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"According to age?" Thor raised his brows, "Why is it based on age?"

"Thor is right, Asgardians live far longer than humans," Steve Rogers said. "Thor is just over a thousand years old now, and in proportion, he's just a child. ."

"I've never seen a kid with a beard," Tony Stark said.

"That only shows that you are inexperienced," Thor said. "What is a child with a beard? Of all the races in the universe, there are children with two heads."

"You've only been on Earth, you've limited Thor," Steve Rogers said.

"What I'm more concerned about is, in this time line, has Gore turned into a **** slayer?" Bruce Wayne said, "Actually, Gore, the villain, can be completely avoided. Be more reliable, and Gerr won't be blackened."

"Don't talk about Geer, I want to kill when I see that god." Arthur Curry said, "Forcing such a devout believer to the point of slaughtering the gods, that **** Lapp is really a person. talent."

"That should be the status quo of most gods, right?" Bruce Wayne said solemnly, "Of course, there are gods like Thor who are dedicated to protecting the earth and protecting human beings, but like Rapp, they don't care about the life and death of human beings at all. Are there more gods above?”

"It's more than not caring about humans," Clark Kent said. "When Thor went to Almighty City to form a team to deal with the godslayer, that Zeus was indifferent to the life and death of his fellow gods!"

"God?" Tony Stark smiled, "God or demons are all external forces. Rather than pinning their hopes on those external forces, it is better to work hard to increase their strength. Only one's own strength is king."

"I want to know, is it possible to turn into a **** slayer with the sword of necromancer and kill gods involuntarily?" Bruce Wayne suddenly asked Thor.

"What do you mean?" Thor asked.

"Everyone has also seen that the reason why Geer embarked on the path of killing the gods is entirely because of the absurd actions of the **** Rapp. He killed the gods, in fact, to avenge himself. Assuming that Geer was not unjustly by the gods at the beginning. If he takes the sword of necromancer and has power, will he still be a villain?" Bruce Wayne asked.

"Are you eyeing the Necroblade?" Diana Prince asked.

"It can't be said to be eyeing, but I suddenly have this idea. If there is a way to restrain the corrosion of the sword of the undead, wouldn't the sword of the undead be able to create a powerful warrior?" Bruce Wayne said, "Everyone I have also seen how the God-Slaughter has persecuted the gods with his own power, this kind of combat power is not unreasonably powerful.”

"I don't know if there is a way to restrain the corrosion of the undead sword, but Kamathaki may not know it," Thor said.

[This round of answering is over, and the answerers are ready to return. 】

The next moment, the heroes disappeared in front of us.

[After answering the questions, rewards will be issued. 】

[The host obtains the Celestial Clan clone. 】

[The host gets a clone of Planet Devourer (improved version, no need to devour planets to satisfy hunger). 】

The two abilities of this reward are amazingly consistent. They are both clones, and they are both quite awesome clones. Uncle Tun needless to say. It is the top combat power in the entire Avengers, and now this reward is an improved version. , there is no need to swallow the planet, which means that there is no need to eat the planet to fill the universe like a real swallow, and at the same time, it has the ability to swallow the uncle.

And the Celestial Race is even more amazing. Although Arisem in the Eternal Race only made a brief appearance, there is no doubt about his powerful mother. Not much else to say, is it blowing by rubbing the sun with bare hands?

The current level has risen to the level of the Uncle Tun, so is it still far to reach the level of OAA?

Li Cheng is looking forward to this.

"Speaking of which, I have a ceiling-level combat power in this world now, and it seems that I have never done anything before." Li Cheng couldn't help but think so when he got home and looked at the crowded scene from the window.

He is now a super old man comparable to the Celestial Clan, but he has never appeared in all the major events of Marvel.

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With a low-key life, if he hadn't come out to receive an award every time he answered a question, many people would have forgotten that he still exists as the protagonist.

In this regard, Li Cheng has a lot to say. In so many novels, is there any protagonist who is more low-key than himself?

So low-key that everyone has forgotten?

No, it's not forgetting. The premise of forgetting is that someone remembers him.

And now, does anyone know that he is the mastermind behind the answering system?


No one in the entire Marvel universe knows about him except himself.

Looking up at the dark cloud covering the sky, Li Cheng wondered if he should rub a sun out, the sky is so cloudy, it's not cool after washing clothes.

"I can't rub the sun any more. If there are two suns in the sky, it will definitely be the end of the world." Li Cheng finally decided not to rub the sun.

Winter Winter!

The door rang.

Li Cheng opened the door and saw a hot blonde girl standing in front of the door.

"At home?" The blonde girl reached out to Li Cheng with her big hand, "Is it time to pay the rent?"

The reason why he came out to rent a house was because he had a conflict with his father and was kicked out of the house.

"The house will not let you live, the car will be confiscated, the card will be parked for you, and you will only be given 100,000 dollars a month. I will see how you can survive!" Dad's cruel words are still in his ears after many days. side echoed.

However, this cheap old man obviously didn't know that his son was once an ordinary family. UU reading 100,000 US dollars a month has been living very, very well, "can't live" is nothing at all.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, I'll give it to you now." Li Cheng handed over the money.

Even if he can destroy the earth with a wave of his hand now, he still has to pay the rent. Who told him to talk about quality?

"Ah? Are you rich?" The blonde girl was a little surprised.

"What do you mean I'm rich? You came to me to urge the rent, do you still want me to have no money?" Li Cheng asked.

"No, no, of course I hope, no, of course I hope you have money." The blonde girl stroked her hair with her hand, "However, I suddenly feel that using money is too vulgar, full of copper smell, directly To take your money is a blasphemy to me."

"???" Li Cheng looked at the blond girl with a puzzled face, what is this old girl talking about, you, a renter, renting out a house, are actually talking about copper stinking here, aren't you renting out the house to make money?

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