Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 10 Ask for help

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   "Not far from the subway station is the Holy Wind Cathedral, let's go there!" At this time, Xio reluctantly regained her emotional loss and said to Abner as she ran.

   Abner nodded when he heard the words. Although neither of them is a believer in the Lord of the Storm, it is clear that the tyrant is a greater threat to the evil ones. Now it is a better choice to go to the church when the enemy is in the dark. As for why the railway from the East Side to St. George’s District will pass by the Holy Wind Cathedral in Jorwood District? Is it common sense to circle the subway loop?

   The two ran all the way. Although the others on the platform were a little strange, they didn't take it seriously, as they were in a hurry. Only a man near the duty room, wearing a peaked cap, squatting on the ground with his head in his hands, looked at the back of Xiu away with a grim expression. He seemed to be in pain, with big beads of sweat falling from his cheeks, and beside him, there was a badge with a big crack open. It is strange that the people around him did not notice his abnormality.

This subway station is less than a hundred meters away from the Holy Wind Church. After exiting the station, Abner saw the headquarters of the Storm Church more than a thousand years ago. They walked quickly to the church’s courtyard wall. I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. At this point, unless the Extraordinary who had deliberately lost his mind, he would not make any more moves. After all, if he launches an attack here, even if he succeeds, he has to consider whether he will be smashed into ashes by a flash of lightning from the tyrant.

  Ebner and Hugh did not enter the church. After all, they are not the believers of the storm, or the "wild" Extraordinary. If they reveal the bottom, they are afraid that they will be caught by the punishment.

The two leaned against the church wall to rest for a while before Xiu said, "Thank you, Abner. Without your help, I was afraid that I was already immersed in those inexplicable emotions and became a monster..." In fact, she has more gratitude and trust for Abner.

   Abner waved his hand to not care, and then asked, "Hugh, who did you provoke, and why are you cursed?"

"I'm sorry, I'm so tired of you!" Hugh first bowed his head and said sorry, and then replied while thinking about it, "After listening to your analysis that day, I have been investigating the consultant named'Sick' and asking After working with many of Rosen’s former subordinates, he found that that person was indeed very problematic. Not only was he very good at persuading others and excluding dissidents, he was also constantly instigating Rosen to use trapped contracts to lend usury, causing many people to ruin their lives... In addition, He also has relationships with many slave traders and is keen to abduct and sell the family members of those bankrupt families..."

"Listen so, that Sigg doesn't seem to be a'scammer' anymore, but more like an'instigator' of the witch's channel. After all, you have to perform fraudulent acts by yourself. Fraud through others should not be the code of acting... However, he is still in contact with the slave trader, and it is impossible to say that the mother of my body was also taken away by him...wait!" Abner was pinching his chin with his fingers and thinking, suddenly, his pupils shrank suddenly. , There seemed to be a flash of lightning in his mind, allowing him to connect the plot of the novel with the situation in front of him, and he understood a lot of things instantly!

"If that Sigg is really an instigator, then he should belong to the Witch Cult, and the Witch Cult cooperates with the Royal Family of Loen in the novel, constantly trafficking in human beings to provide sacrifices to the emperor who wants to become a god...Is it possible that this is also George The third generation's arrangement to become the black emperor? In the original book, Klein found out a slave merchant Kapin, but in the plan of becoming a god, how could there be only one subordinate to do things? Well, such a small mob with usury could not be the high-level person himself The arrangement should only be done by the peripheral organization..."

   After thinking about this, Abner's face looked a little ugly. After all, the level involved in this matter was too high, and he could not interfere with a small Sequence 9. The only good news is that 80% of Sigg is just a small outsider, and he shouldn't be able to provoke any powerful characters.

   "Did you think of anything?" Hugh saw Abner's face change, and asked worriedly.

Abner looked at Hugh. In the original book, the other party missed Rosen and was seriously injured in this case and went to jail. Now it seems that an Extraordinary person interfered with her, otherwise this lady would not It is possible to put such a heavy hand on an ordinary person. And now, because of his previous reminder, Xio found a deeper secret, which caused the other party's curse.

"In a sense, it was my troubles that put her in danger..." Thinking of this, Abner felt a little guilty. He hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should tell the other party the truth, after all, speaking seriously, She was actually one of the victims of George III's vain attempt to become a god, but soon he decided to conceal it temporarily. The reason was simple. He had no way to explain the source of intelligence, and simply said that the reasoning was too false.

"I think Sigg may be the'instigator', not the'scammer' I previously speculated... He may be a member of the Witch Sect or the Gnostic Society." After Abner deliberately revealed a little information, his conversation changed. , Turned to say, "The key now is not this, but how to deal with the cursed magic pattern on your body! If you don't purify it, the attacker will use it to make you out of control again sooner or later!"

Hearing this, Xiu frowned and asked: "It was the curse you helped me solve just now... Abner, do you see what kind of curse it is? Also, what's the matter with your white pupils? ?"

   "That's because I used extraordinary items." Abner first confuses a sentence vaguely, and then analyzes: "It makes people lose control through emotions. Most of the curse comes from the abyss pathway, and it should be a sealed artifact!"

He had actually figured out on the road before that pure white eyes could help Xiu return to normal, not because he had the ability to actively crack the curse, but when Xiu looked at him, the caster wanted to spread the curse through his sight. On him, he was tragically suppressed by the Pure White Eye. The curse power that spread over not only shattered in an instant, it should have been backlashed back along the connection! This is why the two of them did not receive subsequent attacks at the subway station.

And the judgment is the effect of the sealed object rather than the Abyss Path Extraordinary, because the low-sequence spellcasting will not be too far away. If the person is personally beaten by such a high person, he may lose control on the spot if he is immortal. At that time, the subway platform and the There was no abnormal appearance in the carriage, indicating that he must still be separated by one floor, only to be eaten back by the sealed object. But even so, that person won't feel well.

   As for the fact that the attacker is in the middle and high sequence, Abner didn't even think about it. How could such a strong man deal with the two sequence 9s of them so troublesome, they would not even know that they were attacked until they died.

   "Abyss Path?" Xio felt that his knowledge was really poor.

   "Also known as the demon sequence, they are best at playing with emotions and seducing depravity." Abner briefly explained a few words.

   Xiu nodded, and did not ask how Abner judged that it was a sealed item, but asked embarrassedly: "Then how to completely remove it?"

  If the Fool is here now, just pray to him, and he will use a paper angel to help you solve it...Unfortunately, the Fool will take a month to arrive, and now you can only find the Extraordinary or the item through the sun to think of a solution.

   While thinking about it, Abner combined the knowledge in the novel with the magic pattern he had just seen, and gave a suggestion: "This should not be a particularly high-level curse. Just find someone to do an exorcism ritual."

   "Exorcise evil... will you?" Xio asked with a blink of an eye.

   I am a cute new who has just traveled for four days, how can this be? While vomiting in his heart, Abner kept calm on his face and asked, "Is there any extraordinary circle you know?" For example, the one who will send warmth to Klein in the future.

   "But there is no extraordinary circle gathering in a week or two..." Xio lowered her head in frustration. The experienced she also guessed that the cursed person was backlashed, and there should be no more attacks in a short period of time, but this short period of time may only be one or two days, and it will never be a week or two.

Considering that it was her own "troublesome" that caused her to fall into this situation, Abner was determined to help her again. He thought about it and said: "I know someone who has a magical item that might help you. , But I can’t guarantee that I will be able to contact him, I can only say to give it a try."

   "Thank you, Abner! It wasn't your business..." Xio regained some energy after hearing this, and thanked Abner even more.

   "You are welcome, let's go!" After Abner finished speaking, UU Reading www.uukā called a rental carriage on the street and ordered the coachman to go to Tiemen Street in the bridge area.

   Sitting in the carriage seat, Xio looked at Abner next to him, and asked hesitantly, "Are you going to the shooting club on the river bank today to practice guns?"

   "I can't go today, I can only wait until tomorrow. I hope that Mr. Diff forgive me." Abner replied with a wry smile.

Xiu heard the words and said with a careful tone: "In fact, if you want to practice guns, you don't have to spend money to go there. I know a place that is quiet and free, and my marksmanship is very good, and I can be a coach for you. Of course, practice ammunition. I can also provide it." She felt that she owed favors and wanted to make up for it.

   Abner's eyes lit up when he heard it, and he felt that Xio's proposal was very convincing. He looked at the knight's practice uniform on the opponent, and suddenly had a new idea, and asked: "Then, what is your fighting level?"

  Xiu replied unclearly: "I have received complete knight training since I was a kid!"

   "That's not as good as this. I hired you to be my firearms and fighting coach. How can the expenses be compensated by the intelligence and reasoning fees you owed before?" Abner said shamelessly.

   "That's it!" Xio was relieved when she heard this. She didn't like the feeling of owing others, and it would be best to repay it like this.

   While talking, the carriage had arrived at Iron Gate Street, and Abner took Hugh and found Casper in the Brave Bar.

   The other side looked at Abner and Xio weirdly, and asked, "Why are you back so soon? What's the matter this time?"

"I would like to ask you to bring a message to the old gentleman who organized the party, saying that I have completed the learning task he assigned, and would like to ask him to bring the sun brooch to help! The reward is a secret about the fourth era Knowledge. Well, better tonight!"

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