I, The Evil Dragon, Was Kidnapped By The Dragon God - Chapter 334

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After this day, the black dragon Austin's head was printed on the currencies of all kingdoms and empires in the human world.

And the black dragon Austin has officially become the strongest dragon ever on Leo Continent, also known as the Dragon of the End


The final chapter, the finale... is the real finale. After the Black Dragon is invincible, there is nothing to write. I continue to write it. I feel that the big guys will not like to read it, and may feel that the routine is repetitive, and then hydrology, So... it's over, let the black dragon come to an end with a perfect posture.

Hmm, although it's over, if I have time, I will write extras. It is so stressful to write extras without writing the text.

As for the debt that has not yet been paid...Let me use a new book or a fan to pay it back...Well, the new book will still be released on this issue.

As for the number of words owed...not many, only 34,000, in fact, it's only 30,000 when it's full, hey.

The mood is a bit complicated...520...Let the black dragon and the dragon **** come to an end...

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