Mystery: Start with the Reader - v10 Chapter 27 destiny

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The latest website: In "Remains No. 1", Triss, after paying a considerable price and "thrillingly" getting rid of the obstruction of the "Purple Saint", once again disappeared from her body, directly from the entrance not far away. He jumped off the cliff in the distance and fell into a dark valley where the bottom could not be seen.

The secret mausoleum originating from the "Blood Emperor" Tudor is hidden there. During the fall, Triss's body was as light as a feather, losing most of her weight, but her speed was not slow at all.

Although the few remaining guards here had already received news of someone breaking in, none of them noticed her arrival.

Just as Triss was approaching the target, a voice suddenly sounded in her ear: "It is forbidden to hide here."

Triss' figure appeared irresistibly immediately, and above the majestic mausoleum at the bottom of the dark valley, there was an extra man at some point.

This man has a rectangular face, with a white hair cover on his head, two curved beards around his mouth, extremely thick eyebrows, and relatively large eyes.

He was wearing a formal dress, a cloak, extremely long shoes, and his attire was out of touch with the times. He was the demigod who supported George III, Prince Grove.

On the top of the head of this Sequence 3 "Chaos Hunter", there is a crown woven of thorns, and pure rays of light are constantly converging into the crown, interweaving into an "ocean".

Sealed item "0-36".

In the secret mausoleum in Ahowa County, although Mr. Azik is a "son of death" and has strong strength, he is still at an absolute disadvantage when facing a real Sequence 1 level powerhouse. Deprived of several abilities and authority, even the mythical creature form can no longer be maintained.

Fortunately, when he was about to lose, he received timely support from the "Mercury Snake". After the "restart", he returned to his peak state

However, "Little Snake" Will has just been "born" not long ago and is in a state of weakness. I am afraid that such support will be given one or two times at most.

As for Klein, he moved to another mausoleum entrance in the lower reaches of the Tussock River when Mr. Azik and Will blocked King William I.

He knew very well in his heart that the role of himself and Bernadette was a feint attack, to contain most of the guarding forces of the Loen royal family, and the real "winner" was actually with Abner...

So he naturally needs to attack as many mausoleum entrances as possible to attract more enemies.

Of course, if the enemy ignores him and Bernadette, they can also directly transform into the main attack.

Soon, Klein was attacked by an "Inserter" from the "Twilight Hermit Society". Without hesitation, he summoned Miss "Messenger" to let this "ancient evil" recover to his body for a short time. At the pinnacle, he fought with the "seeker".

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Klein fell towards the secret mausoleum with the help of the strong wind, while silently chanting a certain honorable name in the giant language in his heart, and reached out to grab the air.

Once, twice, until the third time, as he pulled his arm back, an image was quickly outlined, which was exactly Abner when he held a battle meeting with him in the "Alvin Palace" not long ago.

Abner, who was wearing the "Professor" mask, didn't have the dullness that "Historical Projection" should have. He nodded to Klein, and then two beautiful ladies walked out of the void around him.

One of them has black hair and brown eyes. His facial features are both three-dimensional and oriental, and his ears are slightly pointed. He seems to have elven blood. It is the "Doomsday Witch" Aglaia Constantine.

The other is the "Queen of Disasters" Coshnam with black hair and exquisite facial features.

They simultaneously inspired a baguette-shaped diamond-shaped charm, and said in their mouths: "Yesterday!"

In an instant, the former "Doomsday Witch" and the "Catastrophe" mixed with "Doomsday" returned, and together they greeted Zaratul and "God" who came out of the dark and majestic mausoleum underground, as well as Zaratul. Russell, the "Knowledge Emperor" dragged out of the gap in history!

The powers of the six angels were intertwined, and the rest of the Loen Royal Extraordinary who guarded the mausoleum were affected, causing heavy casualties in an instant.


The mausoleum itself began to shake, which disturbed George III who was carrying out the ceremony after taking the potion.

In "Remains No. 1", the witch Triss was deprived of several abilities, suffered severe injuries, and may die at any time.


She slammed into the cliff, almost embedded in it, blood was all over her body.

At this time, she took out an item, which was a golden, beautifully shaped card.

This is what Hugh Dilcha gave her after working with her, and it is used in conjunction with a belt.

Triss didn't know what it was, but only knew that it was an item made by Abner Bryan that could increase power at critical moments.

Immediately afterwards, she inserted the card into the card slot of the belt, and kept shaking the handle on the belt, while at the same time chanting the incantation that Hugh Dietrich told her in the letter: "Transform!"

In high-level battles, there are actually very few opportunities to complete such complicated operations. No one will take the initiative to give the opponent time to draw out the card and read the spell. The reason why Triss can complete the corresponding action is because she is from the inside out. An evil black flame was burned, and the black flame seemed to have absorbed all the heat in the surrounding area, causing thick ice crystals to form there. Beyond the ice crystals, almost invisible spider threads were twisted in reverse, layer upon layer. wrapped, forming a huge cocoon.

Relying on these three layers of defense, Triss won a second or two to complete the "transformation".

The power and spirit from "Succubus Ancestor" Monica instantly filled her whole body, making Triss's sequence level infinitely close to that of Sequence 1 "Witch of Doom".

——When the old man "parasitic" in her body, he was not just monitoring, but also subtly transformed her body and soul to a certain extent, so that she could barely withstand the power from Monica.

At this time, Prince Grove threw a scorching spear of light at her chest.

On the front of the gun, two white wings spread out layer by layer, surrounded by angels around the tip of the gun, and sealed off all the surrounding space, making it impossible for the target to escape.

But Triss just opened her pitch-black eyes, and the spear with pure radiance stopped in front of her, as if being held down by an invisible hand, making it difficult to move forward an inch.

It quickly became gray and white, from unreal to real, as if carved out of stone.

With a swipe of the ground, the spear fell rapidly, bumped against the edge of the cliff, and broke into countless small pieces.

Around Triss, UU Reading's gray and white colors spread rapidly in all directions as if they had vitality. Wherever they passed, the stones became hard, and other things turned into stones.

Prince Grove was instantly surrounded by the gray and white that spread from the void. He could only rely on the blazing light from the crown of thorns above his head to maintain a small safe area, and he couldn't say what he wanted to say or do what he wanted to do.

Triss didn't even look at her opponent just now. Surrounded by the green hair with the "Succubus Ancestor" logo, she glanced at the secret mausoleum at the bottom of the dark ravine.

A huge mirror appeared outside the ruins of the mausoleum deep underground.

The next moment, a gigantic "space battleship" sailed out of the mirror and crashed into the mausoleum.

That's "Empire of Ghosts"!

George III, who was promoted to the "Dark Emperor" with the help of the "Blood Emperor" mausoleum, was hit hard by the "Ghost Empire" from the "Night Emperor".

In a sense, it may be the "destiny" of the "War of the Four Emperors" that continued into the fifth era.

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