Military Technology - v5 Chapter 2609 "Gills" that can swim in water

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Chapter 2609 "Fish gills" that can swim in the water

"People breathe about twenty to forty times per minute during strenuous exercise. We take the breathing rate of thirty times per minute, which is 1,800 times per hour, and each time we only need Consuming 25 milliliters of oxygen, we need to consume 45,000 milliliters of oxygen in one hour, which is 45 liters of oxygen. This is of course the oxygen consumption of our high-intensity exercise on land.

The underwater situation is different, because under normal circumstances, a 12-liter gas cylinder can maintain a diver diving at a depth of 10 meters for about an hour.

Of course, this is in a slow or even static state. If it is high-intensity exercise, its oxygen consumption will naturally be high. And the consumption of oxygen is also related to the water depth. The deeper the water depth, the higher the water pressure and the more oxygen consumption.

Based on low-intensity exercise of ten meters underwater, the oxygen content in one liter of air is 21%, which is 210 milliliters, and the oxygen content in twelve liters of air is 2,322 ten milliliters.

After using our set of air filtration and oxygen supply circulation system, according to the capacity of a liquid oxygen cylinder of 12 liters of liquid oxygen, one hundred and forty-four liters of oxygen can be obtained.

According to the previous standard, 2,320 milliliters is needed per hour, which also means that the liquid oxygen in this cylinder can be used for a person to stay underwater for 62 hours with this system.

Even if we deduct some losses, we can stay for more than 50 hours. Such an improvement will undoubtedly be huge. "

Hearing Zhang Xiaolei's introduction, the scene suddenly boiled up, and everyone showed expressions of disbelief. As for the officers and soldiers of the Marine Corps, they were all very excited. They had gained a lot this time. They didn’t expect not only to meet the underwater special operations mechanical exoskeleton protective armor tailored for them, but also to see this airborne armor. Filtration and oxygenation circulatory system, a new technology equipment that allows them to stay underwater for fifty or sixty hours.

As people who dive frequently, they naturally know how long the current diving equipment can stay underwater.

According to the current distribution of two gas cylinders, one large and one small, about 20 liters of air are stored in them. Even if they plan carefully underwater and cherish every breath of air, they can only stay for about an hour and a half. Such a short time will greatly limit their underwater combat capabilities.

This also makes frogmen only able to carry out some special operations tasks in offshore penetration, as well as some special operations tasks such as underwater blasting, underwater mine clearance and underwater salvage.

If they want to conquer the ocean, they must have a gas supply system that allows them to stay underwater for a long time. So for them, their biggest dream is to have a pair of gills like a fish, so that they can move freely underwater.

And now, their dream has finally come true, and they finally have this pair of gills.

After giving everyone a little time to digest and react, Zhang Xiaolei continued: "Everyone, please see that the back of our underwater special warfare mechanical exoskeleton protective armor is equipped with this air filtration and oxygenation circulation system.

It is very compact, like a small diving backpack. According to the functional division, it mainly consists of several functional modules.

The first is this rectangular module, which is the main body of this air filtration and oxygenation circulation system, the air filtration system, through which we can filter out the carbon dioxide and moisture in the exhaust gas, and then deliver the filtered air to Oxygen injection mixing is carried out in the dissolved oxygen unit. The mixed air will be inhaled into an air tank for storage for our frogmen and divers to breathe. "

Zhang Xiaolei pointed to the opened air filtration and oxygen supply circulation system displayed next to this underwater special warfare mechanical exoskeleton armor, and introduced the various functional structures inside to everyone.

In this air filtration and oxygenation circulation system, we have designed two air tanks, one big and one small, the big one is a liquid oxygen tank, which can store twelve liters of liquid oxygen, while the small organ only has two liters. What is stored is not liquid oxygen, but air.

This small air tank is the backup of the whole system. When the whole set of air filtration and oxygen supplementation circulation system fails and cannot be used, the two liters of air in this small air tank can allow our divers to float up from the water calmly and out of danger.

An experienced diver can probably dive underwater for about ten minutes with two liters of air, which is enough for him to troubleshoot and ascend with ease.

Speaking of this, Zhang Xiaolei continued pointing to the various functional modules inside and introduced: "This is its battery pack, and this is its main control system and so on.

The entire system will monitor the breathing conditions of our divers in real time, as well as the real-time operating status and related data information of each functional module.

And the important information will be screened on the transparent display screen of the glass mask on the head of this underwater special warfare mechanical exoskeleton protective armor, so that our divers can keep an eye on these important information at any time.

Some important information, such as the oxygen capacity alarm, will also remind our divers to pay attention through the voice system. The specific standard can be adjusted according to the needs of users. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

For example, when only 10% of the oxygen capacity in the gas cylinder is left, an alarm is required to remind our divers to evacuate and float up. "

After listening to Zhang Xiaolei's detailed introduction, all the people present also began to believe that this air filtration and oxygenation circulation system is real from the beginning of disbelief.

And with the in-depth introduction of Zhang Xiaolei, everyone gradually understands the value of this air filtration and oxygenation circulation system.

So when Zhang Xiaolei finished speaking, the colonel Chen Zifang who asked the question before immediately asked: "Can this air filtration and oxygen supplement circulation system be equipped on ordinary mechanical exoskeleton protective armor or used alone?"

Hearing Chen Zifang's question, everyone became curious. Yeah, it's a pity that such a good thing can't just be used on it.

And such a good thing can't just be cheap for the navy, they also need to be exposed to rain and dew.

Hearing Chen Zifang's words and seeing the reactions of the people at the scene, a group of officers and soldiers of the Marine Corps showed expressions of righteous indignation. It felt as if these people were bandits who had stolen their most precious treasure.

But in front of so many people, although they were very angry, they didn't explode in person, they just showed cannibalistic expressions, as if they wanted to swallow these people up at any time.

Facing everyone's eyes with different expressions, Zhang Xiaolei nodded and smiled and said: "Of course, this equipment can not only be used alone, but also can be equipped on various equipment including the ordinary version of the exoskeleton protective armor, so that they have a certain level of protection. lower combat capability.

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