Martial God Asura - Chapter 5401: This Land’s Secret

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Chapter 5401: This Land’s Secret

“Is this sword for your use or my use?” Chu Feng asked.

“We should both be able to wield it,” Eggy said. “Come in here. Let’s try the sword.”

“I… don’t dare to enter,” Chu Feng replied.

“You don’t dare to? Why?” Eggy was perplexed.

Chu Feng projected his consciousness into his World Spirit Space once more.


As soon as his consciousness manifested, the Asura Sword immediately released a suction power to devour his psyche.

“What’s wrong, Chu Feng?”

Horrified, Eggy quickly exerted her strength to protect Chu Feng from the Asura Sword’s suction force, but she was unable to stop it with her strength.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine,” Chu Feng replied with a smile before retracting his consciousness.

The Asura Sword returned to normal afterward. Eggy finally understood what Chu Feng’s earlier words meant.

“Is the Asura Sword hindering you from entering your World Spirit Space?” Eggy asked.

“Indeed. I’m not sure what’s going on, but the Asura Sword furiously devours my psyche as soon as I project my consciousness in. I can’t stop its suction at all. It’s a relief that the suction stops once I retract my consciousness, or else I would have been in danger,” Chu Feng replied.

“Could it be that the Asura Sword is trying to acknowledge you as its master?” Eggy asked.

“That would be an overly violent way of acknowledging me as its master?” Chu Feng replied with a helpless smile. He didn’t think that was likely.

“Let me give it a try.”

Eggy walked over to the Asura Sword and attempted to grasp its hilt, but as soon as her hand came close to the hilt, the Asura Sword suddenly shuddered.


A powerful flood of asura power gushed out and formed a massive hurricane within the Asura Spirit World, sending Eggy flying all around the place.

“Uwa!” Eggy cried in horror.

“What’s wrong, Eggy?”

Chu Feng hurriedly projected his consciousness into his World Spirit Space, only to witness a terrifying hurricane of asura power spinning around the Asura Sword. Eggy was lying by the corner of his World Spirit Space.


As soon as Chu Feng stepped into his World Spirit Space, the Asura Sword withdrew its asura power and released its suction power once more. Even though he was swiftly losing his psyche, he endured the pain and made his way over to Eggy’s side to check on her condition.

Such swift loss of psyche would have been fatal to most world spiritists, but Chu Feng was barely able to hold on.

“I’m fine, Chu Feng, Hurry up and leave!” Eggy exclaimed.

Chu Feng was unconvinced by her words, especially after having witnessed how terrifying the hurricane of asura power was. He didn’t think that Eggy could possibly be fine. It was only when he checked on her condition and confirmed that she was truly fine that he finally retracted his consciousness from his World Spirit Space.

Even Chu Feng wouldn’t be able to last long with how quickly the Asura Sword was absorbing his psyche. He was also reluctant to allow the Asura Sword to freely absorb his psyche when he hadn’t confirmed the situation with it.

“Eggy, what happened?” Chu Feng asked.

“You might be the only one who can use the Asura Sword. It doesn’t allow me to get close to it at all. Furthermore, I suspect that the sword is sentient,” Eggy said.

“Sentient? How do you know?” Chu Feng asked.

“It scolded me.”

“Scolded you? How did it scold you? I didn’t hear anything at all.”

“It resisted me. That’s as good as telling me that I’m not worthy. Isn’t that scolding me?” Eggy replied.

“Well…” Chu Feng was rendered speechless.

“Chu Feng, did you sense anything else when it absorbed your psyche? Did the sword try to communicate with you?” Eggy asked.

“No. I only felt like it was trying to empty me out,” Chu Feng replied.

“That’s weird. What’s its goal?” Eggy examined the Asura Sword close-up in hopes of figuring out its intent, but she was unable to decipher anything at all.

“Eggy, what else do you know about this sword? What kind of abilities does it have?” Chu Feng asked.

“I heard that the Asura Sword is so domineering that no one has been able to make it submit before. It is the only one of the three strongest swords that doesn’t have a master. As for what kind of abilities it possesses… I can only say that there’s not a single sword in your world of cultivation that can match it. If this is the real Asura Sword, then, Chu Feng, you really earned big,” Eggy said.

Chu Feng fell into deep thoughts.

Regardless of whether the Asura Sword was real or not, it was a big deal to him. Furthermore, the Divine Deer had told him that the Divine Inheritance Ground’s master was very powerful.

The Divine Inheritance Ground had first appeared in the early years of the current era. While no one had managed to decipher it thus far, it was the first guidance provided to the people of the current era, when they had absolutely no knowledge of cultivation or world spiritist techniques.

The appearance of the Asura Demon Tower and the Asura Sword in the trial suggested that this Divine Inheritance Ground was somehow related to the Asura Spirit World.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng still had a few lingering doubts in mind.

If I have really cleared the Divine Inheritance Ground, is the Asura Sword the legacy here? Did my mother receive any benefits or guidance from the Divine Inheritance Ground? Why is the Asura Spirit World helping the world of cultivation?

Most important of all, what happened in the Ancient Era?

“Big brother Chu Feng? Where are we?” Bai Yunqing had regained consciousness.

Chu Feng quickly filled Bai Yunqing in on the situation. He told the latter about how he had entered another realm through the phenomenon, underwent a trial in the Asura Demon Tower, and earned enough Life Crystals to cure Eggy, but he didn’t mention the Asura Sword.

It was not that he didn’t trust Bai Yunqing, but he didn’t think that there was a need to mention it. In the first place, just because he trusted Bai Yunqing didn’t mean that he had to divulge all of his secrets to him. He needed his own privacy too.

Besides, some secrets could become a burden too. While Chu Feng and Bai Yunqing were friends, they had their own paths to walk on.

“Big brother Chu Feng, thank you for saving my life. That bastard Shuang Yu actually wanted to kill me. She clearly looks down on my master! I’ll make her pay the price for that in the future!” Bai Yunqing sneered.

He didn’t feel regretful just because they failed to decipher all of the secrets of the Divine Inheritance Ground. Their goal here was to cure Eggy, and they succeeded. What bothered him more was Shuang Yu’s actions.

After all, Shuang Yu had framed him and tried to take his life. How could he possibly take that lying?

“We’ll get even with her, but it isn’t the time for that yet. Let’s leave this place first,” Chu Feng said.

“Big brother Chu Feng, if you don’t have any urgent matters to attend to, there’s a place I’d like to head to. Would you like to come with me?” Bai Yunqing asked.

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