Kaleidoscope of Death - Chapter 146 Fan Wai (seven) Bai Ming and Zhang Yuqing

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After Bai Ming and Zhang Yuqing met, Zhang Yuqing once asked Bai Ming a question. He asked him: "What is your dream?"

Bai Ming, who heard this question, smiled and looked at Zhang Yuqing’s eyes and answered seriously and seriously. He said: "My dream is you."

Zhang Yuqing heard Bai Ming’s answer for a moment: “I am seriously asking you.”

Bai Ming said: "I am also seriously answering."

Bai Ming is indeed serious. Before he touched the door, he was a fan of Zhang Yuqing, crazy about the screen, the handsome man.

Every step of Zhang Yuqing’s movies, every step of the TV series, every advertisement, Bai Ming has a collection. Bai Ming was crazy for a while when he knew that Zhang Yuqing had to withdraw from the big screen and turned to be the director behind the scenes.

During that time, people in their organization did not dare to enter the door with him. They knew that Bai Ming was the kind of person who had a bad mood and did everything.

At that time, Bai Ming was not the boss of their organization. He was just an ordinary passer-by, but his potential has already made people who have been with him faintly feel that the second is not in the pool.

Bai Ming’s family situation is more complicated. He was born in an orphanage at an early age and was only retrieved when he was at least twelve years old. At that time, he realized that his father was a rich man, and the reason for finding him was not because of his father and son, but because his brother needed a healthy liver.

The story of dog blood has fallen to the body of Bai Ming.

In fact, before they met with Zhang Yuqing, they had seen each other.

It was a white house reception, the skinny little white standing in the corner, watching Zhang Yuqing and his father laughing and talking, then Zhang Yuqing was still young, just won the first film emperor, face With some tender taste, but already faintly visible after the unparalleled style.

Bai Ming stared at him for a long time, and his mind flashed a lot of thoughts. At this time, he was already a fan of Zhang Yuqing, but he did not dare to come forward to talk with him, only dare to look far.

After that, Bai Ming met the door, and he thought that he and Zhang Yuqing's fate, only one side of the edge.

But destiny is always a magical thing. When Bai Ming experienced years of tempering and occupied a place in the world of the door, one day his friend suddenly asked him, saying: "Bai Ming, you don't like Zhang Yuqing? ?"

Bai Ming’s mouth was lit with smoke, and he was lazy.

"He also started to enter the door." His good friend said, "Are you considering contact?"

Bai Ming turned to look at his friend: "What do you say?"

The friend looked at him innocently and repeated the words again.

Bai Ming wiped out the smoke and smiled. "You are not kidding me."

Of course it is not a joke. When I saw Zhang Yuqing, Bai Ming knew that his wish was about to be realized.

Zhang Yuqing, who has already retired behind the scenes, is not as young as a teenager, but the handsome man has not reduced his points. He is like a bottle of dusty wine. Time has not made him fade the charm, but it has even exuded a unique time. fragrance.

Those who have the ability are arrogant, and Zhang Yuqing is a proud leader in his industry. He has won the title of the Emperor four times, and countless other awards. Even in the first year of being a director after the transition, he was nominated for the Best Director Award in China.

It is a pity that after meeting the door, his fate was forced to turn a corner.

"Hello, my name is Bai Ming." The two sat face to face, Bai Ming smiled and reached out to Zhang Yuqing, his smile was sincere, plus the harmless face, really can not see a little top The atmosphere of the predator, he said, "I am very glad to meet you."

Zhang Yuqing was naturally blinded by Bai Ming. He took Bai Ming’s hand and said, “I am very glad to meet you, my name is Zhang Yuqing.”

"Oh." Bai Ming nodded. "I have seen your movie."

Zhang Yiqing smiled and smiled. He thought that Bai Ming was an ordinary movie fan, or even a movie fan could not count, just a viewer who had seen his movie by chance. But after a long time, when Zhang Yuqing saw a house full of all his works, he realized that Bai Ming was not as harmless as he was.

Of course, at this time, Zhang Yuqing did not realize this at all. He looked at a natural scroll, and Bai Ming, who was particularly simple and laughed, actually thought that he was a gentle young man...

At that time, Zhang Yuqing could not even understand why the people in Bai Ming’s organization were so afraid of him. He also wondered if these people were not misunderstood by Bai Ming...

Bai Ming inside and outside the door, the difference is not too big, the character is still gentle, in the face of some evil words, even for those who expressed malicious, they never rushed back.

At some point, Zhang Yuqing even felt that Bai Ming had a good temper and even stood up to protect Bai Ming.

"Your temper is too good." Zhang Yuqing once said this, "People are deceived by people, and the heart of the victim cannot be there. The heart of the defender is indispensable."

Bai Ming smiled and listened to Zhang Yuqing's lesson, saying: "Zhang Ge's lesson."

Zhang Yiqing did not know what he thought. When he looked at Bai Ming’s well-behaved smile, he reached out and touched his head. After touching it, he felt that his movements were not right. After a dry cough, he explained: It looks too good to touch."

Bai Ming blinked his eyes and he was not convinced.

Bai Ming's hair is very fluffy, and the feel is one by one. If you look at it, you want to touch it. However, there are not many people who dare to start on the tiger's head. Zhang Yiqing is one of them - although at that time he did not find Bai Ming as a beast rather than a cute kitten.

However, after all, the fake is fake. Zhang Yuqing is not a fool. When he realizes the sense of violation in Bai Ming, the relationship between the two has gone further.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yiqing made a joke. He said: "Bai Ming, how do I find that people who offend you are unlucky?"

Bai Ming heard his eyes and said: "Should it be unlucky?"

Zhang Yuqing looked at his smile and he was joking, but after thinking about it, there was a thin layer of cold sweat on his back. Because memories from the beginning of his and Bai Mingchu to the present, the people who offended Bai Ming can only be described with unlucky words, they are all ... dead.

That's right, dead, dying from all sorts of weird accidents. Some things seem like accidents, but if they happen more often, it's not an accident.

Occasionally, it is a certain degree of inevitability.

Zhang Yuqing, who had realized what he was looking at, once again looked at Bai Ming, but found that the young man who seemed to be very good at reading was somewhat strange.

Fortunately, this feeling is only a moment, Bai Ming will laugh and come over and say: "Zhang Ge, accompany me to eat hot pot at night."

"Oh." Zhang Yuqing should be down.

The relationship between the two of them is only awkward at this time, but the world in the door may die at any time. Bai Ming’s maintenance of him, Zhang Yuqing also looks in the eyes, so the two are getting closer and closer until a certain Tian Zhangqing went to an entertainment.

As a big fan in the entertainment circle, Zhang Yiqing's thighs naturally have a lot of people want to hug, so a partner that day introduced him to a beautiful girl.

Although Zhang Yuqing directly quit, he was still followed by Bai Ming who came along with the fun.

Inexplicable, facing Bai Ming's gaze, Zhang Yuqing was actually somewhat guilty. The reception was not over yet. Zhang Yuqing was pulled to a separate lounge by Bai Ming. He wanted to resist, but found himself not entirely Bai Ming. The opponent - is like a squatting bag.

"Is Zhang Ge a favorite person?" Bai Ming asked him.

Zhang Yuqing said: "No."

“No?” Bai Ming said, “What happened to her?”

Zhang Yuqing looked at Bai Ming’s expression and realized that the person in front of him seemed to be drunk. He licked his lips and said: “I don’t like her.”

"You don't like her, but you still accept her?" Bai Ming asked.

Zhang Yuqing opened his mouth and wanted to explain it, but when it came to his mouth, the arrogance in his bones was inspired by the tone of Bai Ming’s questioning. He raised his chin and revealed a cold expression, forcibly suppressing his innermost feelings. Uneasy: "What about it?"

Bai Ming reached out and held his lips. He came over and whispered: "But I will be angry."

Zhang Yuqing's eyebrows.

Bai Ming said: "It will be very... very... angry."

Zhang Yuqing was about to ask you how angry he was, and he was pushed by Bai Ming to the sofa in the lounge. Bai Ming’s fingers unlocked the first button of his shirt. He looked at Zhang Yuqing in a condescending manner. The tone was Zhang Xiaoqing has never heard the indifference: "I don't want to wait."

Zhang Yuqing rounded his eyes. This is the first time he realized that Bai Ming seemed to be completely different from the young man who was impressed by his impression.

"Zhang Ge." Bai Ming said, "I like you, do you like me?"

Zhang Yuqing’s throat swallowed a bit and did not answer Bai Ming’s question. He just said: “You are calm...”

Bai Ming looked at him: "Is it right? Right? I just don't want to admit it... but it doesn't matter if you don't admit it." He laughed, and his beauty was like a enchanting one. "As long as I like you, it will be fine."

Everything after that cannot be described.

When Zhang Yuqing resumed consciousness again, the whole person fell apart. He was wrapped up in a blanket by Bai Ming and placed directly in the car. Bai Ming saw him woke up and smiled and said: "Zhang Ge, wake up? We This will go home."

Zhang Yuqing wanted to talk, but found that her nephew was so ugly, what he thought of, a red mark on his cheek, and he said awkwardly: "The beast."

Bai Ming blinked: "Zhang Ge, are you praising me?"

Zhang Yuqing: "..." He served.

Bai Ming said: "Nothing, this is only three in the morning, and we have a lot of time to go back."

Zhang Yuqing was trying to refute, Bai Ming kissed his lips, his kiss was a bit rough, and Zhang Yuqing's lips kissed into a red color.

Zhang Yuqing was fainted by the head of his kiss. At this time, he realized vaguely that he seemed to be convinced of what was wrong.

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