Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 2030 Convergence! Ll

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Chapter 2030 Convergence! Ll

Noah's eyes came face to face with an Abomination for the first time without gazing upon parallel paths.

He sensed its ferocity and power as his will connected with all parts of him.

It was time.

The Dream Dimensional Chassis continued to stare ahead at just one of the terrifying enemies as others neared calmly, the Old Dreamer waiting to see how things would unfold with curiosity as he soon picked up a change!

Behind the massive golden throne was a crystalline wall stretching upwards.

This crystalline wall began to fluctuate as a spatial light covered it- a light that pristine glimmered purple!

Across the folds of the spacetime continuum.

Noah watched the husk of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor slump down with dimming light as the Sword of Avalon was pulled out.

The Avallonis Beasts in the surroundings produced droning sounds as they howled towards the royal purple skies.

Crimson gold blood dripped from it as he didn't seem happy or sad at this death, but some of the Dimensional Rulers behind him definitely felt the latter emotion as Merlin and a few others stared towards Noah coldly!

Morgana, Arthus, and some others who weren't as close to Emerillon remained impassive as Morgana had even wanted to be the one to take care of the Traitor herself.

And Guinevere…well, she had returned to an impassive gaze that was about to speak when Noah's voice stretched out very quickly.

"It seems there has to be a change of plans."


He placed the Sword of Avalon on his shoulder as its tip released a purple-gold light, the space behind him beginning to fluctuate with a spatial light as he continued!

"I mentioned that after cleansing the traitors, the plan was to let you experience what an Abomination truly is in the Dream Dimension."

"But…it seems like it will be multiple Abominations and not a single one."


As he spoke, the spatial light behind him became more solidified and pristine as it formed a huge wall of light that showed the scene of the back of a throne and a resplendent old man that was actually staring back, along with the terrifying grandeur of a gray scaled beast that looked like Tyrannosaurus Dragonoid!

The tear in space behind it fluctuated as beside it, a Simian Phoenix appeared, a Serpentine Turtle…multiple gray scaled beasts that seemed to be combinations of different species appeared as their apathetic gazes shone with malice.

Noah fantastically formed a gateway between two Dimensions as one side could see the other, his visage letting out magisterial light as the Sword of Avalon was raised and pointed towards the Abominations in the Dream Dimension!

"Those are Enemies of Avalon. And I plan to show you all how to take care of them before they spread death and decimation across Dimensions."


His voice was steady as the Sword of Avalon began to buzz.

The figure of Guinevere appeared beside Noah as she looked into the Dimensional Gateway inquisitively, her purple-white hair shining with dazzling light as she studied the situation behind the gateway!

The situation was time sensitive as Noah's Avalon Dimensional Chassis was the first to float towards the Dimensional Gateway, his voice trailing behind him as the grandeur of Imperius Avallonis caused the Grotto Haven Avallonis Beasts to surge like a tide to stand by him.

<Those willing can come, those not convinced can stay behind. Just know that those who do follow will be the ones to attain the most rewards and authority.>

His voice became tinged with authority as he spoke, his figure disappearing into the Dimensional Gateway as not too long after he stepped in, Guinevere's figure released a purple light as an Absolute Avalon Clone formed and floated towards the center of the lake where the Sword used to be in Stone, her actual body floating towards the Dimensional Gateway as she spoke out to those behind her.

<I remind you all that the one to pull the Sword from Stone was designated to be the one to lead Avalon. If you all truly care for this land, you will follow the lead of the Imperius Avallonis.>


Absolute Avalon Authority surged from her as she disappeared into the gateway.

Atop the thrones floating above the lake, Morgana gritted her teeth as she followed with unwillingness in her eyes, while Dimensional Ruler Arthus remained impassive as his figure also floated forward!

Merlin gazed at the husk of a body that used to be Emerillon as he sighed, but even his astounding visage went forward as Galahad followed soon after.<.com>

A tide of Avallonis Beasts flowed in with them as that was it!

The remaining Dimensional Rulers had impassive expressions as a woman with vibrant white hair shook her head with authority.

It was Gawain- with her unmatched beauty that still didn't reach the height of Guinevere.

<I will stay behind to protect Avalon from any external threats. We can't all empty out of our home to aid another Dimension and leave it defenseless.>

A valid point echoed from her as the remaining Dimensional Rulers voiced out similar intentions.

Guinevere's clone gazed at them coldly without a word as her eyes remained on the Dimensional Gateway- as well as the events playing out behind it!

Guinevere, Morgana, Arthus, Merlin, and Galahad. 5 Dimensional Rulers went across Dimensional Walls as they appeared in the sandy allure of the Dream Dimension, inside the boss room of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon as their gazes took everything in.

The identical aura of authority from the Dream Dimensional Chassis seated on the Throne and the Avalon Dimensional Chassis that now stood beside it.

The Old Dreamer on the steps who actually rose at this instance while patting his old robes with a smile, his voice echoing out to greet all of them!

<I was wondering how this would unfold. Never in my guesses was that the staunch ones from the Avalon Dimension would come to my aid. Even you…Guinevere?>

His eyes were filled with knowledge and wisdom as he spoke, filled with smiles and profound Providence as he gazed between her and the Avalon Dimensional Chassis that held the Sword of Avalon!

<You were the last person I would expect to ever leave your abode after billions of years. The Sword of Avalon holds such sway?>

Words that seemed to hold a lot of information as these existences knew each other.

Guinevere only passed her eyes over the Old Dreamer coldly as her will focused on the Abominations and then Noah's two figures, her reply succinct.

<We are not here to save you, Old Man.>

Her intentions were made clear as she stepped forward.

Boundless authority began to emanate from her as she walked down the golden steps and towards the surge of Abominations that were only increasing in number on the other side of the boss room.

<We are here, Imperius Avallonis. So how do we take care of Beasts that made even the Old Dreamer cower for protection?>


Absolute Fundamental Authority began to surge around her as the Dream Dimensional Chassis remained seated on the throne.

The Avalon Dimensional Chassis walked on the golden steps as his visage also began to emanate with authority, beginning to speak clearly in the midst of some of the most powerful existences!

<The Authority of Laws and Decreta are minimized and cannot kill them.>


A low symphony of battle and valor began to play.

In the middle of Noah's words, the Old Dreamer smiled as he interjected.

<Absolute Fundamental Authority can harm them somewhat. But they are still tough little bugs that aren't easily exhausted.>

More information was brought forward as Noah gazed at the Old Dreamer and nodded, continuing soon after.

<The answer…is Mana.>


<Isolate any essence of Laws or Decreta away as everything thrown their way should be painted with pure Mana…where one of the only Natural Laws that may work against them being Manadynamics and the purest authorities that can stem from this. Pure and unadulterated Mana.>


Providence surged as authority flew out madly.

Forces from two Dimensions converged against a terrifying force that hadn't even arrived in its entirety, the Commander of the Legion of these Abominations also making his way over as a profoundly significant nexus event was about to bloom!

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