It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future - Chapter 1500 - My Fate Is My Own, Not the Heavens

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Chapter 1500: My Fate Is My Own, Not the Heavens

Ling Lan, who had been walking forward, had a thought.

A figure suddenly lit up and condensed in the distance.

“Luo Chao…” Ling Lan squeezed out the name through her teeth with difficulty.

Although Luo Lang and Luo Chao looked the same, Ling Lan had been able to instantly distinguish the two of them from when she first met them. There was no mistake.

Luo Chao looked surprised to see Ling Lan.

“Boss Lan!” She wanted to run over, but she realized that she couldn’t get close to Ling Lan no matter how hard she tried.

Ling Lan fell into deep thought and arrived beside Luo Chao in one step.

Luo Chao looked at Ling Lan, who was just inches away from her, and the smile on her face became even brighter. She was actually beautiful beyond comparison.

“Luo Chao, you’ve become stronger.” Ling Lan raised her right hand and gently stroked Luo Chao’s head. A faint glow shimmered in her eyes.

“I can’t drag everyone down. Boss Lan, I defeated Ghost King,” Luo Chao said excitedly.

“Yes, very impressive. Luo Chao, you’ve grown up and become even more impressive,” said Ling Lan with a smile.

“Of course. I entered the domain realm. With Brother Shiyu’s agent, I became infinitely close to the imperial level. I’ve used action to prove that us girls are no weaker than boys in terms of physical skills.” A hint of pride and excitement bloomed on Luo Chao’s face. At this moment, she was excited that she had broken a historical record for humans. She had already forgotten that Boss Lan—whom she admired—was also a girl.

“Yes, Luo Chao, you’re really amazing. Let everyone know that girls can also stand among the strong.” Ling Lan patted Luo Chao’s head gently to express her approval of her.

“Boss Lan, I’m very happy. I won’t be a burden to you anymore.” The smile on Luo Chao’s face slowly started to fade before disappearing.

“Boss Lan, if possible, I still want to follow you back to the Federation and take revenge together with you. I want to find the people who killed General Ling Xiao and who schemed to harm us.” Tears fell from Luo Chao’s eyes.

“Then follow me. Don’t give up.” Ling Lan’s expression became cold.

“Boss Lan, is it really okay?” Luo Chao asked in a low voice as tears flowed down her face which was squeezing out a smile.

“Why not?” Ling Lan looked up at the endless void. “I never hand myself over to my so-called fate.”

“Yes, Boss Lan. I understand.” Luo Chao seemed to have gained strength from Ling Lan and nodded vigorously.

“It seems like my time is up.” Luo Chao suddenly sensed something. “Since you just mentioned fate, I want to ask you what fate is?”

“What is fate?” Ling Lan was stunned.

“That’s right. What is fate?” Luo Chao’s expression became dazed. “Is everything we do what we want to do, or are we just being driven by fate? Is everyone’s experience destined? An ending that we can’t escape from?” For example, she had reached her end.

“Fate? Is this the destined end? If it’s meant to be like this, why am I here?” Confusion flashed across Ling Lan’s eyes. From Xie Yi, her father, to Luo Chao, they had been asking her questions. On the brink of death, these questions definitely weren’t that simple.

Regret? Although every step had been arduous and daunting, she had also lived a turbulent life with freedom. Her father, Ling Xiao, had always trusted her from the beginning to the end and provided her with all kinds of protection. He was even willing to give up his life.

Although she couldn’t live openly as a girl, she used the identity of a man to obtain friends, comrades, and companions who were willing to follow her.

Was it worth it? It was really worth it. In her previous life, she had no idea that her current life would be so turbulent. She asked herself honestly that she had yearned for freedom and the outside world to lead a thrilling and fun life when she was confined to a small hospital bed in her previous life. Now, she was satisfied with all of this.

If this was fate, she would gladly accept it. However, she was also unwilling to accept such a fate completely.

Ling Lan looked at Luo Chao, who was looking at her as if waiting for her answer.

“Fate has always been in our hands from the beginning,” said Ling Lan slowly. “If it’s said that we’ve come this far because of fate and because of fate’s machination, how can we explain our choice back then?”

“Fate has never been a straight line. It has countless forks and countless possibilities. Your decision will lead fate to different nodes and paths.”

Therefore, I won’t hand any of you over to so-called fate. I only believe that my fate is up to me and not the heavens.

If fate wants to take away my companions, it will also have to get my permission!

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