Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8360 Is this how you beg for help?

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Seeing that Feng Tianxing was about to die here, Ke Dan closed his eyes in despair.


A gust of cool wind caressed him, and Kedan instantly sensed something was wrong.

There was no smell of blood, and there was no wailing before dying. Feng Tianxing's breath was still near him, and he had not been captured.

Kedan quickly looked at Feng Tianxing, only to see that in front of Feng Tianxing was a roulette made up of magic circles, they were spinning quietly, as if nothing had happened before.

Ke Dan was dumbfounded.

"God, what are you doing?"

Feng Tianxing just gave him a bright smile.

"I just said that these demons are useless except for their brute force. If you look at this long-range confrontation, I am slightly better."

The demon clan behind a light curtain roared.

"It's just a trick from me, you really think you are awesome, don't you!"


Suddenly, it exploded from behind him, and his face was slammed against the light curtain, in a state of embarrassment!

"what have you done!"

The demon turned his head to take a look, and suddenly his pupils narrowed slightly.

What stuck on his back was the trick he released earlier, the bone spurs specially prepared to deal with Feng Tianxing. Now, as if they had gone back in time, they regrouped into bone spurs and ruthlessly pierced into his body.

This scene immediately made him shut up.

Either go back in time to restore the burst bone spurs to their original shape, or use the same method as when he cast them to combine these things and send them behind him.

In his opinion, the probability of the first possibility is extremely low, because Feng Tianxing is only at the peak of the Broken Body Realm, and he has only just comprehended the Dao, so it is still a matter of whether he can use it flexibly.

The probability of the second possibility is also very small. Because his tricks are hidden until the moment before the trigger, Feng Tianxing can't detect it. To want to catch the explosion at the moment when the bone spur is shot out, recondense it, and send it behind him, this is a godsend.

Only then can't do it.

The pain in his back made him calm down, he pulled out the bone spur, and then stared at Feng Tianxing with blank eyes.

"That's the method of the human race in your hand, right?"

If these words were uttered in an ordinary time, it would be absolutely murderous, and it would be for Feng Tianxing to prove his innocence, or to atone for his actions.

But now the situation is different, Feng Tianxing does not need to recognize the values ​​of the demons, even if he wants to, he has to wait until the demons completely defeat the void.

Feng Tianxing hooked his fingers, retracted the magic circle, and said with determination.

"Good eyesight, I am of course a method of the human race. It is a pity that the method you are unwilling to learn for the rest of your life is a powerful helper against the void."

"I told you all the methods today. How to do it is your business, and it has nothing to do with me."

"There is also the one who attacked me just now. If you can live until the demons defeat the void, it will not be too late to come and convict me at that time, but it will not be certain who will be the one to blame."

Feng Tianxing is so arrogant that he doesn't take these demons seriously.

It seems very desperate, but Feng Tianxing is very clear that there is almost no threat.

Because among these big demon families, honor is still very important, and they still respect force rather than relying on skills to solve problems.

For them, this kind of long-distance attack method is synonymous with despicableness. There are very few demons who practice, and even if they practice, their strength will not be very great.

This is the confidence of Feng Tianxing to be arrogant here.

Of course, if we meet in reality, Feng Tianxing will definitely be more well-behaved and sensible than anyone else.

After all, if he really wanted to wrestle with the elites of these big families, Feng Tianxing would definitely not be able to beat them.

"Well, if everyone here is fine, I will leave. You can't keep me with this little trick."

Seeing that Feng Tianxing was about to leave as a monster, the demon clan who had been silently watching him finally spoke.

As the strongest of all the families, when he spoke, the other demons naturally quieted down.

"How many years will it take for you to get 10% of my family's interests, and how will you ensure that the resources will reach your hands, and how will you ensure that the method you give is effective?"

Feng Tianxing grinned.

Finally, when it came to the business, the reason why he acted like a monster to find trouble was to show off his muscles.

Although not big, he is absolutely powerful, and his age is too young, which is his unique advantage.

"It's very simple, just watch."

After finishing speaking, Feng Tianxing tore open a crack in space, and poked his head through it.

"Li Goudan is here to work! How long have you been playing outside? I heard you don't come home at night?"

Li Goudan's appearance was quite unique, first he appeared holding Feng Tianxing's hands, then his body, and his real body, the sword hanging from his waist.

Feng Tianxing flicked his feet.

"Be serious, don't lose face in front of so many demons."

Hearing this, Li Goudan hugged Feng Tianxing's legs even tighter.

He rubbed around.

"The master is here, what do I need to do with my empty identity, what does the master want me to do this time? Who will blow them up?"

Feng Tianxing directly raised his finger to point at the demon clan who attacked him earlier.

"Just him."

As soon as the words fell, a crack in space appeared out of thin air, and Li Goudan beside Feng Tianxing rushed out instantly, his body was full of blue light.

All the demons were at a loss, only the strongest demon suddenly stretched out his hand, and a wave of demonic energy suddenly enveloped Li Goudan's target.


After a dull roar, Feng Tianxing tore open a crack in space again, and Li Goudan returned to Feng Tianxing's feet again, squatting like a dog.

"Master, you're welcome. Our Void body cannot be killed by bombing. Who else has provoked you? I'll give him a thirty-three combo this time!"

The demons present took a step back one after another, nervously wary of their side, afraid that Feng Tianxing would tear apart the space rift beside them.

Until this moment, the strongest Demon Race spoke.

"Enough, I have been able to confirm that this guy is void, but I want to know more."

Saying that, a Sumeru ring was directly swept out from the light curtain.

"This is one-tenth of my family's annual resources, which can be regarded as a deposit."

Feng Tianxing didn't go to pick it up, and let it fall to the ground, then raised his head and said.

"Okay, I like sincerity."

"This is Li Goudan, the underlying consciousness that I stripped from Void. Of course, most of my understanding of Void comes from this Void, and of course there are some subsequent corrections."

"The first point is that the consciousness body of the void does not have to be in the physical body."

As he said that, Feng Tianxing knocked on the sword that Li Goudan was hiding consciously.

"This is Li Goudan's body, so his body is up to you..."


Suddenly, Li Goudan's body shattered into countless pieces, and his flesh and blood spilled all over Feng Tianxing.

The strongest Demon Race looked solemn, staring at every piece of meat carefully.

Feng Tianxing shook off the piece of meat casually, his face suddenly darkened.

"Are you asking for information from me, and even protesting against me?" "Is this your attitude of begging for help?"

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