Live Wilderness Adventure - Chapter 690 build log cabin

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Latest website: Musk ox is a transitional species between cattle and sheep. The meat tastes similar to the two. It can be said that it is a rare food taste in Bi Fang's life experience.

It's just a little less seasoning, and the taste is a bit bland, but it's not bad. After all, it's shabu-shabu, and what you want is the original and delicious taste.

A trip to the North Pole is a no-brainer.

Bi Fang hiccupped, leaned against the snow slope, and looked at the polar ice sheet at night.

Nearly 20 days have passed since the 100-day survival mission. With the musk ox, the environment is also good. Compared with the resources of the entire Arctic plain, the pressure of survival has been reduced by half, and I am happy to see everything.

The sky is full of stars, scattered with starlight, and combined with the dense mist emitted by the white earth, it becomes a hazy lavender, and the entire galaxy belt runs through the sky.

Such a night view cannot be seen anywhere else.

Now is the age of camping.

Bi Fang thinks.

People are tired of the steel jungle, and they want to get away from the hustle and bustle between people and get along with insects and other animals.

And more and more people want to create such a camping culture, although they are not like themselves, naked, and completely in contact with nature, even if they are separated by some modern technology, they are undoubtedly yearning, but Often due to the thickness of the wallet, it has to be repeatedly measured.

Ordinary people are asked too much in their whole life, and often do not have the power and ability to choose the life they want.

Even if it is really hard, save food, grit your teeth, spare a little time, a lot of money, and all your energy, it may be a mess due to inexperience. From living to eating to going to the toilet, the first Often times are in a hurry.

[I tried camping, but it was not as fun as I thought, not a problem of nature, but my problem]

A middle-aged man was moved by the beauty in front of him and couldn't help but hit the barrage.

The hustle and bustle of the city is so saturated that the topic of chat is about the life you want to escape.

[I can’t stop chatting, but it’s boring. Such topics include, but are not limited to, what to do if the child’s cram school is cancelled, who can pay back the 2 trillion yuan of xxx, and when will the car’s core be missing? It's a head (covers face)]

[Mass, it's too realistic]

People's chat content is inseparable from their own life, just like the former classmates always talk about everything, but after going to school separately, just after one semester, the content that can be chatted has suddenly decreased by 90%.

No matter what conversation, if you want to have a good conversation, it must be experienced together.

Surrounded by greenery, listening to the gurgling water, but the exhaustion of topics will eventually make you dream of walking through the cbd office building, and what you hear is the sound of the music fountain in front of the office building.

【It's all tears when you say it】

【Another day of tears】

【Envy Lao Fang's life... Exciting and free】

[But it may die (dog head)]

"Don't be sad, it's very late, although I have a safe environment, I can still make further optimizations, so there will be a bunch of actions waiting for me tomorrow, today's live broadcast is here, and the rest will be discussed tomorrow. ."

Bi Fang smiled, patted his **** and stood up. The drone also flew in front of him. After the voice landed, the live broadcast was instantly cut off.

At eight o'clock the next day, the sun didn't seem to rise at all, and the sky was still dark.

Getting up from the warm pile of three dogs, Bi Fang patted the dog hair on his body, started the live broadcast on time, prepared the tools, and started his optimization career. Before that, he went to see where he buried the musk ox. The place, well kept, nothing out of the ordinary.

In order to effectively freeze and kill parasites at low temperature, Bi Fang dismembered the musk ox and buried it in the snow, filling it up and pressing it down. After a week, basically all the meat on the body can be eaten raw, which is simple and easy. The main purpose is to supplement vitamins and obtain more adequate nutritional intake.

Cooked food in the Arctic can only be used as a flavored way to eat.

After that, the building of the residence is also the content of the activities for today and tomorrow that Bi Fang also undertook.

"This time it's not igloos or igloos. Although the thermal insulation performance of ice and snow is very good, it still has a fatal flaw, that is, the room temperature is higher than zero, and it will inevitably melt, so the indoor temperature can only be raised to close to zero. the extremes of a relatively warm, decent sanctuary."

"But for a better life, igloos and igloos are definitely not acceptable, so I'm going to build a log house, and for that I have to cut down."

Bi Fang raised the tools in his hands, he had prepared a stone hammer and a chisel.

Stone axes are prone to splintering, so felling operations can only be done by means of chisels and hammers.

"A log cabin is a long-term shelter, most often used in cold and temperate climates, where wood is not only safe, stable, warm, but also effective against bad weather."

Bi Fang came to the woods, found a few good trees, and collected the wood he needed.

"To build a log house, you can use an 'a' frame or a shingle style roof. If there is only one person, or materials are limited, then I recommend a shingle roof."

"Choose the wood and make sure the weight is within the manoeuvrable range, the tools are sharp, if you cut down a tree half a meter in diameter, trust me, it's totally useless to you because you don't have Can't move, and don't pick a tree that you're going to struggle with to move, you're going to be too laborious to build."

"My suggestion is to use wood no more than six inches in diameter, or fifteen centimeters. The length of each piece of wood depends on the size of the shelter and the walls that will be built from the wood."

"Of course, this diameter is not absolute, but a universal choice. If it is a woman, it can be appropriately reduced, and if you go to an area with only hardwoods, the diameter can also be reduced, and their density is undoubtedly higher, and the same The size and mass are also heavier.”

With the last knock, a six-meter-tall pine tree fell down.

After removing the excess branches and leaves, it was dragged to the river bank, followed by the second tree, the third tree, and soon, a low pile of wood began to accumulate, but it was obviously not enough, it was a long accumulation process.

At noon, Bi Fang, who took off his coat, carried the hammer on his shoulders, looked up at the sky, it was still pitch black, emitting a faint purple light, but on the distant horizon, there was a faint golden light.

It was a corner of the sun, no, maybe not even a corner, just a little light of the sun.

And this is already the limit that the sun can rise.

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