Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 7840 The benefactor and the enemy are gone

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Chapter 7840 The benefactor and the enemy are no longer there

Seeing the crowd of demons in front of him busy, it took Feng Tianxing a long time to come back to his senses.

Unconsciously, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

This has the help of the world incarnation. It is indeed like opening a plug-in. The process of reincarnation is simply omitted.

At first glance today, there are so many demons surrounding him, and he is only a child, and his fighting power is almost negligible.

The most important thing is that Feng Tianxing promised to keep the godhead in the land of Xumi. The godhead has long been linked to Feng Tianxing's cultivation. Now, Feng Tianxing's strength is basically nothing, and suddenly faced with so many demons, he Can you be nervous?

With the return of the demon general Shera, Feng Tianxing was woken up by his remarks.

Feng Tianxing's heart twitched for a while.

Damn, this is too exciting.

Feng Tianxing looked down, fortunately he was not scared to pee, otherwise this would definitely become a good story.

And Feng Tianxing's actions on the day of his birth were indeed spread.

But in a legendary way.

"The devil general Shera has great luck. He didn't cry when he gave birth to a son. He stood on both feet, and he had the spirit of a strong devil."

The rumors became more and more outrageous as the rumors progressed. Anything that manifested a vision from the sky or filled the house with a strange fragrance was all made up later.

Feng Tianxing also heard these "rumours" and had to sigh in his heart. Sure enough, in the matter of eating melons and watching dramas, whether it is a demon or a human, the essence is the same.

When there is no war and external threats, eating melons and watching dramas has become the only pastime.

Feng Tianxing was held in his arms by his "birth mother", and he was so happy all day, so he naturally became arrogant to the demon servant.

And the demon general Shera is no different. Who let him sit on many wives and at the same time, there is only one male named Feng Tianxing.

Among the demons, the status of women has never been high, because their natural strength is weak, and they will become more or less accessories.

Mother is more expensive than child, especially in a family like Shira.

Feng Tianxing's "birth mother" can be said to have brought arrogance and arrogance to the extreme.

Feng Tianxing just listened indifferently to what was happening in the outside world, and it had nothing to do with him.

Who made him still breastfeeding.

According to the original rules of the Demon Race, from the moment they were born, they would start an internal struggle, seize limited resources in exchange for their own survival, and even devour the flesh and blood of their brothers and sisters.

However, after the demons occupied the world, the resources became more and more abundant, so naturally there was no such need.

Although some retro demon families still adopt this method, the overall mainstream has changed, and there are many demons treated like Feng Tianxing.

"You stinky mother raised you, you are going to scald me to death with such hot water!"

Feng Tianxing heard the roars and shouts of the "birth mother" being a demon again, and the screams of the demon servant's being beaten. Feng Tianxing pretended not to hear it, and even secretly held fire in his heart.

Who made him a human race, not a pure demon race?

Now watching the infighting of the demons, he is extremely happy.

With the change of identity, many of Feng Tianxing's thoughts also began to change. In the face of such a great hatred as the destruction of the human race, let alone Feng Tianxing occupying the body of the juvenile of the demon race, even if he really had the kindness to nurture his body, Feng Tianxing didn't care at all.

In front of the big right and the big wrong, this little kindness doesn't matter at all.

When he returned to the Three Thousand Dao Court this time, Feng Tianxing still had a lot of preparations to do. After all, he came back in the form of reincarnation, his body had not yet grown, and the meridians were just beginning to take shape. It was not easy to do something.

And Feng Tianxing still has a very important thing to do, and that is to find out how much has changed in the three thousand Taoist courts today, and where the last flame of the human race exists.

As for those slaves, Feng Tianxing gave up after taking a look. These people have been completely brainwashed, and they are willing to be slaves. No one can save them.

He needs to find someone who has hope in his eyes and ambition in his heart.

It doesn't matter how strong this person is.

Feng Tianxing was now personally designated by his "father" as his heir. No matter how bad his subordinates were, he still had fifty pure-blooded demon thugs. This power was absolutely enough for Feng Tianxing now.

As Feng Tianxing's body gradually grew up, his intelligence was also rapidly "developing".

Especially in the field of literacy and writing, his progress has surpassed other demons by too much, and another good story came out for a while.

Although the demons didn't care about these rumors, they couldn't hold back the fact that there was no war, and they spread more and more widely.

And the legend of Feng Tianxing is unique among a kind of demon clan's childhood. The children of other people's children show their ability, but they kill all their brothers and sisters and enjoy the resources exclusively.

This kind of thing is not uncommon among the demons at all, but it is quite common, and there is nothing to brag about.

On the contrary, Feng Tianxing's literacy and hyphenation had a somewhat different feeling.

With the growth of age, Feng Tianxing has reached the age of six. This is the beginning of the active age among the demons.

And Feng Tianxing had been quiet until he was eight years old when it suddenly erupted.

And the most typical of these is Feng Tianxing's inability to sit still, always looking for what he needs in this deserted city.

Since the beginning of this year, Feng Tianxing has shuttled among different groups of people, and heard information about the world from their mouths. Although it is trivial, when spliced ​​together, Feng Tianxing can always get a glimpse of the original appearance of things.

Hundreds of thousands of years have passed since the last hope of the Demon Race to defeat the Human Race. At that time, all those who competed with Feng Tianxing in this world have already fallen.

Not only was the Demon Race purged after the war, but also the long years, which ruined the long lives of countless cultivators.

Under the rectification of the Demon Race, the three thousand Taoist courts have become a super continent that is now connected as a whole.

The demons opened the prelude to unify the world.

The only thing that is a bit unfortunate is that the culprits of the past, such as the corpse and Heizu, have been annihilated in the long river of history. The demons still don’t know the means of government, but they foolishly thought that the corpse was dispatched to other places. In fact, Feng Tianxing knew with his toes that the corpse was definitely dead.

In a stable court, no one is allowed to be arrogant and arrogant.

That's called self-defeating.

After Feng Tianxing learned the news, he sat on the abandoned city gate for a whole day. He regretted that this scourge was not buried in the hands of the human race, but died in the hands of the demon race.

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