Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant) - v7 Chapter 2704 The strongest Heart of the Swarm!

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Chapter 2704 The strongest heart of the swarm!

After exploring, Lin Yuan had a definite understanding of the mycelial tapeworm that turned into a fairy.

The hyphae tapeworm was indeed promoted by Liu Jie to the second mythical realm of the lord rank, and the rank was also promoted to the tenth rank of the lord rank.

Mycelium tapeworm is a reserved little guy after turning into a goblin.

With flowing white hair, she looks delicate and lovely.

Every time he meets other people's eyes, his face will turn red, and he is much more shy than the insect mother Pianpian.

However, during the battle, the mycelial tapeworm goblin didn't care about Lin Yuan's attacks.

Under Liu Jie's feet, the fungus spread towards Lin Yuan at an indescribable speed.

Lin Yuan spread the eight-winged black wings on his back and flew into the air, leaving the ground completely to Liu Jie.

Lin Yuan was not in a hurry to make a move, and was ready to feel the pressure brought by Liu Jie through the cancer spirit.

The mycelial tapeworm goblin didn't need Liu Jie's command at all, and had already displayed its own skill [Tae Body Split] when it was densely covered with creep.

The tiny tapered bodies are hidden in the creep, and any unit that touches the creep will be attacked by those tiny tapered bodies, multiplying in the body.

The creep that covered the entire cloud arena in an instant was really shocking.

However, this is just an appetizer for Liu Jie.

When Liu Jie played against Lin Yuan, he wanted to prove to Lin Yuan that he could take on the role of a good guard.

As if the Zerg Queen was reporting to the Zerg Queen, Liu Jie was ready to display all his strength.

The Dimensional Lamp Moth released the rotten migratory locust from its body.

In the previous battle with Lu Ou, the free federation mission, the rotten locust was directly killed by Lu Ou's great devil's function [racial judgment].

Fortunately, Huiyao still has a second rotting locust.

The rotting locust did not meet the standard in Liu Jie's heart, and was not selected to combine with the cocooned demon embryo to evolve into a fairy.

However, Liu Jie focused on cultivating this kind of insect carcinoid spiritual creature.

The female locust has a big belly, and a burst of yellow smoke is discharged from the abdomen of the locust the moment it comes out.

These yellow smokes are not caused by the rotting locusts, but the tiny eggs of the rotting locusts.

The eggs poured on the creep created by the mycelium tapeworm goblin, absorbing the energy on the creep.

The larvae of parasitic migratory locusts sprung up from the creeping blanket like mushrooms after rain, occupying high altitudes.

Seeing this scene in the eyes of the audience, Liu Jie was even more terrifying than the might of a fifth-level Zerg Dimensional Crack!

However, this is still just the beginning for Liu Jie.

After the rotten migratory locust mother, the Dimensional Lamp Moth released two more ruined soil insects.

As long as there is a place where the ruins and ruins worms climb, there will be a burst of black smoke.

For other creatures, this wasteland is horribly toxic.

But for carcinoid worms, this wasteland can replenish energy for themselves.

The cooperation of the two ruin worms and the mycelium tapeworm goblin is Liu Jie's further strengthening of his own ability to set up the field.

Liu Jie created more and more insect swarms, as if they were about to cover the entire sky.

Just when everyone thought Lin Yuan was going to launch a counterattack, Lin Yuan still didn't move.

Liu Jie was not in a hurry to attack Lin Yuan either.

Instead, he raised his left hand high, and a two-winged fairy with purple hair and silver eyes that looked plump let out a strange insect cry.

Immediately afterwards, the space began to fold, and the rotten locusts all over the sky escaped into the folded space, leaving only faint phantoms in the space.

This worm carcinoid spiritual creature selected by Liu Jie to be transformed into a goblin was the existence that Liu Jie had just contracted for not long ago.

If the Dimensional Moth is Liu Jie's mobile arsenal, then the Phantom Caterpillar is a battlefield expansion container that allows Liu Jie to maximize his strength in a small space.

Small spaces limit the proliferation of carcinoid worms.

Liu Jie artificially created a vast space, when the phantom caterpillar goblin pushes out the swarms stored in the space.

It can flush out those insect swarms in an instant like flushing a toilet.

After releasing the Phantom Caterpillar Fairy, Liu Jie released another Fairy with short green hair.

Seeing this, Lin Yuan nodded secretly.

After Liu Jie struggled, he finally turned the Sanhuaqi Shield Bug, the main defensive carcinoid, into a goblin!

In order to persuade Liu Jie to transform the three-flowered shield bug into a goblin, Lin Yuan tried his best to persuade him for a long time.

Before Liu Jie blindly pursued aggressiveness, but for a swarm, what Liu Jie needs to pursue is the ability to protect himself.

Liu Jie is the basis for the Royal Messenger Swarm to manipulate natural disasters.

If there is a problem with Liu Jie himself, the so-called natural disasters will no longer be a benefit to mankind.

But the enemy of mankind!

It took less than a minute for Liu Jie to set up the stage, but it had already caused a strong sense of fear in the hearts of the members of the Huiyao Baizi sequence, including Long Tao and Xia Qing.

Long Tao and Xia Qing swallowed.

I think that even if the imperial envoy Desolate Beast fights Liu Jie with all its strength from the beginning, there is basically no possibility of a stalemate with Liu Jie for a minute.

Long Tao and Xia Qing were quite familiar with Liu Jie, and they knew that the carcinoid creatures that Liu Jie had shown so far were actually only a small part of the carcinoid creatures that Liu Jie possessed.

After Liu Jie protected himself with the Sanhua Qi Shield Bug Fairy, he no longer summoned those insect carcinoid spirits that created special terrain layouts.

It doesn't make any sense to fight Lin Yuan to create terrain.

After witnessing Lin Yuan's fusion with Abyss Red Lotus, he controlled all the forces in the underground world with overwhelming strength.

Liu Jie knew very well that the insect swarms created by these carcinoid insects that he envoys were nothing in front of Lin Yuan.

Liu Jie was in the mood to report to Lin Yuan at this time, and summoned the Blade Queen Bee whose blood had reached the peak of the four-winged fairy.

A total of five hundred shock-armor ladybugs were ejected from the body of the dimensional lamp moth.

These Shockbugs are sacrificed to allow the Queen of Blades to breed Blade Worms.

In less than a while, five hundred blade worms quickly crawled to the front of the swarm.

Immediately afterwards, Liu Jie released a whole three explosive dung beetles.

At the beginning, there was only one fried dung beetle, but Liu Jie got one each from the Free Federation and the Azure Federation.

The explosive dung beetle team composed of three explosive dung beetles can produce tens of thousands of egg cases in an instant.

Each egg case can quickly breed more than 300 offspring of fried dung beetles.

There is a special liquid in the body of the fried dung beetle.

The bomb dung beetle will use its own energy to calm the liquid.

Once the energy in the explosive dung beetle's body is exhausted, the liquid will explode instantly.

Its power is not at all lower than the lethality produced by the magma electric worms produced by the insect mother, and the electromagnetic chrysalis moth.

The reason why Liu Jie didn't evolve the three fried dung beetles into fairies is because the fried dung beetles are not functional insect carcinoids.

Even if one evolves into a fairy, the improvement in strength will not increase too much.

But even so, these three explosive dung beetles are still the absolute main force in Liu Jie's hands.

All the viewers, commentators, and reporters of Xingwang looked at Liu Jie spreading out the insect swarm in shock, while looking at Lin Yuan suspiciously.

I don't understand why Lin Yuan just quietly watched Liu Jie's accumulation of combat power but remained indifferent.

The power displayed by Liu Jiechong's carcinoid spiritual creature may have surpassed that of the undead, which had a great impact on the main world.

If the swarms were to fight against the tide of undead, it is very likely that the tide of undead would not be able to defeat the swarms spawned by Liu Jie.

Thinking of this, many people felt a sense of peace of mind.

The core of Liu Jie's swarm was determined after discussing with Lin Yuan.

The core of Liu Jie's swarm is a carcinoid insect called Jijiao Fantiandou.

Jijiao Fantiandou has already been evolved into a goblin by Liu Jie, and has been carefully cultivated by Liu Jie.

After a full ten minutes, Liu Jie completely completed the shocking stage.

Only at the end did Liu Jie release the halberd horn against the goblin.

Immediately after the halberd-horned anti-tiandou goblin appeared, it used its signature skill [Wings Spreading Insects].

The sound of insects spread around with the halberd-horned anti-tiandou goblin as the core.

In the blink of an eye, all the carcinoid insects as far as the eye could see were covered with a strong metallic luster.

This is the metallic nature added by the halberd horn anti-tiandou to other carcinoid worms.

These metal properties can protect other insect spirits, and can also increase other insect spirits.

After the sound of insects, there was a violent drum sound from the abdomen of the halberd-horned anti-tiandou goblin.

This is the halberd-horned anti-tiandou goblin using the skill [Insect Belly War Drum].

The halberd horn anti-tiandou uses the sound stone in its abdomen to release the drum sound in the distance, which will make other insect life become bloodthirsty and crazy.

When performing [Insect Belly Battle Drum], the halberd-horned Anti-Tiandou goblin condensed a long halberd with metal on top of its head.

The halberd faced the sky, as if turning into a banner.

While improving the morale of the swarm, it also improves the overall endurance of the swarm.

It can be said that just relying on the horn of the halberd to fight against the sky alone has increased the combat power of the insect swarm by at least 50%.

With this boost ability alone, the Halberd Horn Anti-Tiandou is worthy of being the core of Liu Jie's swarm.

Lin Yuan knew that the swarm was about to attack him.

Suddenly Lin Yuan found that the halberd horn anti-tiandou was throwing metallic luster wildly again.

The metallic luster was reddish, and the overall strength of the bug swarm increased by at least 20% where it passed.

And these incentives were quickly fed back to Fan Tiandou with the halberd horn.

Let the halberd horn turn against the sky, and with the body of a lord-level mythical second-level fairy, it exploded with energy far exceeding that of mythical spirits.

Seeing this, Lin Yuan showed a strange look on his face.

When Mobius' skill [Real Data] is released, check the data of the Halberd Horn Anti-Tiandou.

[Spiritual creature name]: Halberd Horn Anti-Tiandou (Fairy)

[Spiritual Species]: Scarabidae/Ectopus genus

[Spirit Level]: Lord Rank (10/10)

[Spiritual Items]: Insect/Gold

[Spiritual Object Quality]: Mythology Second Realm


[Metal Forged Horn]: Every time a metal is absorbed, this metal can attach a metal attribute to the horn, increasing the destructive power of the horn.

[Spread Wings and Insects]: When waving its wings, it can attract other insect spirits, and add its own metal attributes to other insect spirits to protect other insect spirits.

[Longhalberd Banner]: Raise the halberd high, and the halberd facing the sky will become the banner of the swarm, encouraging the swarm and improving the overall endurance of the swarm.

[Insect Belly Battle Drum]: The abdomen squirms quickly and makes a roar. The roar will be transmitted to the distance from the sounding stone in the abdomen. The insects who hear the sound will become bloodthirsty and crazy.

[Metal Congealing Type]: Arm your own insect limbs, insect horns, and armor with the metal properties you absorb, and multiply your own combat power through metals (the metal properties will be consumed during the amplification process).

[Insect Soul Is Not Extinct]: After being protected by the halberd-horned anti-tiandou, the worm souls will gather around the halberd-horned anti-tiandou after death, forming an insect soul stance, which can help the halberd-horned anti-tiandou Resist the damage received, and at the same time increase the combat power of the halberd horn anti-tiandou.

[Broken Halberd Fierce Fury]: When one's own energy reaches its limit, the broken halberd is forcibly compressed in the body, and then enters a berserk state to attack the target continuously. Every part of the energy consumed in the attack will restore a certain amount of damage to oneself .

Exclusive features:

[Insect's War]: Every time an insect unit around the body dies, one of its own metal attributes will undergo fission, from the original defensive metal attribute to an offensive metal attribute.

[Fission Halberd]: In the case of applying fission effects to itself through the death of insect units, these fission effects will condense to form halberd swords, which can form fields and add metal fission effects to other insect units.

[Double Incentive]: When boosting other insect targets and keeping other insect targets in a state of incentives, it will be stimulated by other insect units, and the incentive will comprehensively increase its own values.

After probing, Lin Yuan knew that the increase of the halberd horn anti-tiandou to the swarm just now was the effect of the exclusive feature [Double Incentive] obtained after being promoted to the mythical species. UU reading

Like [Broken Halberd Fury] and [Cracked Halberd] are skills and exclusive features that Lin Yuan has never seen before.

The halberd horn anti-tiandou is equivalent to the commander of the swarm.

In addition to being able to increase the swarm, it also has extremely strong strength.

It can be said to be the most powerful unit under Liu Jie!

[Broken Halberd Fury] Improved Liu Jie's single-target attack.

[Fission Halberd] is a further boost ability to the swarm.

This kind of increase takes advantage of the metallic nature of the halberd horn against the Tiandou goblin.

Once the metallic nature is condensed into a halberd sword, the halberd sword will increase the swarm of insects in a certain area.

It can ensure that each metalized halberd and sword can boost the unit that needs the boost most.

Lin Yuan knew that Liu Jie wanted to prove his growth to himself through this duel.

Lin Yuan regards Liu Jie as his partner, but Lin Yuan doesn't really care much about Liu Jie's strength.

Liu Jie's value is not reflected in his strength.

Although Liu Jie is not a very good internal affairs talent, Liu Jie has the opposite way of thinking to Wen Yu.

Every communication between the two can make the decision extremely perfect.

The strength Liu Jie displayed right now really surprised Lin Yuan.

Liu Jie has grown to such a level without knowing it!

Lin Yuan was very happy for Liu Jie.

In the future, as long as he can find items similar to the cocooned demon embryo again, Liu Jie's strength can be further improved.

Now that Liu Jie has sounded the clarion call to battle, it's time for him to respond! Previous chapter table of contents bookmark back page

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