Live Wilderness Adventure - Chapter 689 Shabu Shabu

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Latest website: In the cold Arctic Circle, Bi Fang was sitting in front of a bonfire wrapped in musk ox fur, feeling the warmth after the flames dispelled the cold.

"A bonfire is one of the charms of outdoor activities, and if it's built with the best wood, you can grill food on a bonfire in the woods."

"A lot of lumberjacks like to build a second, smaller fire for barbecues, but I don't think it's necessary, except in larger camps where a lot of food must be prepared, and the average camper decides what he wants. That kind of experimentation is a big part of the fun of living in the woods."

Bi Fang's face was beaming, and his eyebrows were soaring. All the audience could see that Fang Shen was very happy at this time. After all, he had left the crisis of survival behind him.

After roughly flattening the upper and lower sides of the two firewoods, Bi Fang placed them on the ground, one end of which was a palm-width apart and the other half a meter apart, forming a trapezoid, which was a satisfactory outdoor cooking range.

At the same time, for safety, Bi Fang placed a few stones at the wider end, and placed some hardwood poles on the stone as a barrier.

"If you can, put a heat reflector on the wide side, so you can use the heat more fully, instead of watching it go to waste in the air."

“And it also makes for a very even grill that can be used in any weather. Bread, fish, game or other meats cook well, it’s easy to operate, and the smaller gear is enough for two or three people.”

Although he has nothing, it does not delay Bi Fang to introduce these things to the audience.

The campfire is right between the two logs, and it is very convenient to grill and fry at the opening at the narrow end.

"If resources are a little more abundant, slow-burning green trees can be used as backing logs or end logs, preferably chestnut, red oak, gray walnut, red maple, persimmon, etc."

"These are hardwoods and the best woods for cooking and heating because they burn slowly, give off a lot of heat, and burn into a fiery pile of charcoal."

Bi Fang picked and picked in the flames and found a large black charcoal, proving that what he said was true.

"And cork is easy to catch fire. Although it burns fast and the fire is prosperous, it is dead ashes after burning."

[What is hardwood and what is softwood]

[Ah, isn't this the literal meaning? 】

【What if there is any mystery? 】

"There is no mystery, it is the literal meaning of wood. It is hard. Generally, the hardwood cannot be scratched by a knife, and the softwood can be easily cut."

Bi Fang gave a brief explanation. While building the wooden basin, he also introduced the relevant wood.

"Hickory is by far the best firewood in the North, it burns vigorously, burns for a long time, forms large pieces of char and gives a uniform high heat over a long period of time."

"Next to hickory is chestnut; loggers also like to use basket oak, ironwood, dogwood, ash, etc."

“Among these trees, red oak, basket oak, white oak, ash, and birch are the ones that split easily. Some woods split more easily when wet than after drying, such as hickory, dogwood, beech, sugar Maple, birch, and elm."

"The most difficult woods to split are elder, blue ash, cherry, tart, hemlock, sweet gum, and sycamore. Of the softer woods, birch is the best fuel, especially black birch, It's one of the few woods that burns well when it's not dry."

"Dry hemlock bark is easy to catch fire and fires vigorously, and birch catches fire quickly even when wet. Driftwood is a good starting material, and dry pine knots are excellent starting materials."

"Certainly, in winter, when there is less sap, dry wood will also burn better. Trees in higher ground burn better than trees in moist, low-lying areas. Hardwoods are more abundant in the highlands, and softwoods are more abundant along the river. "

Most of the wood, many audiences have never heard of, but in Bi Fang's mouth, no matter its advantages and disadvantages, or how to find it, all of them are easy to find, which makes many people with relevant experience feel dumbfounded.

From south to north, from soft to hard, from texture to use, as if there is no Bi Fang who does not know, it seems that he can apply for a professional lumberjack.

[Fang Shen is still the same Fang Shen, there is no change in the slightest]

【Another day without listening carefully】

【Learning is abolished and learning is abolished】

[Speaking of shame, I have never distinguished any tree species, let alone what they are used for. Just looking at them gives me a headache, let alone distinguishing them]

[Plus one, I probably know a ginkgo? 】

[If it grows on the side of the road as a landscape tree, I know it, but if it is placed in the woods, it is not so sure (funny)]

Using two twigs as supports, the tub was set on top, and the Bifang knife cut the frozen muskoxon into roulades and immersed them in boiling water.

It was belly meat with a layer of snowflake fat. Unlike ordinary wild animals, most of the beasts were mostly lean meat. Whether it was roasted or boiled, it was difficult to avoid the fate of dry wood.

But it doesn't move very much, and the high-fat musk ox is different. Even the tenderloin with the least fat content is oily, not to mention the plump belly. Just looking at it can make people move.

"If it's a normal lunch, just use a low fire to provide enough heat to make soup and fry."

"If there is an iron pot, just insert a branched branch on the ground, put a green branch on the branch, put the other end on the ground and hold it down with a stone, and hang the pot on the protruding branch. Just go up."

"But our conditions are limited, and we don't have any iron tools on it. We can only use the method of erecting branches."

The sharp dagger shaved off an entire piece of large meat, and in the wooden basin, the pink beef rose and fell under the boiling water, constantly entangled, inseparable, exuding boiling heat.

Seemingly smelling the delicious food, Erha, who was in the woods, ran ahead of the pack, galloping towards Bi Fang, followed by his second and third younger brothers, with long hair.

Bi Fang quickly protected the bonfire to prevent Sansha from hitting it, and then had to cut in more musk meat so that the three guys could also try it out.

When the meat is cooked, Bi Fang uses wooden chopsticks to lift up a large chopstick without blowing it. After a little exposure to the air, the temperature is just at the delicious point where it is hot and not scalded.

The three fools also whimpered one after another. Bi Fang put three pieces of bark on the ground, fished out the meat and put it on top, so that the three big guys could also share the delicious food.

The way of eating like hot pot with mutton makes the audience envious.


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