot Club last time,

The "World" has faintly revealed that the current Archbishop of the God of War Church on Sonia Island, Fudge, is also a favored person of Mister Fool.

While various thoughts were spinning in his mind, Alger called the crew to mobilize before the battle. Although he believed that the actions he arranged were safe enough, he had to put on a good face.

After the crew chanted the slogan "*** Feysacs", Alger clenched his right fist and fisted his left chest with relief, saying, "The storm is with us!"

"The storm is with us!" shouted the sailors following in salute.

After arranging this matter, Alger just wanted to report to Mr. "Fool" so that His Excellency the Favored One wouldn't recognize him, but at this moment, he heard the sound of crashing water, and gave him a gift from the ghost ship. From an additional angle of view, I saw that the sea water on the side parted, and a huge fish creature appeared.

The giant, odd-looking fish opened its mouth and spit out a small metal ball, which fell to the deck.

Alger nodded and expressed his thanks with singing.

This is a marine creature domesticated by the Church of Storms. In this operation, it and its companions acted as messengers between the ships and the actual control islands.

But after hearing Alger's "thank you", the giant fish trembled suddenly, then flicked its tail, plunged into the depths of the sea, and swam to the distance at an extremely fast speed.

Alger watched silently for two seconds, and then drew a gust of wind, allowing it to send the metal ball to the captain's room.

Soon he got the news that "George III was assassinated and died" from it!

Alger looked at it a few times with a slightly solemn expression, and then remembered "World" and "Tower", and even Mr. "Fool"'s hint in the last Tarot Club, and immediately guessed that it had something to do with them.

So he sealed off the room and whispered the honorable name of "The Fool", wanting to report to him and inquire about the news at the same time.

But Alger accidentally got a task of reciting Gehrman's honorable name:

"The favored ones of the spirit world and Origin Castle..."...

At the same time, Hugh, Forsi, Audrey, and Emlyn all received tasks from Mister Fool. They were either amazed at Gehrman's promotion speed, or worried about the possible situation that the "world" might face, Or complaining about Gehrman's taste in taking honorable names, UU reading or knowing all the truth early in the morning, but they all followed the instructions and recited honorable names at the designated time.

And the chanting of "Sun" and "Pagoda" also sounded later.

As for Sharon, she was talking to her teacher, Miss "Messenger" Reinette Tinekerr.

"No..." "Worry..." "He's very..." "Safe..." Reinette shook her head slightly.

Hearing this, Sharon's expression remained unchanged, she just lightly rubbed the ring on her finger, which was one of the paired rings of the "Oath of Roses".

After a while, she looked at the clock on the wall, and then she began to recite the honored name that the other party had told her long ago.


In a certain area in the east of the Land Abandoned by the Gods, Abner and Klein, who used the "miracle" to teleport here, passed through an extremely deep ravine and arrived at a thick and wide gray-white building at the bottom.

Klein just glanced at it, and his eyelids twitched slightly, remembering the scene he saw during the divination of the "Undark Cross".

This is indeed the place where the ancient sun god, the creator of the Silver City, the father of Amon and Adam, stepped out!

But it seems that there is no "Amon" here?


Thinking of this, Klein, who was completely "controlled", could only roll his eyes.

But Abner ignored him, and only used the ability of "opening the door" to cross layers of obstacles and enter the interior of Chernobyl.


At the same time, Amon, who was still waiting in a certain hotel in Backlund, suddenly put on a monocle on his right eye.

"He was captured by Zaratul..." and he was taken to the Land Abandoned by God?"

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