Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1904 - Epilogue

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Chapter 1904 Epilogue

Two girls were playing on the grass when they suddenly saw a snow-white antelope walk past them. Their eyes lit up.

The antelope was abnormally handsome. Its white fur was as soft as a plush toy. It didn’t appear bald like an ordinary antelope.

The two girls ran over and wanted to feed the antelope some grass.

The antelope was docile and obedient. It lowered its head and slowly ate the grass that the little girl brought over, delighting the two girls even more. They reached out their tiny hands to stroke the antelope’s fur; it looked like it was enjoying itself.

“You’re actually eating grass. Have some integrity, would you?” A man walked over and looked at the antelope.

The two girls jumped in fright, thinking that the antelope belonged to the man. They hurriedly apologized to the man for touching his antelope.

The man smiled and handed some candy to the two girls, sending them elsewhere to play.

“Integrity? Can that stuff be eaten?” The antelope suddenly turned into a nobleman in a white fur coat. It spat out the grass in its mouth and said disapprovingly, “Besides, Zhou Lingfeng, compared to you, I believe my integrity is probably perfect.”

“Why aren’t you enjoying yourself on Mount Laojun? Why are you here?” Zhou Lingfeng sized up the antelope and said in surprise, “Have your injuries healed?”

“The Race Artifacts are now on Earth. There’s almost infinite Essence Energy and various nomological powers on Earth. If I can’t recover in such an environment, would I have been able to survive?” The antelope smiled and said, “It’s all thanks to your good son. Otherwise, my injuries would have killed me.’

“Who asked you to tempt fate? You’re clearly a loser, but you chose to force open that door,” Zhou Lingfeng curled his lips and said.

“You’re the loser. Your entire family consists of losers. If you hadn’t instigated me, would I have left Mount Laojun?” The antelope fumed.

“How was I the one instigating you? Did I push or pull you into doing it? You were the one who wanted to leave,” Zhou Lingfeng said as he shrugged.

“Hmph, if you hadn’t told me how nice the outside world is, would I have opened that screwed-up door?” The antelope snorted coldly.

“I was telling the truth. Not a single word of falsehood.” Zhou Lingfeng smiled.

“Who knows if what you said is true. It’s not like I managed to leave.” The antelope stared at Zhou Lingfeng and said, “Although you can’t return, your son’s return can be considered a fulfillment of your wish.”

“Who knows if it’s a blessing or a curse. I originally wanted him to live here peacefully for the rest of his life. I never expected him to reach this stage. This wasn’t my intention.” Zhou Lingfeng sighed.

“What’s there to worry about? He’s your son. He belongs to that world to begin with,” the antelope said.

“It’s not as simple as you put it. I was just a prisoner who had been stripped of everything. I can’t be considered a member of that world. Furthermore, he has half of Earth’s blood. He basically has nothing to do with that world.” After Zhou Lingfeng said that, he frowned and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I want to leave. I came to ask if you have any other solutions?” the antelope said with

narrowed eyes.

“Yes, make a Cosmic coin yourself and open

the door,” Zhou Lingfeng said with a smile.

“I wouldn’t have come looking for you if I knew how to make one.” The antelope rolled its eyes at him. “You are from that world. Don’t you know any other methods? Is there a back door or something?”

“If I hadn’t become a prisoner, it wouldn’t

have been difficult for me to send you out. Now, there’s nothing I can do. However, you can try to find the other exiled prisoners. Perhaps they will have a solution,” Zhou Lingfeng said.

“Find my ass? Why would I come to you if I

could find them? I’ve waited at Mount Laojun for thousands of years, but I didn’t get to meet Laozi. I don’t know if he’s dead or did he return. You were the only prisoner in the past few millennia. Who am I to find?” The antelope cursed, looking extremely incompatible with his noble look.

“Then there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve

only been here for a few decades. If you can’t find one, I can’t find one either. Besides, we nearly caused a huge disaster the last time we abducted Truth Listener from the Four Dimitrios Monkeys to open the door. It nearly caused the dimensional zones to break out ahead of time. Truth Listener was also reduced

to its original state due to excessive expenditure of its essence. If you hadn’t let it absorb energy for recovery by secretly swapping it with Small Buddha Temple’s Companion Egg, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been able to stay alive.” Zhou Lingfeng thought for a moment and said, “Now that Truth

Listener has been taken away, the only Cosmic coin that the female prisoner brought is gone. If you want to leave, there’s no other solution but to create a Cosmic coin yourself.” “You were both prisoners, but why was that woman treated so well? You f*cking fell like a dog. Not only did she come on a ship, but she also had a Cosmic coin. That’s a stark difference. Does that woman have a very strong backer in your world? And you are just a poor fellow with nothing.” The antelope chuckled. “I don’t know if she has a backer, but that ship

and Cosmic coin weren’t for her. They were for her child. She was a prisoner, but her child

wasn’t. That’s why there was a ship and a Cosmic coin. They were for her child to use when she grew up. However, I think there’s still something wrong. In theory, a pregnant woman shouldn’t be exiled here. Not only was she exiled, but her memories were also tampered with. Furthermore, she brought so many things that don’t belong to this world. This is very problematic,” Zhou Lingfeng said. “Didn’t you say that you once led a glorious life

in that world? Did you never hear of the Lost Immortal Sutra?” the antelope said.

“No, I’m very certain that there’s no Lost Immortal Sutra in the famous cultivation techniques in that world,” Zhou Lingfeng said.

“Is there a possibility that your memories were also tampered with?” the antelope said sinisterly.

Zhou Lingfeng’s expression changed slightly. “What you said isn’t impossible, but the indications put it at a very low probability.”

“As long as there’s a possibility, it’s possible, right?” The antelope curled its lips and said, “Forget it. There’s no point in saying this now.

Let’s think about how to create a Cosmic coin. How do we get that thing?”

“First, find a Cosmic lifeform and turn it into a

Cosmic coin,” Zhou Lingfeng answered with a serious expression.

“How?” The antelope frowned. “How would I know? It’s not like I can do it.”

Zhou Lingfeng spread out his hands and said, “In that world, one needs to use a special place to turn Cosmic lifeforms into Cosmic coins. This isn’t that world, nor is there such a place. How would I know how to do the transformation? I’ve heard of people who can turn Cosmic lifeforms into Cosmic coins, but

that’s only a legend. No one has seen them before.”

“Cut the crap. I might as well head back to wait

for Laozi.” The antelope looked displeased as it turned around and left.

“Enjoy life. The outside world isn’t as good as you think,” Zhou Lingfeng said to the antelope. “F*ck, that’s not what you said decades ago when you tempted me.” The antelope gave him the middle finger without turning its head. Zhou Lingfeng smiled and said, “I just had the

intention to escape and return back then. Now

that I think about it, staying here isn’t a bad idea.” “F*ck off.” The antelope vanished without looking back.

Zhou Lingfeng looked in the direction where the antelope had vanished for a while before retracting his gaze. He muttered to himself, “I

hope the Lost Immortal Sutra doesn’t really belong to that woman. Otherwise, Little Wen will be in big trouble.”

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