Kaleidoscope of Death - Chapter 145 Extra (six) twin death

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The first person to leave the door can get a clue to the next door. This is the preferential treatment and tolerance of the winner, and it is also affirmation of the strength of the strong.

Many people don't know that when there is only one person left, then he will get a special clue when he leaves the door. Those who have such clues can not only get the details of the next door, but also get a life-saving opportunity in the next door.

For some reason, Minnan Candle has never told Cheng Yizhen about this, until Cheng Yi’s mistakes hit him and explored it.

Cheng Yizhen, who escaped from the seventh door, also understood what he knew. He found that he could not protect Cheng Qianli. The world in the door was changing. He was smart, but he was just a mortal. Everyone will make mistakes, and the mistakes on weekdays may not matter, but the mistakes in the door will make people lose their lives.

Cheng Yizhen returned to the villa and saw Cheng Qianli holding a bright smile from the toast. He made a decision in his heart.

The next thing becomes so logical.

Cheng Yizhen is a wise man, and a smart person is doing something bad, naturally he is also handy.

"Do you know what you are doing, Cheng Yizhen." The candlestick quickly discovered the abnormality of Cheng Yizhen. He and Cheng Yizhen broke out the first fierce quarrel. "You will kill the death." Thousands of miles, killing yourself too!"

In the face of the question of Minnan Candle, Cheng Yizhen chose silence.

"Stop it, it's still too late." Minnan Candleway, "When you can't go back..."

Cheng Yizhen gave a reply to Minnan Candle. He said: "Cheng Qianli is not even full of eighteen." He held the railing and looked at the lush green yard. The miles were being chased with toast. "If I can only live with him, I hope it is him."

Minnan Candle: "But there are always other ways, you use the most stupid way -"

"But this is the most profitable." Cheng Yizhen is only fourteen years old. He can't see the child's innocence in his nephew. His eyes are deep lake, and there are hidden things in the south of the candle. "Sorry, My brother, I really can’t do it and watch it go to death.”

Minnan Candle knows that he is not persuading to return. He no longer speaks and turns away.

At this time, the degree of Cheng Yizhen’s work was only to be saved, but later... Cheng Yizhen closed his eyes and he did not want to mention it later.

Once the bottom line of the person breaks through, it seems to have fallen into a mud, and it can only sink.

If it is for other people, Minnan Candle will drive Cheng Yizhen out of the Obsidian. He can only be a child. He is like a sapling who has just grown up. The bend was bent.

Cheng Yizhen gradually sinks in the abyss and can no longer withdraw from it.

Everything has a fate in everything, and Cheng Yizhen thinks that what he does will be retribution to himself. When a person does something wrong, he has to pay the price. Cheng Yizhen is willing to use his life to redeem this sin.

However, on the day when the retribution really gave back, Cheng Yizhen discovered that some things were not as easy as he imagined.

The tenth door, the difficulty of hell.

Even Cheng Yizhen, who holds a special note, is dead in his life.

When he took Cheng Qianli and ran to the door, he found that it was the door. He stood with a huge bronze statue. The statue was green and fangs, like a evil spirit, and the bronze wrapped around it began. The pieces are shattered to reveal a black, hard skin like rock.

Cheng Yizhen looked at this scene and knew that the ghosts in front of him would come alive, although the door was behind it, but they still couldn’t get through.

"Brother." Cheng Qianli, who stood behind Cheng Yizhen, whispered softly. He said, "I am afraid." He held Cheng Yizhen’s palm full of sweat, and his voice was unstoppable. .

"I'm not afraid, I am here." Cheng Yizhen softly comforted Cheng Qianli. After taking a breath, he put the other hand into the pocket of his trousers. There was a sharp folding dagger on the side. "You can be obedient." ""

Cheng Qianli posted it. He seemed to feel something and hugged Cheng Yizhen. They are twins. They have always been empathetic. Through thin clothing, Cheng Yizhen feels the temperature of Cheng Qianli and feels the anxiety in his heart.

"Brother." Cheng Qianli’s voice was filled with sadness and even a little whimper. "Is it going to survive?"

The monsters behind them have exposed blood-red eyes, huge mouths full of cavities, and began to open and close, and they will rush toward them when they see them.

"Yeah." Cheng Yi said, "but it can't hurt you."

"How can I be so stupid." Cheng Qianli said, "I should be smarter." His tone is very painful. "If I am smart, my brother will not have to work so hard..."

Cheng Qianli’s hand holding Cheng Yi’s hand began to loosen slowly, and the voice was weak: “But even if I am stupid, I know what my brother wants to do...”

Cheng Yizhen felt that something was wrong, his voice froze slightly, and slowly turned his head: "Thousands of miles..."

"Hey, I brought it too." Cheng Qianli said, "Sneak in your trouser pocket, just like you." He was laughing, but it was too painful. This smile was particularly ugly.

Cheng Yizhen slightly bowed his head and saw a dagger inserted in the chest of Cheng Qianli. The bright red blood ran down his chest, moistened his clothes and smashed the ground.

Cheng Yizhen looked at the dagger and felt a dizzy. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but the picture in front of him seemed to have taken away his ability to speak. He couldn’t say anything, his body was down. Falling down.

"Brother... It hurts..." Cheng Qianli fell in the arms of Cheng Yizhen. His black eyes were wide open, and the eyes of Cheng Yizhen reflected in his voice. He called: "Brother... ”

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ghosts rushed toward him -

The shadow of the film shrouded Cheng Yizhen, he should have been smashed by the ghosts, but his body has a faint glow, which directly isolates the ghost attack.

In the course of Cheng Yizhen’s middle-aged journey, there was no ups and downs. Cheng Yizhen’s expression turned numb and turned to see the black door behind the ghost. He looked at the black door and hugged Cheng Qianli to climb from the ground. He rushed out toward the iron gate and opened the iron gate with a key full of blood. He still wanted to see Cheng Qianli again. He still had a lot of words to tell him.

Cheng Yizhen rushed out of the tunnel and hugged the Cheng Qianli outside the door. Cheng Qianli just smiled at him and his mouth overflowed with blood. He touched his face and called him brother. Let him not be upset.

Cheng Yizhen cried, his thousands of miles, his thousands of miles - his beloved child still couldn’t grow up, he couldn’t even spend his 18th birthday, and he didn’t see it as he wished. Beautiful scenery in the world.

Afterwards, Cheng Yizhen didn't remember much. He didn't remember how he spent the time. When he came back, he had left the Obsidian and started to follow Zhuofeiquan.

Zhuo Feiquan and him are the fallen people of the world. He has no sister, Cheng Yizhen has no brother, but Zhuo Feiquan’s luck is much better than Cheng Yi. He has a pendant with a sister’s soul.

"Hey, you shouldn't want to kill me in the door and grab my pendant?" Zhuo Feiquan said bluntly, "I tell you that my life is very hard."

Cheng Yizhen looked at him and said faintly: "Forget it, although I thought about it, but still don't do it."

"Why not?" Zhuo Feiquan asked.

"I am afraid that the bad things I have done will be repaid to him." Cheng Yizheng is indifferent. "You see, this is not the case now." He didn't even dare to die because his life was a thousand miles. The little fool has been so smart in this life, but this time, he will torture him to death.

Zhuo Feiquan laughed.

I also experienced the pain of losing my loved ones. The two people resonated quite a bit. It was not such a long time. Zhuo Feiquan died in his tenth door. Before he died, he put his own pendant in Cheng Yizhen. In the hands, there is nothing to say, and the two have already known.

Cheng Yizhen took the pendant that Zhuo Feiquan gave him, and smiled reluctantly. It should be the good intention of Zhuo Feiquan.

After getting the pendant, Cheng Yizhen thought about whether or not to call Cheng Qianli with a pendant. It’s just that he thought about it, but he didn’t do it because he remembered Cheng Qianli’s fear of ghosts.

If you are not there, Cheng Qianli can only stay in the door, which is also a kind of torture.

Cheng Yizhen is not willing to do so.

Day by day, Cheng Yizhen thought that this was the ending of his story and Cheng Qianli. Still numb to the door, maybe one day to die in the door, but death at this time is more like a gift and relief.

This situation continued until Cheng Yizhen entered his eleventh door.

When he saw the Tanzao date on the TV in the eleventh door, Cheng Yizhen realized what he was. He hurriedly left the hospital where he first entered, returned to his home and knocked on the familiar one. Door.

After a while, a face like him appeared behind the door, and when he saw him, he showed a blank expression.

Cheng Yizhen laughed and hugged him without the horror of Cheng Qianli. He said, "Stupid, my brother has been looking for you for a long time." I thought I couldn't find it after I lost you.

Fortunately, now, finally found.

Since I found it, it seems that it is a good thing to stay in this seemingly illusory door.

The separated souls finally reunited at this time. Just as they were born in the mother's body, Cheng Yizhen showed a satisfying smile, dried the tears in his eyes, looked at the sun outside the window, and slowly fell. Into the horizon.

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