I Have a Special Forces System - Chapter 2312 Zhan Nirvana? Demon Snake

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Of course Yu Sheng will not stop here, the matter has come to this point, if it doesn't continue, he can't end it.

I saw a steady stream of power pouring into Yu Sheng's body, making him feel a red glow surging from his muscles.

The woman was a little dumbfounded. Her strength not only failed to break the opponent's body, but actually filled it up.

Yu Sheng didn't expect it to be like this. He only tried at the beginning, and he felt that he had absorbed it to a certain extent and then stopped, but now he couldn't control the situation at all.

The woman immediately turned into a snake god, filling the entire room at once.

At the same time, the restriction on her body was also released, and then she rushed directly to Yu Sheng.

Faced with such a huge snake demon, ordinary people may have been frightened. After all, it is not a joke to get angry when a monster of the fifth level of nirvana is fired.

Yu Sheng opened his eyes, reached out with his hands, and grabbed the opponent's neck, choking him tightly.

In the big illusionary palm, there is a surge of power.

At that moment just now, there was something in Yu Sheng's body that helped him to dissolve the absorbed energy, and then distribute it evenly to all parts of his body.

His body was still uncomfortable, and the pain was severe.

However, compared to the beginning, it is much better.

When there was a sound in the room, the nirvana outside looked at the unknown place.

However, they didn't act rashly, but thought about it for a while, and then smiled.

"That kid, I guess I won't be able to get up tomorrow."

"That's right, as far as Charming Snake's stepping and repairing technique is concerned, how can that small body suffer."

"You should be allowed to go, you are big, maybe you can control it."

The person on the side said.

The man in the iron helmet smiled faintly.

As for the Charming Snake, I don't know how many men he has harmed. Last time, he had a relationship with her, and that time almost took away his five hundred years of cultivation.

If he is a little careless, he may fall to a higher level, which makes him quite speechless.

"Which one of you has never had a good time with that guy, just tell me about your virtue."

The people around were speechless, but the iron man was right.

For a long time, this kind of thing has been tacitly done by everyone, but now it is put on the table, it seems to be someone prying into one's privacy.

"Hey, that bitch, I almost broke through to the sixth heaven, but because of that, I was trapped in the fifth heaven of Nirvana for almost two hundred years."

A side person said.

The Tin Woodman knew that these unreliable guys complained a little about being hurt by that guy.

"I'm willing to bet and admit defeat. There's nothing to complain about, you perverts."

The Tin Woodman said disdainfully.

"At first, I wanted to keep that kid alive and open the way tomorrow. It's a pity, he probably won't survive tonight."

The person next to him murmured.

That snake is so crazy now, he probably doesn't plan to hold back, the ending is already doomed.

Yu Sheng pinched the giant snake, slowly tightened his hands, and the giant snake struggled faster in his hand.

I saw that the blood vessels in the giant snake's body burst into blood mist, which filled the room for several sections.

Yu Sheng's restraint of sealing bloodlines worked, and the opponent suffered a backlash.

Some of the people who were discussing outside realized that something was wrong, because they could smell a **** smell vaguely, which was very weird.

"This guy, did he treat that Great Senior as a blood meal?"

Said the Nirvana man with a big sword.

"She hasn't eaten like this for a long time, it's a bit weird, let's go and have a look."

The man in the iron mask said.

Everyone faced each other, and at the same time, there were some question marks on their heads.

"You're worried about her, so you have to go there, don't make trouble, if that's not the case then, how will you end up?"

Some people think that the Tin Man is chasing his mind randomly, and he can only make troubles by respecting people one by one. In this situation, it is entirely because the demon snake has stimulated the original **** instinct under too much violence, so it swallowed the other party.

The tin man was a little speechless, how could he listen to such an explanation, and he could go over to inspect immediately.

In the doorway, there is an upside-down figure of a monster snake, which seems to be lifted by someone, and finally falls slowly.

The tin man frowned, and then shot directly, knocking the door away, and saw a shocking scene.

On the ground, the prototype of the Charming Snake was revealed, but it had already expired, the essence of life was passing away, and its body gradually turned into a white state.

The Tin Man knew that in a short time, the other party would most likely disappear.

"You, kill him."

The Tin Man stared at Yu Sheng and asked.

"Yes, I killed it, how about it."


After confirming that the person in front of him killed him, he can make a move without any reservations.

Others heard the noise and followed suit, and then saw a picture that they didn't understand.

On the ground, lay a huge snake, no longer breathing, blood almost stained every corner of the room.

They couldn't believe it no matter what, the person in front of them actually killed their companion, which made them a little dumbfounded.

They knew that the Charming Snake was a Nirvana venerable who was extremely perfect in the five heavens, and now that he died in the hands of a venerable, they were shocked immediately, as if their thoughts were about to be overturned.

"What are you doing there, why don't you rush to help."

The Tin Man shouted from the side.

After Lianyun at the side heard it, a huge ax followed, trying to split Yu Sheng from fighting the Tin Man.

Yu Sheng directly played a style, with the momentum of turmoil, and directly sent the opponent flying with the axe.

The iron man gritted his teeth and fought the opponent. He found that this person had already reached the power of Nirvana, and his body was filled with the aura of a charmed snake.

He thought for a while and said to the people beside him.

"He has absorbed the original power of the Charm Snake, and his cultivation has reached Nirvana."

A few people didn't dare to ignore it now, and then surrounded them.

Nirvana is very different from the Venerable, and it is also full of many uncertainties.

For example, people in the third level of Nirvana have been killed by people in the first level.

Underestimating the enemy will only leave a painful lesson for themselves, and they will use their strength to compete.

The rest of my life was deep in the realm of Nirvana, and I deeply felt the beauty of this realm.

Many of the exercises he performed have improved, and even turned decay into magic, turning them into another comprehensive move.

The quality of the body has also been improved unprecedentedly, and it is more sensitive to the surrounding senses, or the breath flowing in the avenue.

Yu Sheng stood there facing all the nirvana, and exerted the power of blood, and all kinds of strange beasts emerged, rushing in.

These auspicious beasts have manifested as real this time, and their combat power has also been greatly improved, which can temporarily block the attacks of these people.

The rest of his life was as motionless as a mountain, like a Pluto floating above them, standing tall.

He now has everything under his control.

It can be said that he is extremely confident at this moment.

The Tin Man was then slapped flying with a palm, flying in the air and sending out a spray of blood.

Yu Sheng faced this group of Nirvana powerhouses this time, and he was directly crushed, and he didn't feel any pressure.

The monster power of the Charming Snake was burning in his body, stimulating his potential.

Fighting with this kind of power that does not belong to him is a bit unaccustomed to Yu Sheng, but it is very useful.

"Three Heavens of Nirvana."

The iron man who stood up slowly said.

In just a split second, the opponent's strength has actually increased, which he did not expect.

How can one reach such a level simply by absorbing the strength of others.

Yu Sheng looked at him and said.

"Whoever blocks me will die."

Several Nirvana practitioners felt a little shocked when they heard the words.

Since this person who they regarded as an ant uttered such unreasonable words, everything seemed like a dream.

"Go to **** with me."

The venerable exorcising evil disk finally couldn't bear to look at Fabiao.

He and the tin man are both figures of the sixth heaven of Nirvana, and now that they can't even deal with a guy who draws the strength of their companions to fight, it makes them anxious.

Yu Sheng didn't talk nonsense, and directly summoned the power of the true dragon's blood.

I saw a blue dragon surrounding him, protecting him.

The dragon is the highest-ranking creature in the legend, and belongs to a dominant species at the top of the pyramid.

Yu Sheng summoned the dragon of the water element, and the dragon roared to the sky, shocking all the Nirvana venerables present.

The youth is invincible, frivolous and gentle, which is fully expressed at this moment.

Yu Sheng took a step, and then rushed out, and was already 100 meters away.

"Don't let him go."

Tin Man said.

The crowd chased after him, trying to capture him back.

Yu Sheng unfolded the technique of reaching the sky and escaping from the earth, transforming directly in the air, with a erratic figure, which directly stunned several people.

After that, a silver phantom appeared on Yu Sheng's brow, and then rushed out.

The silver light waved gracefully, and a silver villain rushed out, coming with a bright aura, and the overwhelming spiritual pressure swept the area.

In the ancient battlefield, a figure ascended, rushed out from this secret place, and reached the sky.

In an instant, Yu Sheng immediately launched a blockade, and the nets that had been arranged before also began to take effect.

The sound of the gods and demons offering sacrifices sounded, and this place was suddenly different. There was a feeling of desolation, and the sound of killing gold and iron horses seemed to come from another time and space, shaking this area.

Yu Sheng now has the power of the Nirvana triple heaven, so it is naturally different when he uses it.

At the beginning of the time and space chaos, what he displayed was only a corner, but now he displayed more sacrificial scenes.

The Nirvana trapped in this secret place was a little dumbfounded. It turns out that this secret space has long been set up by someone, and the other party has already prepared for it. Now that it is activated, it is already to seal them here.


The Tin Man shouted loudly, and saw Fang Tian's painted halberd appear in his hand, wanting to split his trapped situation.

Other nirvana have also acted, and they will never allow themselves to be trapped here.

However, things are often beyond their expectations. The secret method Yu Sheng used seems to have inexplicable power to bind the space inside.

Fang Tian slashed the halberd on the barrier without leaving any waves, which made the person holding it disheartened.

"Sleepy God."

Following Yu Sheng's last words, an altar for worshiping generals rose in the secret place, exuding a desolate and immortal aura, resounding in this space.

The iron chains swayed, and each one went straight to the high sky in the unknown depths.

Cold, solemn, and the lingering depression is spreading.

"what is that."

Several trapped Nirvana venerables were shocked. What was it this time made them very confused about the current state.

Why is it that a respectable ant who is underestimated by them can do so many things.

"This is a great gift for you."

Yu Sheng replied.

Following his words, the iron chain shook, and the force of breaking through the shackles descended from the sky, directly **** several Nirvana practitioners, and then tied them to the stone tablets that had been prepared long ago.

It is unknown when these ancient monuments existed, and they are elusive. Even Yu Sheng, the spellcaster, did not understand the reason for them.

Several Nirvana powerhouses were very dissatisfied and aggrieved to the extreme. They were really unwilling to end the curtain like this.

Yu Sheng clasped his hands together and prayed, and the altar danced and turned into a stream of light, rushing to the sky and disappearing.

He knew that several people had been locked inside and trapped in the center of the altar, and if there were no accidents, they probably would not be able to get out in the future.

Before, he also blocked other nirvana, but in the end there was no disturbance.

It's just that those who were originally nirvana were all of the strength of the first and second heavens, and they were not as vigorous as the nirvana of the sixth heaven this time.

After Yu Sheng finished all this, he also breathed heavily.

At the same time, the enchanting snake demon power absorbed by him was almost exhausted.

Yu Sheng knows that this power to transfer the other party's ability is possessed by Time-Space Chaos Lu, not himself.

Therefore, he once suspected that the space-time chaos that he controlled hadn't disappeared, it was just hidden somewhere in his body.

After Yu Sheng had done all this, he cleaned himself up again, and restored the scene before the few nirvana practitioners came in.

After doing all this, he took a deep breath and rushed directly to a part of the Milky Way in the secret place. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com found the area with the strongest aura, and sat quietly to recover.

After several days of meditation, Yu Sheng absorbed almost all the spiritual power of the surrounding galaxy, and suddenly issued a warning from this place secretly, and a stream of light flew out, catching Yu Sheng by surprise.

"Nest grass."

Yu Sheng dodged in a hurry, but was still hit on the buttocks and had a bruise.

After a few days of recovery, his body became more glorious, and an inexplicable force spread on his surface, filling this space.

Yu Sheng was suppressed, and he knew that he could not break through now, otherwise, it would cause some strong people in the surrounding ancient battlefields of stars to explore.

Although, ordinary Nirvana first-level heavenly beings will not be taken seriously by some people.

But for some unexpected things, who knows, maybe someone will try to stop them, then it will be troublesome.

Nirvana cannot be disturbed. Once disturbed, it is extremely easy to go crazy, and in serious cases, you will die directly.

Yu Sheng went straight to the empty dead land and found Xiu Niang and the others.

The giant savage nirvana was also a little shocked when he saw Yu Sheng.

A few days ago, he explored that star field, and there was no disturbance. They thought that Yu Sheng had been silently killed, but they didn't expect that, now that they were restarting, there must be new progress.

"You can go back now, leave this place to me."

Yu Sheng discovered that they had found an extremely hidden place, if not for the code words they left behind, he would have no way of finding that place.

The eyes of several people looking at Yu Sheng were a little different. This young man in the realm of Dazun brought them a surprise.

From the first time they sparred to each other to help them tide over the difficulties, all of this is a bit unreal.

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