I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo - Chapter 1256 Two punches!

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Above the steps of Tiansheng Mountain's gate, seeing Su Zhan not dodging or avoiding, he really wanted to face it, Zhang Feng's eyes turned cold.

The sword of the Wind and Thunder Sword Sect, this identity may be enough to deter other cultivators of the gods, but for him, he did not pay attention to it at all.

Not to mention, it was Su Zhan himself who wanted to break into their Tiansheng Mountain gate, and he was so reckless that he wanted to take his blow head-on.

In this case, there is no need to hold back too much. Anyway, Fenglei Jianzong and Tianshengshan have not been very good at dealing with it. Even if the master knows, he will not blame it!

Thinking like this, Zhang Feng's body suddenly burst into golden light!

Shaking the surrounding space, like a golden sun, it was thrown from the ground to the top of Su Zhan, and then suddenly hit Su Zhan's punch!

Seeing this, Zhang Xun and the other true disciples all stared at it nervously.

As for the other disciples who had lower cultivation bases and didn't know what level of Su Zhan's strength was, they were all excited.

"Brother Zhang Feng has taken action!"

"Senior Brother Zhang Feng is practicing the divine art of body forging that was specially taught by Tiansheng Shizun. It is said that his physical strength is no less than that of a monster of the same rank!"

"Brother Zhang Feng's strength is beyond doubt, but that Su Zhan doesn't seem to be a generalist..."

"I know this, I heard that he has the true inheritance of Chen Laozu Wugou's swordsmanship from the Wind and Thunder Sword Sect. If he uses this swordsmanship, I can really value him more.

But this person didn't know that it was the brain that couldn't think of it, and he actually wanted to use the strength of the flesh to fight with Senior Brother Zhang Feng. In this case, he would be looking for his own death - how is this possible! "

The slightly older disciple of the Heavenly Sacred Mountain in the True God Realm just said a few words, and when he saw the scene in front of him, his eyes suddenly widened, and the whole person was stunned!

It wasn't just him who was stunned. Those disciples who had been very optimistic about Zhang Feng before, and even Zhang Xun and other true inheritors of the Heavenly God Realm, were all dumbfounded at the moment.

Silly looking at the same space.

In that place, Su Zhan's fist collided with the golden sun.


A loud bang!

The space shook suddenly!

The golden light exploded, and the huge gate of Tiansheng Mountain trembled!

Afterwards, Zhang Feng flew out of the broken golden light, carrying the remaining golden light, and flew directly out for more than ten miles, smashing a hill outside the Tiansheng Mountain that was obviously carved and had a pleasant scenery!

"Brother Zhang Feng... was punched away?"

The slightly older disciple seemed a little unacceptable. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the dusty broken hill, murmuring to himself unconsciously.

"Big Brother!"

Zhang Xun was the first to react and hurriedly flew towards the hill.

The other five True Inheritances followed behind.

"Don't stop me!"

Haven't waited for them to get close.

A furious voice sounded from the ruins.

Zhang Feng's upper body is in ragged clothes, his hands are fisted, and golden light emerges from his body, and he gritted his teeth: "I was just careless, I don't believe it, in the middle of the Heavenly God Realm, I can really beat me!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to jump out of the hill, but before he could leave, a little lightning flashed, and Su Zhan had already appeared above the hill.

Glancing at Zhang Feng, Su Zhan didn't say a word, and slammed it down with another punch!

"Go back!"

Feeling the terrifying fist descending from the sky, Zhang Xun and other six true disciples who were still heading towards Zhang Feng all shrank their pupils, and they retreated without hesitation!


Su Zhan slammed down with a punch, and below his fist, a little golden light flickered, and then quickly annihilated.

The entire hill was completely shattered, and the shock wave overturned the ground around ten kilometers, leaving a huge crater.

When the smoke cleared, Zhang Feng stood in the center of the Tiankeng with trembling legs.


A golden jade pendant hanging from his waist suddenly fell and turned into golden powder.

Looking at the jade pendant, a look of horror appeared in Zhang Feng's eyes.

It was the life-saving thing given to him by the Heavenly Holy Monarch.

Under the gods, it is indestructible!

And now.

Actually, it only took Su Zhan's two punches, and it shattered directly!

Wouldn't that say.

Su Zhan's physical strength can almost be compared to the attacking power of a god? !

Do not!

how can that be! !

Unable to accept it in his heart, Zhang Feng raised his head slightly, his eyes were full of fear: "Su Zhan, no!


Su Jianzi has something to say, I am reckless in this matter, and I hope Jianzi is generous! "


Su Zhan glanced at Zhang Feng and found that the other party didn't seem to be seriously injured except for looking a little embarrassed, so he nodded: "Okay, I'll be generous and not pursue this matter.

Then you are generous, and if you let me punch a dozen or two more punches, we will even be even! "

After he finished speaking, he didn't wait for Zhang Feng to respond, and slammed it down with a punch!

"no, do not want!"

Zhang Feng shouted in horror.

Just now, the reason why he was able to carry Su Zhan two punches in a row was because of the golden jade pendant.

Treasures are now destroyed.

With his physical strength, if he really took such a punch, even if he didn't die, he would definitely be seriously injured!


At this moment, a majestic voice sounded.

The air above Zhang Feng condensed and turned into a golden light barrier.

Su Zhan's punch was stopped, and then a fissure appeared, which shattered and dissipated.

"It seems that I still underestimate you."

In the direction of Tiansheng Mountain, a huge phantom appeared, which was the projection of Tiansheng Divine Sovereign.

His eyes fell on Su Zhan, and a surprise flashed in the eyes of Tiansheng Divine Monarch: "I thought that the sword you killed Lie Yuan was where all your strength lies.

But now it seems that you have cultivated more and more deeply than I expected. "


Zhang Feng was overjoyed and called out.

Tiansheng Divine Sovereign glanced at him and saw that Zhang Feng was not seriously injured, so he continued to say to Su Zhan: "I am too lazy to care about any conflicts between you two juniors.

But he's not your opponent, so that's it.

You come to my Tiansheng Mountain, what's the matter? "

"I want to use the Holy Spirit Spring in Tiansheng Mountain to wash my sword."

Su Zhan opened his mouth and said, "Of course, in exchange, you can also send someone to our Sword Sect's Law Sword Cave to study for a while."

"Use my Holy Spirit Spring for your Law Sword Cave?"

Tiansheng Divine Sovereign was stunned for a moment, obviously not thinking that Su Zhan came here for this, after thinking about it, he raised his brows: "You are the only one who borrowed the Holy Spirit Spring?

You only have one sword? "

"Yes, I only have one sword that needs to be nourished by the power of the Holy Spirit Spring to nourish the sword spirit."

"Although it is your own secret place, the Holy Spirit Spring is a little different from your Law Sword Cave. Therefore, if you come here alone, I will send ten people over. You wash your swords in the Holy Spirit Spring for one day, and the Law Sword of the Wind and Thunder Sword Sect will be used. The cave can add one more year of enlightenment time.

Can this condition make the decision for Chen Tianyi? "

One person for ten people.

One day for one year?

But if you think about it, it doesn't seem to matter.

Anyway, the Law of Sword Cave is not mine, and I didn't say anything about it, just look at it, and there is no loss at all!

Completely free trade!

With this in mind, Su Zhan agreed: "No problem!"

"Alright, Han Sheng, take this person to the Holy Spirit Spring!"

"Yes, Master!"

Among the six true disciples, a young man standing beside Zhang Xun respectfully responded.

"As for you..."

Tiansheng Divine Sovereign looked at Zhang Feng: "Don't take it too seriously, even if this matter spreads out, it's not ashamed.

After all, the son of Lie Yuan, who is more famous than you...

But the sword was directly cut off. "

Leaving this sentence, the figure of Tiansheng Divine Monarch dissipated.

Zhang Feng was still stunned in the same place, and the words of Tiansheng Divine Monarch just now kept appearing in his mind.

Holy Son Lie Yuan was slain by a sword...

Holy Son of Lie Yuan, annihilated with one sword!

A sword!

Behead! !


Taking a breath of cold air, Zhang Feng's legs suddenly felt uncontrollable trembling, and the whole person slumped directly on the ground.

Watching Han Sheng lead Su Zhan towards the gate of Tiansheng Mountain, fine sweat continued to surface on his forehead.

Only then did he finally understand.

What a terrifying existence he has provoked just now!


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