Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1412 - 1412 Lord Huai's Meaning

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1412 Lord Huai’s Meaning

She looked so disdainful and annoyed. How could Ms. Lin’s daughter be good enough to stand next to them? She was just the daughter of a businesswoman!

She was just like her mother. She kept thinking about how to become noble through men, but essentially, they were nothing. Her daughter Ruxue was not only the Crown Prince Consort, but also the glorious Phoenix Girl!

Gu Chaoyan the bi*ch got engaged to Lord Huai, and she could not do anything about her, but now she was going to marry Lord Huai, but so what? Lord Huai was falling as well! He was not going to be able to defend her at all! Ruxue was going to make Gu Chaoyan watch her become the Phoenix Girl so she spared her life.

Mrs. Gu glared at Gu Chaoyan fiercely.

Gu Chaoyan also sensed this gaze on her, but she turned around indifferently, as she saw Mrs. Gu’s eyes.

She still looked very quiet.

Mrs. Gu and Gu Ruxue hated her, and she knew that well.

Mrs. Gu hated her mother for being Gu Zhenkang’s real wife, and Gu Ruxue wished that Gu Chaoyan could give her the title as the lineal daughter, thus countering her all the time, but they were still unable to do anything to her, so they felt really annoyed towards her.

However… even if they hated her deeply, they could do nothing about her.

Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly.

She had been the enemy of many people in this and her previous life, and none of them could do anything to her.

Withdrawing that casual gaze, Gu Chaoyan looked at the door to enchantment that was not far away. The door to enchantment was said to be a gate, but in fact what they could see was something that was faintly visible in the mist that filled the sky. There was a lotus pond next to the door to enchantment and there was a white ball in the lotus pond, and now the ball was emitting magical air.

If she was right, this ball could determine who was the real Phoenix Girl.

Gu Chaoyan looked at it carefully and gave it a lot of thoughts.

Mrs. Gu, who had been trying to tolerate her anger, became even more annoyed after seeing Gu Chaoyan ignoring her. She was the mother of the Phoenix Girl, the madame of the Gu Mansion. Everyone in the whole capital was treating her nicely, except for Gu Chaoyan, who did not give a damn.

Well… she had assumed that Gu Chaoyan would get scared, but she ignored her instead.

“Gu Chaoyan, what rights do you have to stand here to wait for the Phoenix Girl? You have been driven out of the family and you are not yet married to Lord Huai, so thick-skinned.” Mrs. Gu interrogated Gu Chaoyan directly.

Mrs. Gu was talking very loudly, and everyone else around heard it. They held their breath as if they had heard nothing.

The Gu Family was different now. If the Phoenix Girl was born from them and the Crown Prince Consort turned out to be the real Phoenix Girl, the Gu Family would be the top in the whole capital, so they needed to dodge her as much as possible.

However, Mrs. Gu was not talking about them, so they were just watching the show. How lovely it was in the Saint Divine Land right now.

Hearing Mrs. Gu’s voice, Gu Chaoyan turned to Mrs. Gu. “I am engaged to Lord Huai. We are not married yet, but I am still the future Princess Consort, so I have all the right to stand right here.”

“Lord Huai, speak your thoughts!” Gu Yunhe shouted.

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