I Have a Special Forces System - Chapter 2313 Breakthrough to Nirvana

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Yu Sheng bid farewell to them, and then retreated here.

The mountains on the side of the Dead Silence Domain have no color, they are all black and white. There is no order here, there is no brand of avenues, and it is an area that has been beaten and maimed.

Other disabled areas would normally face disintegration, but this place has been preserved intact.

For the rest of his life, he lurked in one place, and then sealed off the surrounding area and retreated by himself.

The backlog of energy in his body has reached a certain point, and he needs to break through, otherwise, it will have an irreversible impact on himself.

With a bang, the sea of ​​air surged.

Yu Sheng felt a familiar aura emerge, and a golden world was suspended above his head.

That was his field power, which hadn't appeared for a long time, so it was hidden in his mind.

Now, he is going to take that foot and reach the state of Nirvana.

The realm of Nirvana, through the ages, practitioners who can reach this realm can be said to be very rare.

On a big star, there are less than a hundred nirvana who can appear, and sometimes only one appears after many years of precipitation.

If they hadn't set foot on the road to Tianyu, there would never be so many Nirvana venerables.

Yu Sheng broke through the realm of Nirvana with great momentum.

He didn't want this kind of aura to cover the surrounding area, which would cause some superpowers to search and cause him trouble.

Time Chaos Fajue volleyed in the sky, outlining a real world, covering the four directions here, and directly conveying the power of this momentum to a certain dead place in the universe.

Nirvana is being created, muscles and bones are being regenerated, and with every step forward, you can feel the sharp changes in blood and bones, and with every step forward, you can get closer to the Dao.

There are dharma seals resounding in the void, and runes surge in and out, trying to fly out from this place.

Yu Sheng directly opened his mouth and inhaled, absorbing all these orders and gods in one go.

His divine light shot out like a frightened bird, piercing through the distant stars and forming a black hole in space.

The time to break through the Nirvana realm can be long or short. The rest of his life has been comprehended in the secret realm of Xingqiyun for hundreds of years.

Countless precipitation, accumulated over time, through further sublimation in actual combat, comprehend all kinds of mysteries, and achieve a kind of self-immortality, this is the meaning of self-cultivation.

The first level of Nirvana, the second level of Nirvana!

Yu Sheng broke through two layers of heaven in a row, shaking Cangyu, and the orderly Thunder Ze descended from the sky, trying to annihilate him abruptly.

Sitting cross-legged in it, he stretched his right hand and reached into the sea of ​​thunder to temper it.

Yu Sheng's body was still alive, and it was so strong that it was unbelievable. He wanted to test his own strength.

The thunder was berserk, as if he was being provoked, all the thunder and lightning in the thunder sea rushed towards Yu Sheng's hand, biting.

Yu Sheng's hand was directly swallowed by this force, the flesh and blood were crackling, already smelling of burnt, and finally exploded, turning into nothingness in the sky.

Yu Sheng sat alone with one arm, he was not flustered at the moment, he was quiet and out of dust, as if everything was unmoved by him.

The shattered flesh and blood condensed symbols in the void again, and then turned into light particles, which emerged toward the gap in Yu Sheng's arm.

The first wave of thunder is over, and the second wave will follow.

Yu Sheng felt that there was a riot in the sky, and he was brewing a powerful ultimate move.

The red mist filled the sky and descended on the mainland.

Among them, Lei Ting transformed into blood-colored Shuras and killed Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng looked indifferent, he stood up slowly, then sprinted, and went directly into the sea of ​​thunder, starting a wave of fighting.

Yu Sheng was bleeding all over. As soon as he entered, he was attacked from all sides. Countless weapons and blades galloped towards him, trying to destroy him.

Flying in order all over the sky, there is a tendency to destroy everything.

Yu Sheng exploded directly in the void, his bones and flesh shattered, and was completely annihilated by Lei Hai.

The clouds on the mountain of heaven have become much quieter at this moment, as if they have already killed the provocative person.

In mid-air, the scattered flesh and blood formed a tendency to rotate and move irregularly.

Among them, in the blood mist, a silver villain flew out every now and then, quietly persevering there, frantically devouring the opportunity after the catastrophe, so that he was replenished.

Behind the silver villain, another golden figure appeared, holding a Tian Ge.

Those unstable orders are directly cut and swallowed, and the essence after tempering has a kind of wonder, as if there is a chance of life.

The extreme of death is life, and the extreme of life will decline, which is more ancient and unchanging.

The golden villain and the silver villain eventually also dispersed themselves into dust and floated towards the pile of rotten bones and flesh and blood.

Rotten bones and flesh and blood are condensed and reborn, slowly gathering together, and finally transforming into a person.

Yu Sheng stood in the arena, with flying hair and eyes as sharp as lightning, as if he could see the world beyond the thirty-three layers of sky.

He now has a sense of the ups and downs of the master, and the laws of all things seem to be becoming clearer in his heart.

Nirvana triple heaven!

In the battle field for the rest of his life, he felt that the body breakthrough did not end, and he had already reached the third heaven of Nirvana.

"Do you want to break through?"

He was speechless.

Breaking through the third layer of heaven in a row, this is simply a pervert!

If he is discovered and known by others, it is hard to estimate what kind of sensation it will cause.

It was recorded in the annals of history, and that was only the beginning, and it is estimated that there will be a new round of reversal and influence in the future.

In the ancient battlefield, many places have sensed the changes on the side of the dead, as if a force was born, just like the gods are coming, and the lotus is alive.

"This is, is someone breaking through, who is it?"

A voice murmured to himself.

Many big shots looked at this side with mixed feelings in their hearts.

They sensed the beginning of this wave of fluctuations, but Yu Sheng's advancement has also come to an end, the field circled back and submerged into his body.

Many people reached out their spiritual thoughts and wanted to explore this place, but they were bounced back by an inexplicable force.

Yu Sheng felt the wave of spiritual energy from all directions the moment he advanced, and he knew what these people wanted to do.

"We, don't be ignorant of current affairs."

The moment they withdrew their divine sense, they sent back such a message, which immediately made these people stunned.

It is a very profound method to be able to send back sound transmission with spiritual consciousness, and few people can do it.

"Is this really the spiritual power of a person who has just advanced to Nirvana?"

Some people are also thinking about it.

There are many weird events in the ancient battlefield, and there are also some characters that cannot be provoked. These are pitfalls, and touching them will bring trouble to oneself.

Therefore, the breakthrough for the rest of life, for most people, is just a surprise event, not the only special event.

There are too many geniuses and old monsters here, and the collision of secret land resources every day will cause bloodshed, and some people have become numb.

The rest of his life broke through to the third level of Nirvana, and then stepped out, restraining his breath.

When many people rushed here, they had already disappeared, and Yu Sheng disappeared in this area.

In the beginning of the ancient battlefield, Yu Sheng returned triumphantly and found Xiu Niang and Ju Liman and his party.

When they saw Yu Sheng's advanced state, they were really taken aback.

The three heavens of Nirvana are complete, and a person who has surpassed the realm of Nirvana can break through to this realm in one fell swoop. This is something they have never heard of before. Seeing it this time also increased their knowledge.

After Yu Sheng saw them, he smiled as before.

"Everyone is here, that's good."

Before, he was worried that the group of Nirvana practitioners whom he restrained would come to find them and then conflict with the team, but now he thought he was too worried.

The man in red armor looked at Yu Sheng with a lot of puzzlement in his eyes, but in the end he didn't choose to ask, but hugged Yu Sheng with his fist.

Yu Sheng knew that the other party wanted to express his gratitude, so he waved his hand.

"We are all our own people, so we don't need to see outsiders."

After this incident, no one in the Nirvana team formed by several people dared to question Yu Sheng. So far, he is the captain.

Ju Liman began to ask Yu Sheng how he dealt with what happened before.

"What else can I do? Let's take a chance. With the combat power at that time, I will definitely not be able to fight."

Yu Sheng confessed honestly.

Others were curious about what method he used, Yu Sheng just smiled at them.

"The method I use is my own strength. Don't guess, I will show you the next time the conditions are right."

Ju Liman nodded, not asking the bottom line.

Yu Sheng can tell them so much, which is actually pretty good, after all, few people would choose to tell others about their own secrets. This is also out of a kind of protection for oneself.

Several people practiced in the ancient secret realm, and also restored some places of silver light that had been absorbed and exhausted by Yu Sheng.

There is an ancient medicine in the secret ground, which makes several people overjoyed. After all, this kind of thing is very difficult to grow. They have been rooted here for hundreds of years, but there is no one outcropping. I did not expect to find a seedling today. .

Yu Sheng felt it with his hands, and the seedlings emitted soft light, and a piece of green fell down, nourishing Yu Sheng's spirit.

The magic medicine has a spirit, and it has a preliminary wisdom and judgment from birth.

"Don't worry, we will protect you."

Yu Sheng said.

The medicine seedling shook a bit, and it was considered a nod.

"Put it somewhere important so that no one can come in and steal it."

The man in red armor said.

"Hongdian, don't worry about someone coming to **** it, we still have the rest of our lives."

Xiu Niang said at this time.

Ju Liman also nodded, but continued.

"Then where should we arrange to put this medicine?"

The secret place is a suitable place for it to grow, but where to put it has become a problem. After all, the place where the elixir lives has an impact on itself and the environment.

There was a rumbling sound in Yu Sheng's body, he closed his eyes, and sensed it.

"Or, I'll keep this medicine and let me raise it."

After Yu Sheng finished speaking, several people looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

Yu Sheng explained.

"I don't want to monopolize it, I just want to cultivate it in my field."

After finishing speaking, the few people still hesitated. After all, if such a medicine is released to the other party, the ownership actually belongs to him.

"Forget it, Yu Sheng has helped us so much, I believe in him, if he really wants this elixir, he will ask for it, so why not give it to him."

Red Crown said.

Several people glanced at each other, and some wanted to say something, but they stopped talking.

In terms of emotion and reason, the rest of his life is entitled to the right to use this medicine. However, it was the first time for them to encounter such a precious thing, and now they had to give it away, and for some people, they still couldn't let go of their grudges.

"Let it grow long first, if you take it away, it may not be well-raised."

The snake-necked man said.

Yu Sheng nodded, knowing that he and the trust in the team had not been fully trusted, so he did not choose to plant in the field in the end.

Afterwards, he set up a formation in this area of ​​Di Fan, and then distinguished the breaths of several people, and drove them into the formation.

"You can all approach this place, others, approach here, and the elixir will be transferred."

Yu Sheng said.

Several people thought for a while and nodded.

The formation was performed by Yu Sheng, everything was at his disposal, and no one had any objections.

After the rest of my life, some divine treasures were found in the secret place, some were buried in some mountains, some armors, and remnants of soldiers.

"We've been here for so long, why didn't we find this?"

The embroiderer was a little puzzled and said.

Yu Sheng smiled lightly, this is because his eyes are blessed with the power of blood, and the chapters of the miracle of time and chaos, can see through the origin of things, so it is not difficult for him to find these things.

The equipment in the team has been improved, and the residual weapons have also been forged in Yu Sheng's hands, and their functions have been restored to a certain extent. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

"The captain is really a man of genius, he can do everything."

The Nirvana with the snake neck murmured.

He got a double-broken sword, which is very suitable for him. It can be hidden in the mouth, and it can also be transformed into a snake Lin, which is very useful.

Yu Sheng closed his eyes and rested his mind, and used his spiritual sense to explore this ancient secret area again. He found that there was an aura in it, and then he looked at it from a distance, and then he discovered a terrifying thing. head.

Although there are cliffs, rocks, and many caves in this place, after repeated verification by Yu Sheng, he knew that he must have seen it right. Yu Sheng, he informed everyone of the news.

Xiu Niang was also dazed, a little puzzled.

Others were also very puzzled, feeling that Yu Sheng's words were a bit too wild.

They have never heard of a small world secret realm created by a head.

Yu Sheng didn't understand it very well, but he observed that it was indeed the case, and he could sense that there should be another world in the underground of the secret realm.

Knowing that Yu Sheng wanted to explore the secret world of the cloth world, several people expressed their support, and then asked the other party for the specific time.

"I'm not sure either. If there is some big crisis down there, it will be too late for everyone to retreat."

Frankly speaking, Yu Sheng doesn't want to act immediately, he wants to find some suitable timing, or have something that can protect his life before he can start the underground journey.


Yu Sheng said.

He felt that this place was no longer safe, and he wanted to transfer this secret place, which required a huge magic circle.

During the transfer process, there will also be many uncertain factors. The most common is to be discovered by people, and then block them and seize their secret realm of good fortune.

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