I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo - Chapter 1257 Lingquan raises the sword!

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After the shock in his heart, Zhang Feng felt a little fortunate again.


Fortunately, the master appeared in time, otherwise I was afraid that I would die under Su Zhan's hands like some kind of Lie Yuan!

While the power of the flesh is unbelievable, he is still an extremely powerful sword cultivator... terrifying!

It's so scary!

If I knew this guy was so scary, I wouldn't say anything to provoke it - eh?

and many more!

I concentrated on my strength in the extreme western desert and dealt with those monsters. I didn't know that it was normal for a new monster like Su Zhan to appear in the True Yang Divine Kingdom.

But Zhang Xun stayed in the sect every day, how could he not know?

Thinking so in his heart, Zhang Feng looked at Zhang Xun who was flying towards him.

"Master, are you alright?"

"It's okay? Do you look like I'm okay!"

Zhang Feng's face sank: "Zhang Xun, I have been going to the extreme western desert for a long time, and I don't know that it is normal for the surname Su to be so exaggerated.

And you don't want to tell me you don't know anything! "

"Senior brother will never dare to expire senior brother!"

Zhang Xun was so frightened that he hurriedly knelt down on one knee: "I persuaded Senior Brother you—"

"Where did you persuade me?"

"I said that Su Zhan's cultivation base has reached the mid-level realm of the gods-"

"The mere mid-term realm is worth mentioning!

Could it be that you want me to be concerned about this? "

"The problem is"

Zhang Xun stretched out a hand and pointed helplessly in the direction where Su Zhan left: "The one surnamed Su already defeated Senior Brother Guoshan Wuming in the early days of the Heavenly God Realm!

I wanted to say what I wanted to say, but just as I said it, Senior Brother, you already rushed out! "

Already defeated my genius junior brother in the early days of the Heavenly God Realm?

Zhang Feng was stunned for a moment, then said angrily: "Since you know that guy is so terrifying, you still don't stop me!"

Zhang Xun cried and said: "Senior brother, I didn't expect that guy to be as exaggerated as rumored!

Besides, Senior Brother, you just got really fired up, how dare I stop—"

"Shut up!"

Zhang Feng didn't wait for Zhang Xun to finish speaking, and he was already furious: "It's you **** who caused me to lose such a big person on the first day I came back!

Today I have to-"

"Senior brother, no! Cousin!"

Zhang Xun said in shock, "We are brothers of the same clan!"

"If you don't say, I almost forgot!"

Zhang Feng's raised slap was put down again.

Then Zhang Xun took off the jade belt on his waist under Zhang Xun's terrified eyes.

"Since you are my clan, then follow the family law!"

"don't want--"


A crisp voice sounded.

Then came the second and third.

Mixed with some mourning, it echoed in front of the Tiansheng Mountain gate.


"Su Jianzi, this is the Holy Spirit Spring."

Tiansheng Mountain, in a valley, Han Sheng, the true disciple, pointed to a azure blue spring in front of him and said.

Su Zhan glanced over.

It's a small mouthful of water.

The length and width are more than twenty meters, and the depth is about seven or eight meters.

"The Holy Spirit Spring is one of the forbidden places in our Tiansheng Mountain. In fact, among the true disciples, there are many people who have never been here in the future, and there are even fewer who can use this spiritual spring."

With a pleasing smile on his face, Han Sheng introduced: "And like you, Jianzi, there are very few people who have borrowed from the Holy Spirit Spring as an outsider!

It can also be seen that, Jianzi, you are in the heart of Master, and I am afraid that you are definitely not comparable to others! "


Su Zhan nodded: "After all, your master has tried to kill me several times, and I don't think he looks like a murderer.

You don't want to kill one if you see one.

That said, not everyone can compare. "


Still thinking about how to brag about Su Zhan, Han Sheng, who had better be able to make some connections, stiffened, coughed a little awkwardly, and changed the subject: "Cough!

This Holy Spirit Spring is natural and does not need any kind of formation to motivate.

You only need to put the sword in it, and you can absorb the power of the spiritual spring to warm up. "

"it is good."

Su Zhan flipped his palm and took out the Great Sun Star Sword, suddenly thinking of something, he said curiously: "That's right.

There is not a single treasure in this Holy Spirit Spring. Don't you people from Tiansheng Mountain use it yourself? "

"Although the Holy Spirit Spring contains almost infinite spiritual power, the spiritual power blends together. If two treasures are nourished and cultivated at the same time, it may lead to conflict between the two powers and affect the efficiency.

Therefore, generally only one person is allowed to use it at the same time.

In our Tiansheng Mountain, it is not so simple to have this qualification, so there are often times when the Holy Spirit Spring is vacant.

Of course, when it is vacant, it is also the time to restore the power of the Holy Spirit Spring. "

"So it is."

Su Zhan nodded and threw the Great Sun Star Sword into the Holy Spirit Spring.

To his surprise.

The Great Sun Star Sword was like a piece of scrap iron, and it sank straight down.

Lying quietly at the bottom of the Holy Spirit Fountain.


what happened?

It's not that the Holy Spirit Spring can help the sword spirit recover, why is there no movement?

Su Zhan frowned slightly, then closed his eyes and carefully sensed the sword spirit in the sword of life.

Five or six seconds have passed.

He finally sensed the sense of "existence" of the Sword Spirit.

At the moment of perceiving the existence, the blade of the Great Sun Star Sword lights up again!

After that, the entire Holy Spirit Spring was boiling!

The power of Lingquan madly poured into the Great Sun Star Sword.

So much so that at the bottom of the Lingquan, a small vortex visible to the naked eye was formed!

"The sense of existence of the sword spirit... it really strengthened a little!"

Sensing that the existence of Sword Spirit Little Star became stronger, Su Zhan showed a smile on his face.

The Great Sun Xingchen Sword is his life sword, and Su Xingchen is a special sword spirit born by chance, which is of great significance to him.

It has been silent since he was swallowed by the Sky Devouring Golden Insect in the Beixuan Secret Realm.

Now it is finally possible to restore it!

Surprised in his heart, Su Zhan released his huge spiritual sense, merged into the sword body, and carefully observed the changes of the Great Sun Star Sword.

On the other hand, Han Sheng looked at this scene, but his expression changed slightly.

Although I have never used the Holy Spirit Spring, I have seen it!

How could anyone swallow the power of the Holy Spirit Spring like Su Zhan's sword!


This is not about swallowing the power of the Holy Spirit Spring at all, it is directly sucking the spring water containing the power into it!

What kind of sword is this, capable of carrying such enormous power? !

Although he was a little surprised, Han Sheng didn't take it too seriously.

After all, the Holy Spirit Spring has existed for thousands of years.

Warm and nourishing, how many magical weapons have been cultivated and treasures are inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

Su Zhan's sword is even more powerful.

Could it be possible to really drain the Holy Spirit Spring?

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