I Have a Seaside Five-star Hotel - Chapter 557 The majesty of the chairman

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"I have a question."

Chen Jianhai's voice fell, and a voice came.

"I think SMS advertising will become a hidden danger. After all, in reality, this kind of text message, either filtered by the mobile phone, or ignored at a glance, may even be disgusting."

"For example, why do I get this kind of text message? Is my personal information leaked or sold?"

Chen Jianhai followed the source of the voice, and the person who spoke was the owner of Nanjiang Tianjing Hotel.

"What you said is indeed a problem, and it did give me a wake-up call."

"Well, let me explain first."

"First of all, for the 'why did I receive this kind of text message', it's not that personal information was leaked or sold," he said.

"When our mobile phone number segment leaves the operating area and receives the operating signal of the new area, the operator to which our mobile phone belongs will automatically identify it and send us a text message to remind us of the local cultural tourism."

With that said, Chen Jianhai took out his mobile phone, called out the "information" and handed it to the owner of Tianjing Hotel.

"Recently, I often need to be in Nanjiang and Zaomen for work reasons. These are the cultural and tourism text messages sent to me by the local operation every time I get off the high-speed rail."

"The back and forth above are those sentences: Nanjiang is beautiful, and Zaomen welcomes you."

"The content of such text messages is an indiscriminate attack, not specifically targeting a certain person, so it will not cause people to feel disgusted that their information is being sold."

When Chen Jianhai said this, he tapped the table with his right hand and continued:

"As for your phone filtering and spam texting, that's a real problem."

"I can only try to communicate with the Nanjiang Cultural Tourism Propaganda Department as much as possible to see if I can send information to tourists coming to Jiang in the official name of the 'Nanjiang Cultural Tourism Propaganda Department of Chunyang Province'."

"In order to better attract tourists,"

"We can also introduce a 7-day traffic pack for clicking on the link to attract visitors to our association's website."

"The association is also responsible for this fund."

"After all, when you are walking in the rivers and lakes now, you must not be short of money, and you must not be short of traffic."

"There are official certifications and traffic packs, which are enough to attract a large number of guests to the hotels in our association in the short term."

The meeting room was quiet again.

I have to say that what Chen Jianhai said is indeed a way.

The practice of using traffic packages to seduce foreign tourists to click on the association's website really hits the hearts of tourists.

And buying a lot of data packages, with such a lucrative door-to-door business, operators are naturally happy to send you information,

After all, interests are always mutual.

This way... it works!

"Do you have any ideas or questions?!"

Chen Jianhai looked around the crowd and spoke again.

This time, the meeting room was silent for a little longer.

"President Chen, I want to ask, we have already understood the first and second steps. How is the third step arranged?" Wan Rong asked curiously.

Chen Jianhai smiled slightly, and there was a hint of ill will in his eyes.

"The third step is not to rush to tell everyone."

"When the first and second steps are completed, I will naturally call everyone over and tell you what the third step is."

"Of course, if all goes well, maybe a month later, we can go straight to the third step."

Everyone gave Chen Jianhai a blank look.



I wanted to ask you out of curiosity, but you didn't say anything.

"So, do you have any questions or comments?" Chen Jianhai said again.

"I have no opinion." Wanrong first expressed his position.

"I do not have either."

"I agree."

"I agree."


Everyone had already moved their minds, and seeing Wanrong's attitude first, raised their hands one by one.

Although they are a little reluctant towards Chen Jianhai, the president...

But money is innocent after all, and everything must be fought for small money!

"Okay, then today our association officially decided to pass the cross-hotel package plan."

Chen Jianhai looked down at the watch on the phone and said:

"It is 9:35 in the morning, and before leaving get off work at 5 o'clock this evening at the latest, everyone will send the existing room type, number of rooms and original room price to the association in their hotel."

"The association will make a package combination according to the characteristics of each hotel. After the formulation is completed, it will be sent to you for review as soon as possible."

"During the review process, we encounter new problems at any time and solve them at any time."

"Do you have any questions?"

Waited about 5 seconds.

Chen Jianhai said, "Okay, let's end the meeting."



Dad is absolutely dashing!



After saying the word "dismiss the meeting", Chen Jianhai felt that he was the most brilliant and shining cub in Nanjiang!

Although Chen Jianhai usually holds meetings,

But either he held a meeting for the staff of his hotel, or he was "held in a meeting" and had little fun.

And now the whole room is full of five-star hotel bosses, and he can make the five-star hotels in the whole Nanjiang work with one word. The intensity of this meeting is completely different!


Mad, it's so cool to be president!

Follow everyone out of the conference room,

Wan Rong deliberately slowed down and followed Chen Jianhai,

"President Chen, I have a few friends from the Cultural Tourism Propaganda Department and the three major operators. If the association has difficulties in solving these matters, I can come forward."

Chen Jianhai smiled and said, "Okay Boss Wan, our association will deal with this matter first. If it can't be dealt with, you will come forward to help."

Wan Rong smiled and said, "There is nothing to help but to help. The association's business is everyone's business, and everyone should contribute."

Looking at Chen Jianhai, Wanrong's eyes did not hide his admiration.

He has also dealt with Chen Jianhai several times,

In his eyes, the other party is always a humble, gentle, optimistic and positive young man.

At first, he was not only worried that Chen Jianhai would be timid, unable to open up the situation, and couldn't hold back these old people.

Moreover, he was also worried that these old things would dispose of the young president Chen Jianhai, so that he would not be able to step down from the stage.

Even at today's meeting, Wanrong was ready to be the "King of Diligence" and "escort",

But what made him absolutely missed was that Chen Jianhai did not play cards according to the routine, and directly started from business interests, poking into the hearts of everyone present, and did not give them a chance to slap their face.

From expressing ideas to finalizing measures, all are in line with the current situation of Nanjiang, and each step has great operability and possibility.

Wan Rong really likes Chen Jianhai the more he sees it, and he is extremely grateful that he has made the decision to make Chen Jianhai the chairman.

The two exchanged a few more polite words, and then Chen Jianhai took the other party on the No. 63 bus, turned around and walked back to the association.

"President, do you need me to contact the Nanjiang Cultural Tourism Propaganda Department and the operator?"

In the corridor of the association, Liu Fuhou trotted to Chen Jianhai's side and took the initiative to ask.

"No, I'll get these. Your main task these days is to work out the hotel's package plan."

Chen Jianhai walked to his president's office and said:

"This thing must be done quickly!"

"After the association has made a preliminary plan, it will also review each hotel. After the review, we will make a unified deployment based on the actual situation."

"The time difference and advance amount of the back and forth must be well controlled."

"The sooner it's done one day, the better the odds of our association becoming a premium hotel industry association."

With that said, Chen Jianhai took out the key and opened the door of the office.

The two entered the house,

A smell of obsolete mixed with desks, chairs and cabinets wafted in my face.

Chen Jianhai stopped and looked at the house in front of him.

The office building of the Coconut Umbrella Hotel Industry Association is really too old.

The Coconut Umbrella Hotel Industry Association itself is located in the center of the old piece of Nanjiang City. 20 years of wind and rain have long brought many mottles to this 8-storey old building.

Even if the cleaning staff of the association regularly cleans and waters Chen Jianhai's office every week,

However, the office in front of me, from the wall to the floor, still has an outdated atmosphere everywhere.

Although the Coconut Umbrella Hotel Industry Association was successfully promoted to a mid-level hotel industry association last year, it received funding to rebuild the building.

But at that time Nanjiang was in the tourist season,

Moreover, the original "Dinghaishenzhen" Secretary-General Su Jie was transferred to Zaomen again.

Therefore, the rebuilding of the building has been put on hold and has not been started.

Only in April of the first half of the year, we collectively replaced the plastic windows that had aged with rubber strips to ensure no air leakage.

"This building is too old, it's time to do it again." Chen Jianhai muttered to himself,

Liu Fuhou's ears perked up:

"President, the funds allocated at the beginning of the year are still hanging on our association's account."

"If it needs to be redecorated. I will contact the construction company to bid."

Chen Jianhai interrupted Liu Fuhou: "Don't worry, keep the money."

"I took a look at the benefits of the association. After the intermediate hotel association is promoted to the senior hotel association, the National Hotel Association will be able to allocate another construction fund."

"When Coconut Umbrella becomes a high-end hotel association in April next year, we will combine these two funds to create a more beautiful building!"

Liu Fuhou: !


President, this is going to be a big vote!


Liu Fuhou looked at the young president in front of him with undisguised admiration in his eyes!

As a person who has worked from the grassroots level,

Along the way, he has met too many leaders.

Some of these leaders are based on connections,

Some are raised by family,

Some are made of wealth,

Some of them live in the world by virtue of their exquisiteness.

But among these leaders, the most people dare not despise,

It is by relying on his own ability, starting from scratch, and doing it step by step!

Liu Fuhou himself has become the secretary-general of the Intermediate Hotel Industry Association by virtue of his own efforts.

Therefore, for Chen Jianhai, he admires him from the bottom of his heart.

"President Chen is still a native of Nanjiang, and he always faces his hometown."

Although Chen Jianhai is also the president of Zaomen Shell Hotel Industry Association,

But I heard that during his time in Zaomen, apart from rectifying the food in the cafeteria, he did not introduce any other feasible measures, just like stocking shells.

On the contrary, in Nanjiang, he decisively started the "cross-hotel reservation" package work by means of thunder.

It's clear that I still pay more attention to Nanjiang's side!

It's just a pity...

Liu Fuhou sighed indifferently.

I am afraid that in the end, not only will the association not be able to upgrade to a high-level hotel industry association,

Instead, there will be no scum left by your own side!

Maybe next year this building will be another story.

Thinking of this, Liu Fuhou's face showed pity,

poor president

No matter what you will face in the future,

Hope you can know,

It's not your fault,

But this world!


Suddenly, Chen Jianhai seemed to notice something,

He turned his head and looked straight at Liu Fuhou.

Liu Fuhou's scalp was numb, and he asked in a low voice, "President, do you have other arrangements??

"Nothing, I just wanted to ask you, how is your arm?" Chen Jianhai asked with concern.

After Liu Fuhou's hand was broken last time, he went back to Zaomen himself, and he never asked how he was doing.

Anyway, now the other party is his subordinate, and he should take good care of him.

Liu Fuhou raised his left hand and said with a smile, "It's already healed. It's just that the doctor said that it needs to be raised again. He can't lift heavy objects and can't play ball."

"That's good." Chen Jianhai nodded slightly.

After speaking, Chen Jianhai took out his mobile phone and checked the time.

"It's almost 11 o'clock. Where does Secretary-General Liu go for lunch?"

Liu Fuhou did not suspect him, and said:

"I usually eat at the canteen of the association at noon."

Chen Jianhai smiled and said, "That's good. It just so happened that I haven't been to the cafeteria, so Secretary-General Liu will ask you to invite me to dinner at noon."

Liu Fuhou agreed with a smile on the surface, but a bad thought came to his mind.

Could it be that the president will also start with the association canteen of the Coconut Umbrella Hotel? !


The second floor of the Coconut Umbrella Hotel Industry Association is divided into left and right sides~www.novelbuddy.com~ The left side is the large conference room.

On the right is the dining hall.

To this day, Chen Jianhai does not know what the person who designed this building was thinking.

During every meeting, Chen Jianhai could smell the smell of fried fish from the cafeteria in the conference room.

Although the seafood in Nanjiang is all fresh,

But no matter how fresh you are, you can't help the smell of fried oil pouring into your nose one after another.

Even before it was finished several times, the body was stained with the oily smell of clothes.

Smoked people are quite uncomfortable!

Although his chairman is mainly to guide the better development of Nanjiang Hotel,

But now the staff inside the association are also his staff, and he also wants to do something for these staff to make their working environment better.

Although the cafeteria sounds insignificant, it is a major issue related to the daily meals of employees.

Chen Jianhai had long wanted to come and see,

It happened that he came to the association today,

There was nothing else to do, so I just came to take a look.

Walking into the cafeteria, Liu Fuhou directly swiped the gate twice with his meal card, allowing himself and Chen Jianhai to enter,

Compared with the Zaomen Shell Hotel Industry Association, the Coconut Umbrella Hotel Industry Association is a paradise!

Although the interior of the canteen looks a bit run down.

But the meals are guaranteed to be 6 meat, 6 vegetarian, 2 porridge and 2 soup.

The staple foods are rice and whole grains.

The fruit is cut watermelon and melon, and there are also small fruits that can be washed and taken away.

The beverage machine is divided into carbonated beverages and freshly squeezed juices, and even a variety of popsicles are stacked in the small freezer next to it.

Although popsicle ice cream can only be eaten in the cafeteria and cannot be taken out of the association cafeteria,

But this was enough to shock Chen Jianhai.

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