It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future - Chapter 1499 - Luo Chao, Come Back~

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Chapter 1499: Luo Chao, Come Back~

“What the f**k is this domain?” Ghost King was infuriated when he saw this magical scene.

He had never seen such a strange thing. There were no nomological energy fluctuations, but the destroyed domain could repair itself.

The unconvinced Ghost King launched another ultrasound attack. He attacked with all his might; furthermore, the chain of attacks immediately destroyed most of the cosmos, leaving it in ruins.

Luo Chao watched the Ghost King abuse the cosmos helplessly. She felt powerless and extremely sad. She seemed to sense the destroyed celestial bodies, asteroids, and everything that belonged to the cosmos—they were hiding, crying, and resisting.

She wanted them to escape this disaster, but the entire cosmos was being destroyed. There was no place for them to hide.

The existence of the cosmos was like her child, but she couldn’t protect any of it. Luo Chao couldn’t help but cry.

If it were Boss Lan, she would definitely protect this area of the cosmos as if she were protecting us… Luo Chao shed tears, but she spoke with extreme pain and hatred. Luo Chao, you’re really too weak. You’re so weak that I look down on you. Not only can’t you protect Xuya, Chang Xinyuan, and the others, but you also can’t protect this cosmos that was born because of you, much less help Boss Lan. Luo Chao, when can you stop crying and truly stand in front of the people you care about and fight to the end for them? Luo Chao, when can you do that? Tell me, tell me!

The questions in his heart echoed, and the unyieldingness in his heart elevated.

“Don’t be sad. You still have us…” The angry Luo Chao felt the comfort that came from the cosmos again. This warmth had existed from the beginning and had never stopped.

“So, are you guys my friends?” Luo Chao asked with a smile, tears flowing down her face.

“That’s right. We are your best friends. Feel us with your heart and don’t resist us…” A joyous voice sounded from the cosmos. Although these voices were much weaker than before due to the destruction, they still existed. It was only at this moment that Luo Chao heard them clearly.

“I know that there’s a chance of death, but I’m willing to take the risk as long as there’s a chance. Therefore, come on.” Luo Chao’s eyes flickered with determination. She relaxed her mind and let the energy—which was attempting to approach—completely integrate into her body.

All the celestial bodies in the cosmos immediately flickered violently. When the Ghost King tried to launch another intense attack, he suddenly realized that the stars in the area he was attacking were suddenly shining together.

Star Illumination… Just as these two words surfaced in Ghost King’s mind, he felt a powerful force rebound his attack.

Making out a sharp retreat, Ghost King phased away a few times and retreated extremely far away. He pulled back his gigantic wings when he heard countless celestial bodies exploding to the side.

Ghost King looked into the depths of the cosmos with a solemn expression. He didn’t expect the Star Illumination to be so powerful that it directly reflected his attack. Even with his god-like speed and distance retreat, he couldn’t dodge it.

The energy in the cosmos was immense. To Luo Chao, it was simply infinite. Immense energy desperately squeezed into Luo Chao’s body, and she felt like she was about to burst.

Luo Chao knew that if she couldn’t withstand it, she would explode and die. This was the result of her letting down her guard and allowing the nomological energy to enter her body. This was her choice. Even if such an outcome were to happen, Luo Chao wouldn’t regret it.

Upon seeing her gigantic fish-like body swell up like a balloon, Luo Chao knew that she was about to reach her limits. However, the nomological energy was still endlessly boring into her body. If she didn’t stop this energy, she would perish before she could even begin fighting.

“Stop, stop…” Luo Chao wanted to stop the energy from entering her. However, something appeared in her mind just as she spoke.

I see. It can no longer be stopped.

When she agreed to the nomological energy’s request and stopped resisting, thus allowing them to enter, she had already made a pact with the nomological energy. Therefore, the nomological energy would not stop its entry unless the pact was completed and these nomological energy was fully contained.

Am I really going to die?

But even if she were to die, she had to make it count. At the very least, she couldn’t let the detestable Ghost King in front of her live.

Luo Chao understood the outcome from her death. Han Xuya and Chang Xinyuan wouldn’t be alive, and her companions—who were in battle—might also suffer a disaster because of having one more enemy to face.

Therefore, Luo Chao, you have to hold on! Luo Chao encouraged herself. Since you can make yourself so large, you might be able to make yourself bigger, bigger, and even bigger…

Luo Chao—who felt her body about to burst—felt a tearing pain that made her muddle-headed. But even so, she still cheered herself on, making herself bigger and bigger…

In a spot where no one could see, Luo Chao’s gigantic fish-like body became larger and larger bit by bit.

Finally, with a sudden bang, it turned into nomological energy that filled the entire cosmos.

After an unknown period of time, Luo Chao’s consciousness returned. At this moment, she felt that the cosmos was different.

Everything in the cosmos seemed to be her body, and she was the cosmos itself.

So that’s what’s happening.

At this moment, Luo Chao suddenly understood something. She looked at a certain corner, raised her right hand, and slowly reached over. She seemed to grasp something and gripped it gently.

The celestial bodies in the cosmos shimmered simultaneously. Just as Ghost King was hesitating about whether he should explore the depths of the cosmos again, he suddenly felt his surroundings freeze.

Not good! An alarm sounded in Ghost King’s mind. At his level, how could he not know that this was a warning from his laws?

In an instant, he transformed into thousands of bats that fled in all directions.

But just as they flew out, all the bats seemed to be frozen in space as if time had stopped.

“Howl~” The bats that filled the area emitted an ultrasound at the same time.

This was Ghost King’s strongest killing move. The overlapping ultrasonic wave of nomological energy immediately broke through the restraints.

Luo Chao felt like the cosmos was about to be destroyed by the other party’s terrifying nomological energy. Upon seeing that the other party was about to escape her cosmos, Luo Chao laughed.

I promised all of you, and I hope you can fulfill my wish… Luo Chao smiled very beautifully. There was yearning and unwillingness in her eyes, but there was more resolve and determination.

“As you wish!” the nomological energy in the cosmos replied in a low voice.

“Retain him forever!” Luo Chao said softly to Ghost King—who was about to break through the cosmos domain. At the same time, her hand—which was reaching out to Ghost King—clenched again.

“Ah~” The Ghost King saw his strongest attack tear a hole in the other party’s domain as he struggled free. His eyes were filled with joy. No one wanted to fight in another person’s domain, especially in such a mysterious and indescribable domain.

Upon seeing that he could escape, the joy in the Ghost King’s eyes froze before it could dissipate.

“No!” He felt like his body was firmly gripped by a hand. The nomological energy around him was immense and terrifying.

“No!” Ghost King shouted tragically. He desperately circulated all the nomological energy in his body in an attempt to escape this disaster.

“No!” The Ghost King finally shouted in despair when he saw that his nomological energy could not withstand a single blow from the immense and terrifying nomological energy.

“Pfft~” Ghost King—who had been standing motionless in the Red Hall—suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft… His body suddenly cracked as blood splattered everywhere. He fell to the ground.

Han Xuya and Chang Xinyuan—who were seriously injured—had been waiting for an opportunity. Upon seeing this, the two of them pounced forward at the same time. The cold weapon on Chang Xinyuan’s miniature mecha and the special blade in Han Xuya’s hand simultaneously sliced across Ghost King’s neck from above and stabbed through his heart from below.

When they saw Ghost King finally take his last breath, the two of them collapsed from exhaustion.

In the real world, Han Xuya and Chang Xinyuan realized that Luo Chao and Ghost King had suddenly stood still as if they had lost their souls. The two of them knew that their battle was already a battle in the spiritual domain. They couldn’t participate in such a battle. They were worried for Luo Chao, but they couldn’t provide any assistance.

However, they did not give up. Instead, they kept waiting for an opportunity.

Before they knew the results of the battle, the seriously injured ones had been secretly recuperating and recovering their energy, waiting for an opportunity to attack. However, they didn’t dare act rashly, afraid that attacking without knowing better would instead implicate Luo Chao—who was fighting them.

It was only when they saw Ghost King spew blood and explode with blood that Han Xuya and Chang Xinyuan knew that their opportunity had come.

Without a reminder, the two of them attacked at the same time, completely preventing Ghost King from having a chance to live.

Han Xuya panted heavily. She had expended all the energy she had just gathered in that attack. However, it was extremely pleasant to be able to survive. She couldn’t help but laugh.

Chang Xinyuan couldn’t help but laugh. As long as he lived, it was better than anything.

Suddenly, Han Xuya thought of something and turned her head to the other side. Over there was Luo Chao, who had been standing there silently.

“Luo Chao, we won!” Han Xuya shouted happily.

Upon hearing Han Xuya’s words, the cold expression on Luo Chao’s beautiful face vanished. She revealed a faint smile—one beautiful beyond words.

Han Xuya smiled as well. They were really too lucky to have survived.

However, her smile suddenly froze. The next second, she howled in grief, “Luo Chao!”

Luo Chao fell to the ground with a smile.

“Boss Lan, I protected everyone. Brother Shiyu, I didn’t waste your agent…”

“Luo Chao!” Han Xuya leaped over, wanting to hug the fallen Luo Chao.

She tried to hug her but failed.

The moment she was about to hug Luo Chao, Luo Chao’s entire body suddenly turned into crystalline points of light and dispersed.

“Luo Chao~ Come back, come back. Don’t scare me, you jerk, you jerk…” Han Xuya looked at her empty hands in despair and shouted angrily. Her tears fell uncontrollably.

However, she could no longer get the shy and gentle companion who had always been by her side back.

“Why did this happen…” Chang Xinyuan stared blankly at the spot where Luo Chao had disappeared. His eyes were bloodshot, and the tears at the corners of his eyes had streamed down uncontrollably.

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