Military Technology - v3 Chapter 2237 Stocks soar!

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Under the expectations of Wu Hao and the others, today's stock market has finally closed, and everyone can finally let go of their support and cheer and celebrate.

From the stock listing in the morning to the closing in the afternoon, the stock price of Haoyu Aerospace has increased from the issue price of 378 to 591, an increase of 56%, exceeding the expectations of the professional team by five or six times.

Although this increase is not the fastest, it is already very good. At least Wu Hao and the others are very satisfied with this increase, because according to expectations, their stock price will increase in the future.

And driven by the continuous growth of their share prices, today's entire aerospace technology sector has also experienced substantial growth.

Today is definitely a harvest day for many Gu Ming, and it is also the same for Wu Hao and the others. At least the stock price they have on hand has increased by half, which also makes many people feel that their money is coming is really too fast.

Of course, for Yu Chengwu, Zhou Xiangming, and the others, the stocks they have on hand cannot be cashed out immediately, and they need to reach a certain number of years before they can be unlocked in batches. Although these stocks are already theirs, they can't really give them to them.

In a good mood, everyone held a special celebration reception in the evening. In addition to their own celebration, they also invited many friends to participate. The whole celebration reception was very lively, and this was the most indulgent one they had been in recently.

The next day, everyone got up very late. Obviously, everyone drank a lot last night, so that his head was a little dizzy now.

He got up, took a shower, and cleaned himself up. Wearing a nightgown, he came to the dining room of the suite. The breakfast has been placed on the table by the hotel waiter, and Shen Ning has come here fully dressed and is busy working with a laptop.

"Mr. Wu, good morning!" Seeing him coming out, he immediately stood up and greeted him.

Wu Hao smiled and squeezed his hands, motioning him to continue working, then walked to the dining table and sat down, "It's still early, it's almost noon."

"Are everyone else awake?" Wu Hao took a sip of milk and asked.

"When I came out, Mr. Yang Xiaoyun and Mr. Zhou woke up. As for Mr. Zhang and Mr. Yu, there seems to be no movement." Shen Ning said at him with a smile.

Wu Hao smiled slightly and said, "Let them sleep, they were the two who drank the most last night."

Hehe, who made them happy. If it were me, I would be happy too, after all I made so much money. Shen Ning said with a smile.

When Wu Hao heard Shen Ning's words, he glanced at her and said with a smile, "Why, I'm envious. Work hard, you will have these things too."

Shen Ning shook his head with a smile, and then said to him: "According to the relevant schedule, in addition to visiting our branch and research center in Modu today, you will also go to meet the relevant leaders of Shanghai, In the evening there will also be a reception hosted by the commercial local business community."

After listening to Shen Ning's introduction, Wu Hao nodded slightly. Although he minimized some work matters as much as possible, these three schedules should be said to be unavoidable and unavoidable.

First of all, let's talk about the inspection of the Shanghai branch and the research center. They have already come here. It seems that they can't make sense if they don't go for a walk and check the work. After all, this is also their own industry, and it is impossible to ignore it after spending so much money.

And he couldn't shirk the matter of going to meet with the leader. He had already called, so he couldn't refuse. Still have to meet, listen to the teachings, and discuss some business cooperation matters by the way.

However, this thing is also very similar to a business. You have to look at the other party's bid before you can make a decision. The purpose of Shanghai's side has always been clear, that is, it hopes to attract Haoyu Technology to relocate its headquarters.

Not only the business sea, but also the capital city, and the Shenzhen market, they are all vying for Wu Hao and the others, hoping to move the headquarters there. In their opinion, a technology company as huge as Haoyu Technology should not be limited to second-tier inland cities like Anxi, which is not conducive to development. It should be relocated to these three super-first-tier cities, so as to get better development.

Of course, this is their rhetoric, although it is very reasonable, but their real purpose or motivation is to take a fancy to Haoyu Technology's huge influence in the industry, economy, society and other fields. In addition, the huge revenue and profits, as well as the huge number of jobs, and the consumption that these employees bring to the city will be very objective.

In addition to these three big cities, some other first-tier cities have also used their brains, and they are constantly sending people to contact them. This also caused the leaders of Anxi and the province to be very nervous and worried.

As a result, Wu Hao was invited to drink tea at every turn, so that his level of tea art, which he was not very proficient in, also made great progress.

No way, compared to these cities, Anxi's local competitiveness is indeed inferior to them. Therefore, this also gave the leaders a huge sense of crisis. It's like holding a rooster that lays golden but is afraid that others will come and abduct it.

Therefore, in order to keep Wu Hao and the others in Anxi, Anxi thought a lot of ways, so that they were very tired for a while. In the end, it was only after Wu Hao's repeated guarantees that he restrained a lot.

But even so, the insecure leaders still invite him over for tea and talk from time to time, for fear that he will develop two hearts.

Of course, Wu Hao has no idea of ​​relocating the headquarters. After all, the Linghu headquarters has only been inhabited for a few years, and they have worked hard to build it. If you want to relocate, you have to start from scratch. In addition, what to do with so many employees is obviously impossible, even if the conditions given by the other party are very generous.

So for this aspect, he also clearly expressed his refusal, but obviously many people are not too give up on this, and still want to keep fighting for it.

As for the reception dinner that I attended in the evening, it was actually a dinner party saved by the businessmen of the business and technology circles. With the increasing influence of Haoyu Technology, more and more people want to know Wu Hao and the others.

In particular, Haoyu Aerospace, which is held by Haoyu Technology, went public today, and it ushered in a big rise on the first day. This naturally makes many people tempted, wanting to make friends with Wu Hao and the others in the business world.

So, there is this dinner party. Originally, Wu Hao refused to accept it, but he couldn't bear the enthusiasm of several acquaintances, and finally had to agree.

When he thought of dealing with all kinds of people at night, Wu Hao couldn't help but have a headache. But there is no other way, only to bite the bullet.

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