League of Legends Millennium Warlord - Chapter 676 Origin of Twin Spirits

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Latest URL: "Take...take off the mask? Sheep, do you know what you're talking about?"

The wolf stood up in disbelief, trying to dissuade the sheep from his decision.

"Your and my life have long been closely linked to the mask. If you take off the mask, sheep, you will be killed by the evil owl!"

Yang Ling knew that Wolf Spirit was telling the truth. The Void Spirit Owl's duty was to hunt and kill masked spirits forgotten by mortals. Being forgotten by mortals was not the only condition for Void Spirit Evil Owl to take action.

Taking off the mask means that the mask spirit has given up the responsibility of the **** of death, and it also means losing the name of the **** of death.

When the "Death God Qianjue" that mortals believe in cannot be connected with the "Mirror Claw", it is equivalent to the death **** being forgotten, and it will inevitably attract the evil spirits and erase the existence of the mask spirit.

Yang Ling knows this, but now she has to go another way,

Another path that the Mother of Masks refused to accept, but was willing to let her try.

"Wolf, will you trust me?"

The sheep caressed the wolf's head and ran along the phantom hair along the back. She knew that this was the wolf's favorite action.

The wolf spirit lowered its head, looking a little struggling, and when the wolf raised its head again, it had regained its calm.

"Sheep, I never doubted you, if you choose to take off the mask, I will take off the mask, even if I will die..."

Licking Lamb's cheek, Wolf's voice was very calm.

"No matter what choice you make, I will be with you."

Yang Ling sat on the grass and hugged the wolf's head.

"Thank you, you know that I'm hiding a lot of things, but you're still willing to believe me."

The wolf shook his head and put his head on the sheep's coiled legs.

"Because I have a feeling that you will never harm me."

Sighing lightly, the sheep spirit looking up at the sky knew that it was time to explain the truth to the wolf.

"Dear wolf, would you like to hear me tell a story? Maybe the answer you long for lies in this story."

The wolf didn't speak, just nodded his head.

Sheep smiled.

"Once upon a time, longer than the storms of the Freljord,

There is a tribe living on the steep mountains. They live by hunting, long for battle, and believe in glory. On that barren mountain, longbows and spears are the only way for them to get food.

The mountains stretch for thousands of miles and are surrounded by ferocious beasts. The sharp-clawed bears and one-horned giant wolves living on the top of the mountains can easily tear apart every prey. Except for hard stones and cold snowflakes, there is nothing to be found in the wild. food that can wrap the stomach,

All the beasts living on the mountains are grinding their teeth and sucking blood day and night, hiding at all costs, and fighting for all the food that can continue to breathe by killing. Humans living in tribes are the beasts' favorite prey.

In that barren land, a tribe with only a few hundred members took root on the stubborn stone and continued their blood.

It was the most difficult winter, a girl who was born weak and sick was born,

She is weaker than all newborns, she does not cry or make noise, her breathing is so weak that she almost stops, her fate should be to sleep in the heavy snow, but her mother and father insist on keeping the child, so she Survived in shriveled mother's milk.

Originally, the girl's father was an excellent hunter, taking care of his wife more than enough,

It’s just that all the good things ended after the girl was born. Not only did she have an extra mouth to eat, but the frail girl and her frail mother also became a burden on the family.

In addition to providing food, a lot of herbs are needed. The girl's father is more and more unable to do what he wants, but the strong man doesn't say a word, just endures silently.

The girl's mother was not in good health after giving birth to the girl, and she had to feed the girl. When the girl was six years old, the girl's mother got a serious illness that could not be cured, died and was buried in a snowdrift.

The girl's father was very sad. The man cried for a long time, but he couldn't do anything. He could only silently pick up the longbow and continue his daily hunting.

When the girl was eight years old, the girl who wanted to help weave the burlap fell ill again, and needed a kind of herbal medicine to cure the disease. The girl's father covered the girl with a quilt and left home. Since then, the girl has been living again He has never met his father.

As if it was a curse, the girl's family fell apart. When the girl got up from the bed firmly, the elders of the tribe came to the girl and told the girl that her father had died on the mountain and there was no bones left.

After the elder finished speaking, he turned and left. The girl stared at the elder's back in a daze, and stood there at a loss, watching other people in the tribe drive her out of the only home.

Abandoned by the tribe without any value, she only had a rough linen jacket to hide her ugliness. The eight-year-old girl staggered into the mountains that even her father could not conquer, and disappeared in the snow.

Everyone believed that the weak girl was bound to die, but ten years later, the abandoned girl returned to the village again.

Only after the girl learned to speak again did the tribe understand that the reason why the girl did not die in the mountains was because a male wolf and a ewe rescued the girl. The ewe fed the girl with goat milk, and the male wolf used the Tooth brought warm hides to the girl,

It's an unbelievable miracle,

In order to save the girl who fell on the ground, the wolf who was about to kill the sheep withdrew its teeth and hid its sharp claws, and the sheep who was about to escape stopped its hooves and stared intently at the doomed life.

As if she had received some kind of guidance, the girl who was guarded by wolves and sheep walked into a cold cave with her last bit of strength. The wolf with fierce eyes gently warmed the girl with the fluff on her belly, and the ewes held the sheep. The breast came close to the girl's mouth, giving the girl the possibility of surviving from the dying state.

The girl saw the shadows of her father and mother in the wolf and the sheep, and finally cried out. The wolf and the sheep seemed to feel the girl's attachment, no longer regarded each other as enemies, and jointly raised the girl who was not yet able to survive.

During the day when the sheep are grazing, the wolf will guard the sheep and drive away the wild beasts that attack the sheep at all costs, even the original members of the same race will not back down. When the wolf goes out to hunt at night, the sheep will return to the There is enough milk for the girl in the cave, and sometimes when the wolf is injured, the sheep will let the wolf suckle.

The wolf was abandoned by the group and became a lone wolf, and the sheep left the group and became a lone sheep. The lone wolf and the lone sheep formed another family, raising an outcast of human beings together.

The wolf and the sheep are getting old, and the wolf who has guarded the sheep and the girl for a lifetime has no fangs left, and can no longer tear the enemy's throat. On the wolf's back pant softly,

But the girl grew into a maiden, made wooden spears and longbows with her only hunting knowledge, and became the sole support of the strange family.

After experiencing countless dangers, the girl who grew up in the mountains became an excellent hunter. The girl used her own actions to repay the kindness of wolves and sheep to her.

On the day when the wolf and the sheep snuggled together and stopped breathing, the girl buried the wolf and the sheep in the cave. She left the home where she had lived for ten years, returned to the village, and lived in the old house. .

The girl didn't know that she had become a monster in other people's mouths. No matter how hard the girl worked, no matter how many prey she hunted, the people in the tribe would not recognize her achievements, but only regarded her as a tool to use.

The reason is very simple, people who were expelled from the tribe should not come back alive, the return of the girl is a threat to many people, even the most powerful hunter in the tribe cannot defeat the wooden spear and longbow in the girl's hands, just as The lamb can't compete with the one-horned wolf.

Taking a step back, no one wants to let an outcast from a tribe who has lived with beasts for ten years have too much contact with him.

Looking forward to returning to her own kind to gain a new life, the girl discovered that the more than 200 people in the tribe were colder than the snow on the mountain and harder than the ice on the cliff.

Behind every smiling face are doubts and suspicions, even undisguised fear and contempt. In the embrace of wolves and sheep, girls become human beings, but in tribes, girls are treated as talking beasts by their peers.

In this way, the numb girl spent two years of loneliness in the tribe, and no one wanted to get close to the girl except for the moment of sharing the prey without any psychological burden.

On a snowy night, the girl left the tribe and returned to the cave alone, embracing the raised mound in the cave, the girl finally felt at home.

Thinking back on her life, apart from her father and mother, there was only a pair of beasts willing to love her, the girl smiled bitterly, and let go of the mound.

The lonely girl picked up the wooden thorn and aimed it at her heart, closed her eyes, and prepared to seek the warmth of another world.

At that moment, the girl longing for warmth heard a voice.

The voice said: 'I hear your call to death, child, death is not afraid, what are you afraid of? '

The girl gave the answer: 'Lonely'

The voice seemed a little surprised, and seemed to have figured out something, and remembered again.

'Come on, boy, I'll open the door for you. '

Without further hesitation, the girl pierced her heart with a wooden thorn, and once again hugged the mound where the wolf and the sheep were buried. The blood stained the mound red and blended with the bones of the wolf and the sheep.

In the cold, the girl went to another world..."

The sound of the sheep stopped, and the wolf looked up at the sheep sadly.

"and after?"

"Later, the girl's spirit fell into the underworld and was divided into two by an inseparable obsession. In the lament of the mother of the mask, one put on a mask and became a sheep spirit, and the other put on a mask and became a wolf spirit.

The sheep spirit is gentle and decisive, while the wolf spirit is cruel and reckless. They make up for each other's shortcomings and become each other's only one. From beginning to end, they are one. "

Hearing this, Wolf Spirit was silent for a long time, his voice was extremely heavy.

"So... my voice is so rough, my actions are so brutal, and I have such courage... Actually, mother?"

Although he couldn't bear it, Yang Ling still nodded.

"You and I are originally one body, twins born of one body, with the same source of spirit, so naturally...female, but influenced by wolves, it expresses certain characteristics of male wolves...If you don't believe me, you can look at your lower body. "

Wolf Spirit lowered his head blankly,

How can I have a lower body?

what! No wonder I don't have a lower body!

Knowing that Wolf Spirit was still struggling in disbelief, Lamb Spirit comforted Wolf Spirit.

"I inherited most of the memories of my life, and you gave up all the sad past, leaving only the obsession with the sheep, and became my only companion. I concealed something from you, but you still trusted me. It’s because we have the same origin, how can we murder ourselves.”

The wolf spirit opened and closed his mouth, but he didn't know what to say. After finally accepting the sad fact that he was a female wolf, the wolf spirit asked again.

"Then, why...why do you do this? Why...keep all the sorrow to yourself?"

The sheep spirit embraced the wolf spirit, with an exceptionally gentle voice.

"Because I don't want you to experience the same loneliness as me. This loneliness is enough for me to bear alone."

Sniffing, Wolf Spirit whispered.

"Sheep, you clearly agreed to bear everything together...fool."

Yang Ling smiled softly and leaned his head against the wolf's head.

"Wolf, don't you hate me?"

"Just now, I hate that you didn't tell me the truth earlier and let me bear the pain with you."

"What now?"

"Now I don't hate it anymore, because I know how much you have endured for doing this..."

Raising his head, the wolf spirit stared at the sheep spirit with a complex expression.

Knowing the truth is often accompanied by labor pains, but it is better than falsehood.

"Before us, there were also masked spirits who took off their masks, and their strength would be drained by the masks, leaving only weak spirits,

Sheep, if we take off the mask, will we be united again? "

The sheep shook his head.

"I don't know, but I know who can help us."

For some reason, a man's face appeared in Wolf Spirit's mind. Sheep's social circle is very narrow. Apart from hunting souls, he is also fighting with the army of the underworld. Meeting with a hot man will make Yang make unexpected moves. .

Speaking of which, every time something about that man is involved, Yang will become a little strange, and will sneak away several times without telling himself, without explaining the reason.

In addition to concealing the origin story~www.novelbuddy.com~, this is another thing that makes the wolf particularly unhappy.

As a result, Wolf Spirit's complexion was a little unsightly.

"It can't be that human named Lester, right? It's agreed to cut off contact, but you still have contact with him?"

Reflecting on every silent meeting with Lester, the somewhat unnatural Lamb decides to skip the subject.

"It's him, only he can help us now, and only he can stop the Void Spirit Evil Owl."

"Hmph! I don't want to ask him for help!"

Wolf turned his head and let out a dissatisfied snort.

"Actually... wolf, there is a more comfortable experience than companionship, you should try it too... Lester is actually very good."

Noticing Yang Ling's unusual expression, Wolf Ling was taken aback.

"What's the meaning?"

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