Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3392 revenge

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Most of the powerful men in Lunzong gathered here.

"Sovereign Lord, let's just watch this sword Tianhou be doing good in our Lun Zong?" Elder Lun Zong whispered, and everyone else looked at Lun Zong.

In fact, for the other strong Lun Zong, they have no major resentment against Jian Wushuang, the key is the Lu Zongzhu.

He is unparalleled with the sword, but he has the hatred of killing his children.

"I don't want to do this, but I'm not as good as anyone!" The lord of the round clenched his hands, and his body was shaking slightly. Such a terrible character exists, and a strong man at the peak of the Nether Six Realms is not what our sects can now provoke. "

After hearing this, everyone was helpless.

The Elder of the Rongzong said, "The Lord of the Rules of the Nether Six Realms is very poor in the whole world of God. Anyone can become the power-holder and even the strongest card of some transcendent forces, like the reputation of Triple Heaven. The four strongest Protoss, their strongest is only Void Six Realm, and in the next few Octagonal Heavenly Sects, it is unknown whether there is a Void Six Realm strong in town. "

"I don't know where this sword Tianhou got a strong man from the peak of Nether Six Realm as a helper. What is the origin of this strong man from the peak of Nine Six Realms?"

"This case just wanted to invite that person to come and sit down, and by the way asked about his origin, but he refused." Luzong said, they are a little curious about the origin of the Shenhuo Lord.

After all, although the Divine Realm was vast at the beginning, there were few pitiful powers at the level of the Void Realm, and there were just a few of them. Suddenly, there was a strong person at the peak of the Void Realm with such a powerful strength.

"By the way, I heard that Jiantianhou called this person a sinking fire." An elder said suddenly.

"Yes, I heard that too," said another elder.

"Shenhuo?" Master Zhuang frowned slightly. "This name seems familiar to me, I should have heard of it before."

The lord of the round was trying to think, but for a while, he didn't remember.

But at this moment, the elder pupil next to him narrowed sharply, "Is Shenhuo the master of Shenhuo?"

"Shenhuo Lord?" Lord Sulun looked at it immediately.

"Nearly 200 million years ago, our dual sky had a big ruler, Zixing Mozong. At that time, there was a very famous genius elder in Zixing Mozong, Shenhuo Mozhu, is this the man?" The elder said in a deep voice.

As soon as this word came out, there was a commotion in the palace, but the lord of the wheel immediately said: "No wonder I know it well. It turned out to be the master of Shenhuo of the Purple Star Demon."

"I've heard of this genius elder, but the Purple Star Demon Sect has been destroyed for nearly 200 million years. The genius elder has reasonably died. As for the mysterious strong man who is now working, although It ’s called Shen Huo, but it may not be the original Shen Huo Lord. After all, no matter whether it is a fame or a name in the world, there are too many repetitions. "

"Is it the Shenhuo Lord, I'll know right away." The elder immediately began searching for information about the Purple Star Demon Sect.

Just a few moments later, the elder regained his head.

"Okay, the strong man in the top of the Void Realm in my round sect is the genius elder in front of the Purple Star Demon Sect, and the Shenhuo Lord is undoubted!" The elder said positively.


"It really is!"

"Really the Lord of the Fire?"

"It's been nearly 200 million years. This genius elder is still alive?"

The masters of these rules of Lun Zong set off huge waves in their hearts.

The Sovereign of the Round, however, showed a surprise, "Shenhuo Lord, it really is this Shenhuo Lord, haha, God help me too!"

"Sovereign?" The elders and others looked puzzled at the lord.

The laughter of the Lord of the Rounds stopped and said coldly, "The Lord of the Fire Lord, but the person of the Purple Star Demon, and his talents are extremely high, but don't forget that the Purple Star Demon is destroyed by the sanctuary of the flame. It can be said that the Sanctuary of Fire is the greatest enemy of Shenhuo Demon Lord. If the Shenhuo Demon Lord has the opportunity, he will definitely not hesitate to revenge the Sanctuary of Yan, and the same, once let the sanctuary of Yan Yu knows that the Shenhuo Lord is still alive, and has reached the level of the peak of the Six Realms of Void, he will certainly regard the Shenhuo Lord as a big threat, and he will definitely find a way to kill him !! ''

Hearing here, these strong men of Lun Zong understand the meaning of Lu Zongzhu.

"Sect, do you want to inform the Sanctuary of Fire that the Shenhuo Lord is still alive?" The elder read it.

"Yes, the sanctuary of the flames has always been high. They will not allow an enemy who is extremely talented and has reached the peak of the six levels of the void to stay alive, as long as I tell the sanctuary of the flames, the sanctuary of the flames. It is very likely that the realm will immediately send the strong over, and even the Lord of the Flames will come down in person. In addition, there is greater hatred between the sword heaven and the Lord of the Flames, and then the Lord of the Flames may attack both of them at the same time !! "The lord of the wheel sneered.

"Of course, the sword's life-saving means can be called against the sky, and it is valued by the Lord of Time and Space. Now he dares to run wildly in the triple sky. He should have enough support and not worry about the three holy realms against him. Even if the Lord of the Lord arrives, it is difficult to kill the sword, but the Lord of the Flame is absolutely sure to kill the Lord of the Fire !!

"As long as killing the Shenhuo Lord, and also let Jian Tianhou lose a lot of helpers, I can also slightly dispel my hatred!"

After listening to the Lord of the Rounds, the masters of these rules of the Rounds were facing each other and nodded secretly ~ www.novelbuddy.com ~ Indeed, Jian Wushuang is very difficult to kill. This has been confirmed on the Powa Island before, even now The three sacred realms came out again, I am afraid that they may not be sure to leave the sword unparalleled.

But the Shenhuo Lord, although stronger than Jian Wushuang, has no life-saving ability. The Lord of Fire is absolutely capable of beheading the Shenhuo Lord.

"I'll contact the Sanctuary of Fire now."

The lord of the round immediately began to communicate. He only informed the sanctuary of the flame that the Shenhuo Lord was still alive and the strength had reached the peak of the Void Realm in just a moment. Of course, he also said that the Shenhuo Lord was with The sword is unparalleled.

After spreading the news, the lord of the round began to look forward to it.

"Jian Tianhou, you have done a good job, and sometimes the empty temple supports you. I dare not seek revenge from you, but the sanctuary of the flames dares, but I want to see how the Lord of the Flames came to you in person. The helper beside me killed him! "

(End of this chapter)

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