My Vampire System - Chapter 2109 Simulation Of The Past (Part 1)

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Chapter 2109 Simulation Of The Past (Part 1)

The person standing in front of Russ and the Talen family, had fair skin that almost had a tint of blue in it. A slim figure and was wearing an overflowing dress, which revealed that on parts of her skin there were what looked like fish scales.

This was because the person known as Ceril wasn't human. She was from the Mermerial race. A race that humans had yet to come in contact with. However, Ceril wasn't a normal Mermerial, and one could see it in her eyes.

"Is she a vampire?" Russ asked, as he could see her red eyes, a trait of the vampires, yet the others knew due to their sense of smell, that Ceril didn't quite smell like a vampire.

"I apologise." Ceril stated as she knelt over. "I do not... remember you. However, Logan has explained to me about who you are. He has been looking after me, and sent me here a while ago. He said to wait for you and to help you with whatever is needed.

"I would like to add, although I do not remember you. I know you have done a lot for me. I remember what happened on my planet, and although Jim is the one filled in my memories, Logan had made it quite clear that he was not the one that helped me. In the first place, it seems like he doesn't even know I exist."

It made sense. Since Jim wasn't aware of what Quinn had done while away. He had no clue about the Memerials, nor did he know that he had created something completely unique, something wasn't a vampire, or human, or Mermerial.

"I'm sorry I haven't been able to help you much, after what I did." Quinn said.

The last he remembered of Ceril was that she had been training with Mitchell, to get a control of her powers. Other than that, he actually had no clue what she could do, but after taking her away from her home planet, and turning her into this, he felt responsible for her as well.

For now, he was just thankful that Logan had been looking after her. If Jim did find her, he could only imagine what he might attempt to do.

"It's okay, I know the situation is complicated. I'm just thankful that you have finally arrived. Please follow me." Ceril said, as she started to walk away going further into the large building.

"Is this a trap?" Russ asked.

"I don't think so, and I can't sense anyone else being here." Quinn replied, walking ahead.

Since Quinn was up in front, it did give Russ a bit of confidence as well. After his last scuffle by the side of Layla against the Dalki, he was a bit worried that he might come across some dangerous people, at least when travelling alongside these people.

Eventually Ceril had led them into another large open room, but this one was completely empty apart from a large electronic orb that was hanging from the ceiling.

Once everyone was inside, the door closed behind them, and Ceril turned around to face the others.

"What you are about to see is a simulation. Logan stated he was able to find the Blade ship. It was mostly destroyed but he was able to recover data from a number of different cameras that were placed around the ship.

"With all the information he gathered, he was able to make a simulation of the events that had occured on that day. After that, there is a final video that Logan wishes me to play for you all."

Nothing else was said, and there was no time for the others to ask questions as the ball on the ceiling started to spin, and the room around them was starting to change. It felt like they were being transported, and in a way that was exactly what was happening, they were being transported to the Blade ship.

It felt like they were really there, as they could see the inside of the ship, the ground was made out of metal, and they weren't sure if they were imagining it or not, but it seemed like they could smell it as well, and that's when they could see… currently, they were inside some type of meeting room on the ship. There were several seats but there were only three individuals inside.

Shiro, Borden, and finally, there was Sil as well.

'Sil… was on the Blade ship all along, he never went back out?' Quinn thought, seeing this.


Sil was the one who had called both Shiro and Borden to come meet him, yet he hadn't said anything for a while, and the two weren't so sure of themselves.

"Sil, is everything alright?" Shiro asked. "You have been worried since you've been here. Every little report that the Blade's got, whether that be about the Chained we have found or something else, you have been involved in."

"Don't misunderstand brother." Borden said. "It's not like we don't like you being here with us. You are part of our family and you are always welcome here, it's just we are worried and you still won't speak to us."

Sil, finally let out a big sigh, as it had come to this, he felt like he had to tell them.<.com>

"You know, we were attacked recently by the being known as a celestial right? If I wasn't here, do you think you would have been able to take them on?"

The simulation paused for a second, as footage appeared in front of the others, of Sil taking care of the celestial. Quinn had known there were multiple attacks, but didn't know about what had happened to Sil.

Unfortunately the footage only showed what happened on the Blade ship, and not what had happened when Sil had left for an unknown reason.

"That was unusual, but we survived that, so why are you still acting the way you are acting now?" Shiro asked.

"A while ago, I looked into the future with my powers, and I saw that the Blade family was completely destroyed." Sil explained. "In the vision, I wasn't originally there. You see, because before that I saw another vision of celestials coming to destroy Earth. So I left to take of them.

"When the celestials had attacked the Blade ship, I thought I managed to fend them off. I was here this time, unlike in my vision, I was able to fend them off, but… I was curious. Curious to see what the future was like."

The other two could tell that it was hard for Sil to speak.

"I did what I shouldn't have done and looked into the future one more time. All I can say is, the Blade family, everyone, is still not safe. The problem is when I'm looking that far ahead, it's hard to get an accurate time, accurate set of events.

"It's hard to control the amount of MC cells to use, to see a certain period ahead. So I have no clue what caused it, or when it will happen, but I know it will happen. Which is why I'm staying here."

It was also why Sil didn't like to use his ability to look so far ahead, because now, what about the first vision he had seen? Would that come true now that he wasn't actively out there trying to stop them?

It was hard to say, and since Quinn was busy dealing with other problems, Sil didn't want him to get involved.

Quinn knew what he was watching, he was watching how Sil was involved in all of this. How it had come to this point, and it would give him a lot of answers that he was looking for.

The video soon had skipped over, a few hours, days there was no frame of reference for how long it had been, but soon the whole ship was sounding an alarm.

"There is a gigantic vessel heading our way, we have tried to open communications with it, but it's refusing to respond." One of the men in the command said.

Sil, Shiro, and Borden had rushed to the large command room where there was open glass that allowed them to see directly into space, and there they could see it. A gigantic ship heading towards them, and written on the side were the words Marpo Cruise.

"Sir, the ship has opened up communications with us!"

"Put them through." Shiro ordered.

"Oh, I bet you weren't expecting to hear this voice. Ah, but this is a nice feeling isn't it. I'm almost getting a sense of Deja vu, of travelling to a particular Island, unaware of what was to come of me. This time, things won't be the same."

The voice was without a doubt Jack Truedream.



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