Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 11 Exorcism

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   Kaspers looked at Abner up and down when he heard the words, and asked strangely: "How do you know that I can contact the organizer?"

   Isn’t this obvious? If you are unfamiliar, how dare you bring people to his party casually?

   slandered inside, but Abner seemed to replied with confidence: "I believe in your professionalism!"

  Are you a professional broker? This brat can't speak! Kaspers cursed inwardly, then he looked at Hugh behind Abner, and quickly recognized this well-known ‘arbitrator’ in the Eastern District.

   He lowered his head to evaluate for a while, and then nodded to Abner, and said, "I can ask you a question, but no matter what the result is, you will have to pay a contact fee of 3 pounds!"

   "Yes!" Abner agreed without hesitation. It was Miss Hugh who paid anyway.

   "Wait here for a while!" After speaking, Kaspers turned and went into the lounge on the other side.

   Judging from his tone, it seems that he can easily get in touch with the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom". Is it a magical item? messenger? Or is it a telegram?

   Just as Abner was guessing in his mind, Hugh pulled the corner of his clothes and asked in a low voice, "What kind of strong is the organizer you're looking for?"

   "That's an old man of Sequence 7, but he has a powerful seal in his hand. The real combat power is at Sequence 6 level!" Abner briefly introduced.

   "Sequence 7!" Xiu had a number in her heart. This rank can already be regarded as a mid-sequence in modern times.

While talking, Kaspers opened the door of the lounge, limped back and said: "The gentleman said that you will meet him at the meeting house at 8 o'clock tonight. The signal is the same as the last time. same."

   After finishing speaking, he looked up and down Abner seriously, and said in a strange way: "When did you become that old gentleman's student?"

   "What?" Abner was actually more surprised than him, and couldn't help but stay in a daze.

   "The old gentleman called you'his future student' when he wrote back." Kaspass added.

   What is this? Accept his test and become his future student? Isn't he not allowed to preach in Luen? Oh, yes, this is just admitting students...but it's too sloppy, right? !

   Abner complained in his heart, but on the surface he accepted such a relationship. After all, he became a student, and it was much easier to climb up along the pole. Why didn't the opponent hold the thigh stretched out by himself?

   As for whether the old gentleman would have any plans, Abner was not too worried. Not to mention that his character is pretty good, maybe the term "future student" is just a joke, or simply mentioning the pleasing younger generation... even if he is really unkind, it can only be delayed for a few months. Judging from his digestion potion speed, Abner may not be afraid of him by then.

   After Xio paid the "liaison fee", the two of Abner walked out of the bar. It was just noon, so they couldn't wait there until the evening.

   "Where are you going?" Xio asked dazedly.

   "I'll have lunch, and then go home to study in the afternoon." Abner replied simply. Although he had asked Kaspers to say that he had completed the learning task assigned by the "Eye of Wisdom", he was actually still a lot of progress. Taking advantage of the time in the afternoon, he had to rush with the pure white eye.

   "Study..." Xiu was dumb when she heard the words, and she didn't know what to say for a while.

   "You don't have to follow me, you can go back and have a rest. We will meet at the Brave Bar in the evening. Well, I don't think the assailant will cast a curse again for a while." Abner said contemplatively.

Xio thought for a moment, then shook his head and said: "If I don't go home, it may bring danger to my friend... Besides, your sequence is not good at frontal combat, right? I can protect you by being with you, after all. I am the one who made you tired."

   So we are guilty of each other? I feel that my troubles have brought you undesirable dangers, but you feel that your affairs have drawn me into danger? Abner squeezed his chin and thought for a while, and felt that it was better not to explain it, and the explanation was not clear. Could it be that he knew the plot?

   "Then let's go!"

   Abner and Hugh ate lunch in the restaurant hastily, and then returned to their home in the East District together.

Hugh looked at Abner, who took out the materials and started learning, and then looked at this simple one-bedroom apartment, and secretly commented: "This is more broken than the house that Forsi and I rented. Abner is really economical, but Seeing that his behavior is not like a poor man, is it to hide his identity?" Although she is a little curious, she has made Abner a friend and does not intend to explore it. After all, who doesn't have any secrets?

After   , Abner spent an entire afternoon in the alternation of learning Ancient Fusac with his pure white eyes for ten seconds, resting and reviewing the two hours he had learned before. Since Miss Hugh had already seen his pure white eyes, he did not deliberately avoid taboos, only inferring that he was using extraordinary items.

   After dinner, the two came to the Brave Bar again at around 7:30. This time, without the guidance of Kaspass, Abner found the apartment where he had party last time. After simply disguising himself and Hugh with a cloak and a mask, he sounded the secret signal.

   Soon, he saw the small wooden board on the door opened, and he looked out. Abner knew that it was the attendant of the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom".

After the process of    is indistinguishable from that of a party, they were taken to the familiar living room, and under the light of a dimly swaying candle, they saw the old man sitting on the single sofa.

   "Eye of Wisdom" saw the two come in, and after looking at them, the old man smiled and said, "It seems this lady is in need of help!"

   "Your eyes are like a torch!" Abner complimented. Thanks again to Emperor Roselle, he gave many idioms a source, although this source is all from him.

"No need to flatter, wait until we have completed the transaction, and then take a separate test to see if you really have half of those materials in less than a day!" After the'eye of wisdom' finished speaking, he turned to Xiu and said, "This lady should It was cursed by the whispers of the'cold-blooded', but I think this curse has been weakened, and there is not much remaining depraved breath, as long as it is purified with a sun brooch, it will be fine."

   Hugh glanced at the other person in admiration, and begged: "You are right. Please help me."

   "Eye of Wisdom" nodded, and after saying "Wait a moment", got up and walked into the back room, and took back a dark gold brooch in the shape of a sunbird. It can be clearly seen that there is a little sweat on the face of "Eye of Wisdom".

Seeing the two looking at him, he also introduced it with a smile: "This is the sun brooch, which allows you to gain exorcism, purification, and the ability to use some solar domain spells. The flaw is that as long as you wear it, you You will never feel the cool taste, and will always be in the hot summer in the south."

   I never forgot to show off... Abner was sighing in his heart when he saw the pure, warm and bright light burst from the sun brooch.

   It continued to flow, turned into a tide, and rushed to the two of them, drowning them at the same time.

   After dozens of seconds, everything returned to normal. Hugh and Abner only felt warm, very comfortable, and very at ease. It was like taking a hot spring or sunbathing.

In the process, Abner lowered his gaze and opened the "Pure White Eye" concealedly. He saw the black lines on Xio’s forehead under the ray of light, like boiling water poured into the snow, and disappeared instantly. Two nets.

"Okay, the help I have given is complete, do you have to cash in your rewards? I hope that the past of the Quaternary era will satisfy me." The old gentleman'eye of wisdom' smiled after putting the brooch back into the back room. Haha authentic.

   "Thank you so much for your help!" Xiu bowed a sincere salute.

   "It doesn't have to be this way, this is a deal, isn't it?"'Eye of Wisdom' waved his hand, and then placed his gaze on Abner.

Abner did not dare to neglect, and quickly cleared his throat, and talked about what it seems from the novel "Lord of Mysteries", UU Reading www.uukā After Solomon's First Empire was destroyed, Trensorst-Tudor The history of the emergence and demise of the United Empire, and points out that the capital of the United Empire at that time was Backlund. Of course, he didn't talk too much about the topic of gods and angels, it was looking for death.

   These stories not only made Xio listen intently, but even the well-informed "eye of wisdom" also changed his posture, obviously very interested.

"It turns out that after the fall of the Solomon Empire, there is still a period of dual consuls? This explains a lot of my previous doubts... But this is not the same as the battle of the Four Emperors? And how did this united empire disintegrate?"' The Eye of Wisdom frowned, always feeling something uncomprehending.

Abner hesitated for a moment, and murmured: "Because the black emperor of the Solomon Empire is resurrected!" He stopped to say more, because he was afraid of attracting some existential attention. After all, this is not a gray mist. Above.

   "The Black Emperor is resurrected..." The'Eye of Wisdom' nodded thoughtfully, his level is not enough, but he vaguely felt that the'Black Emperor' might not only be a title.

   Xiu was even more in the cloud, but she didn't talk too much, just secretly kept it in her heart, as her knowledge reserve. What she didn't know was that the reason why Abner said this piece of history was actually revealing information to her implicitly. After all, the sequence 0 that George III wanted to achieve was also the Black Emperor!

   "I am very satisfied with this reward. It has greatly enriched and supplemented my knowledge of the Quaternary Period. It has made me a step forward in the exploration of historical truth. Praise the God of Knowledge and Wisdom."

   ‘Eye of Wisdom’ satisfactorily complimented and asked Xiu out for the time being. Then he looked at Abner and said with a smile:

   "As agreed, now you have to check your homework!"

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