I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 2274 - Madam Is Here

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Chapter 2274: Madam Is Here

“Of course. Young Madam, you don’t know that Young Master doesn’t like noodles, right?”

Jiang Luoli was stunned.

Mo Shixiu didn’t like noodles?

She really didn’t know.

She always thought that Mo Shixiu liked noodles.

Hence, she would always cook noodles for him.

Because the first time she cooked noodles for him, he ate it all and even praised her for making it delicious.

Sister Lin knew the answer from Jiang Luoli’s expression.

She smiled and said, “Young Master definitely didn’t tell you.”

Jiang Luoli shook her head.

“Young Master has never liked noodles since he was young. He doesn’t like it no matter how good it is. But as long as it’s Young Madam’s food, Young Master will like it no matter what it is. After getting together with Young Madam, Young Master’s taste has really changed a lot.

“A lot of things that he didn’t like to eat in the past, he’ll eat some now.”

This was true.

Jiang Luoli knew it, too.

As she was pregnant, her taste was special, so Mo Shixiu didn’t like many things she ate.

But even if he didn’t like it, he still ate with her.

And it wasn’t just about food.

Mo Shixiu accommodated her in many ways.

Jiang Luoli never thought that someone would be willing to change so much for her.

This person was someone she thought she would never be able to touch.

How lucky was she to have met Mo Shixiu?

And how lucky she was to be favored by him?

Meeting Mo Shixiu and being with him probably spent all her luck in life.

“Young Madam, Young Master treats you really well.” Sister Lin couldn’t help but sigh. “Although I didn’t watch Young Master grow up, I’ve been by his side for many years. He’s a responsible person. The person who marries him will definitely be happy.”

“Young Master looks a little cold, so many people think that he doesn’t dote on people. Actually, if it’s someone he cares about, he goes the extra mile to help them.”

Jiang Luoli knew this very well.

If she wasn’t with Mo Shixiu, she wouldn’t know that a man like him would pamper women too.

Jiang Luoli and Sister Lin were busy in the kitchen when a housemaid suddenly came over and said, “Young Madam, Madam is here.”

Jiang Luoli was cutting vegetables, and she almost cut her finger at this news.

The housemaid said, “Madam is waiting for you in the living room.”

Jiang Luoli put down the knife and wiped her hands. “Madam is here?”


Madam Mo had been coming over frequently recently.

At least once a week.

Every time she came, she would bring supplements. It seemed like she was very concerned about Jiang Luoli.

But Jiang Luoli had never taken any of them.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like it, but she didn’t dare to take it.

Although she felt that no matter what Madam Mo did, she wouldn’t do anything to the Mo family’s bloodline. But before her child was born, besides the few people she trusted, she didn’t believe anyone else.

Especially Madam Mo.

Jiang Luoli thought that Madam Mo had brought more supplements.

She felt that Madam Mo was too diligent this week.

After all, she’d been over just two days ago.

“Madam is here. Young Madam, please go quickly. I’ll prepare the rest of the dishes,” said Sister Lin after taking Jiang Luoli’s hand.

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