Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8358 What does it have to do with me if you are in a hurry?

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Ke Dan elaborated on Feng Tianxing's speculation about the three stages of Void's attack on the demons, and then added.

"According to my inference, Void is also waiting for the results of the high-level Void, but the high-level Void has been dragged into a different space by the Demon King and cannot be contacted, so Void dare not act rashly now. They are guarding against the high-level demons." "But the wind Tian Xing's view is that these voids are accumulating strength. He said that the voids do not have much advantage against the demons. The reason why they look powerful and the results are very strong is because they have planned too much.

hand. ""But Feng Tianxing and I have one thing in common. Void will definitely attack, and the next step is our family forces. I think if possible, we should form an alliance as much as possible, and we only need to share information.

, maybe it will be of great use. "

The demons present thought for a while, and one of the demons said.

"I think what that kid Feng Tianxing said may have some truth. I grabbed a few voids and studied them, and found that their real combat effectiveness is very average, not as strong as we initially expected."

As soon as the news came out, the demons present were not calm.

"What the hell? When did you catch the void? How strong is it? Have you figured out where their weaknesses are?"

"How did you capture the void, I am very curious about this, if you can share it, I am willing to give you some funding in my own name."

"It's still the same question, did the captured void explain their overall strategic layout? Why did they delay it like this?"

A series of questions spewed out, which immediately made the atmosphere a little weird.

They are eager to find a way to deal with the Void, and they can grow into a family. They have already abandoned the idea of ​​only honor being respected by the bottom demons. They care more about the immediate interests and the interests they can see.

If they can find a way to deal with Void today, they will be able to reduce their meaningless losses. For example, when they deal with Void, the most important thing they need to prepare is how to accurately kill Void.

The demons had a bitter look on their faces.

"It was caught by the family's secret method, but we have no way to torture it now. Void's flesh doesn't seem to care about the injury. I think they should have other key things."

Hearing this, Kedan couldn't sit still, he raised his hand and said.

"If you want information about Void, I have it here, and most of the problems you raised just now can be solved."

When Kedan spoke, a group of demons immediately looked over. They were curious about what Kedan had in mind.

After all, Kedan is just the patriarch of a family, and this family is not considered strong, even a little weak, he actually got the answer to the question?

Amidst a burst of distrustful eyes, a demon who had been silent all this time spoke.

"You said, it's best to be able to guarantee whether the news is reliable or not, and it goes without saying that it has not been verified."

Upon hearing this voice, Ke Dan nodded quickly.

"It's my lord. What I said today has not only been partially verified." "The void body is just a collection of consciousness. They can use the lower-level void consciousness under their jurisdiction to split into different parts. This is the strength of the void group's combat power. source, and beyond that, canines have confronted

Void consciousness is required to intervene, but they also have the ability to observe and be dispatched. "

"The Void Conscious Body is somewhere in the Void Flesh. You need to have a certain ability to detect consciousness. Otherwise, you can only try to separate it a little bit. This is confirmed news."

As soon as Ke Dan said this, the audience fell silent. The reason why these demons are eager to find a way to kill the void is because they can't find it, and there is no possibility of a successful attack on the void. This void may have died because it hit the chest, but

The next one is definitely not something that can be killed by hitting the chest.

They knew the Void had an Achilles' heel, but never summed it up.

Ke Dan's words immediately opened up a train of thought in the minds of the demons present, and all their previous problems were easily solved.

After a moment of silence, the previous Demon Race spoke again.

"Are you sure this theory works?"

Ke Dan patted his chest. "I am willing to swear by the glory of the demon race. This news is the information my confidant got when I followed Feng Tianxing to fight against the demon race. To be precise, it is the rules summed up by Feng Tianxing. Now Feng Tianxing has killed more than ten people." a void

record. The most of them was a full eight. "


Following Ke Dan's words, the demons present fell into dead silence.

"Feng Tian Xing? Is that the kid who spoke earlier?"


Now the whispers of the demons became stronger.

Feng Tianxing is only at the peak of the Breaking Body Realm, even if the Void he is fighting against is extremely weak, it is still in a battle of the same level.

In other words, they can completely apply Feng Tianxing's conclusion.

Now, a group of demons became curious about Feng Tianxing.

"What's the background of that kid Kedan? Ordinary demons don't have so many thoughts, do they?"

"Ga Luo's disciple? Didn't he just say that he wanted to deal with Jia Luo?"

"My God, their relationship is a bit messy."

After Ke Dan's explanation, these demons' curiosity about Feng Tianxing did not decrease but increased.

Among the demons, apprenticeship is an extremely rare choice. Just like the demons, the relationship between master and servant is generally uncertain. Once confirmed, it is a lifetime commitment to follow.

Although there are not such strict requirements for apprenticeship, Feng Tianxing's going against Jia Luo is a bit too treacherous.

There must be a story for such a capable young man to go against his mentor.

The leader of the Demon Race was silent for a moment before speaking.

"Kedan, please go and invite that kid back, and tell him that as long as he can convince me, my family is willing to stand with him."

Kedan nodded quickly, and then left the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion to look for Feng Tianxing's whereabouts.

Before he walked a few steps, he saw Feng Tianxing sitting alone on the top of the courtyard wall, with his feet dangling, looking leisurely.

Kedan came directly to Feng Tianxing and told what happened earlier.

"The demon family that invited you back just now is the leader among all our families. If he helps, other families will join in one after another."

Feng Tianxing raised his eyebrows.

"It has nothing to do with me. What you think is up to you." "You must have overlooked one point. Although I am secretly going against Jia Luo now, have you left any evidence? I have defended the entire city for Master Jia Luo , and it also radiates around, so there is some credit for it. Big

But the general situation is over, I will follow the master and see if I can live longer or you can live comfortably. "

"Think about it, do these things have anything to do with me?" Looking at Feng Tianxing's indifferent smile, Ke Dan's heart seemed to be suffocated.

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