I Have a Proficiency Panel - v3 Chapter 698 1 Sword Reincarnation (End)

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Immortal Venerable Jiujue has never seen the existence of the realm of the Tao.

In the battle in the upper realm, he had seen from a distance that the supreme genius, who was the disciple of the Immortal King, burst out with extremely terrifying power, and perished with the three true immortals!

Five thousand years ago,

A quasi-supreme Dao invasion from outside the realm severely damaged the way of heaven, and Immortal Venerable Jiujue also hid behind and saw everything.

The terrifying power that erupted, even Jiujue Immortal Venerable was shocked by it!

The realm of the Tao is comparable to the existence of the real fairyland.


Those who can step into the true immortals are genius monsters that are rarely seen in ten thousand years.

But those who can step into the Dao are the evildoers among the evildoers!

Coupled with the mystery of the power of the Tao,

Undoubtedly, an even more terrifying power can erupt!

this power.

Let Jiujue Immortal Venerable dare not easily compete with him 1

And after the opponent has completely fallen, the death forbidden area generated by the Supreme Dao field has made the Nine Jue Immortal Venerable have a faint feeling of death crisis!

The warning signs in that sense,

Let him hesitate for a moment, and finally gave up the idea of ​​​​going to find out.

To Dao Dao Fruit

Also known as the fairy king base!

The mental image world in the realm of the Dao has the ability to change the world and change the reality without authorization. This is the power of the immortal king who is immortal for hundreds of millions of years!

It's just that the former's power to alter reality is only gravel, while the real Immortal King's power to alter the laws of reality* is as vast as the ocean!

But even so,

That kind of miraculous power could still cause harm to him.

The cautious Jiujue Immortal Venerable, after all, did not intend to go to find out.

not to mention,

There's no need to take risks either.

This side of the world is a seedbed for him.

As a true fairy who came into the world,

And raising the cultivation base to the level of the pinnacle of true immortals, he is already invincible in this world.

everything is under his control

Wait thousands of years,

When the threat of the forbidden area of ​​death is reduced, the Dao Dao Fruit will naturally become his possession.

Even if someone is lucky enough to get the inheritance of the fruit, as long as it is still in this world, it will eventually fall into his hands.

It also kept him from taking risks.

Therefore, Jiujue Immortal Venerable did not go to the forbidden place of death to make a foray.

But he never thought of it.

But just five thousand years,

There is another supreme Taoist in the world,

And also against him!

[Could it be that it was the backlash that I devoured from the many origin Qi machines in this world? ! 】

[Perhaps, it is the reflection of the will of heaven, which has given birth to such a son of luck...]

In the heart of Immortal Venerable Jiujue, there was a great fear.

boom! !

The terrifying immortal power machine runs through the nine heavens, the vast divine power penetrates the heaven and the earth, and the endless immortal light erupts at this moment, penetrating the billions of heaven!

Without any hesitation, Immortal Venerable Jiujue burst out with the most terrifying power in his life!

With the eruption of terrifying power, this world of green mountains and green waters shook violently at this moment, and the loud noise set off a substantial impact, cracking trees and the earth, and terrifying cracks criss-crossed, revealing that reaching out. The dark abyss without five fingers! …. .

! But strangely,

The inner edge of the huge crack is not real soil, nor is the grass and trees real wood fibers, but the strange material that the green runes of 0 and 1 are piled up, and the cracked scars are flashing with green serenity. Light!

[The realm of the Dao is so strange! 】

Immortal Venerable Jiujue only felt that the cold hairs all over his body stood up!

such a strange world,

But unfortunately, he can't feel anything wrong!

The laws of this world have been tampered with,

The foundation of all things in the world is the weird green 0 and 1 runes!

at the same time,

Jiujue Immortal Venerable also felt that his own immortal power was also being eroded by the strange runes, and even the professional status of Immortal Venerable was constantly falling!

Once the fall is completed, he will be completely reduced to a creature in this strange world!

This is absolutely impossible for him to accept!

【Xianshu·Absolute Heavenly Dao! 】

Chilled voice. Reverberates between the crumbling heaven and earth.

With the extinction of everything, the world is about to usher in the end of the end of the law, and everything is the icy magic sound of annihilation.

Immortal Venerable Jiujue was as straight as ice at this moment, and coldly pinched a seal,

In an instant, at this moment, the whole person has suppressed the eternal sun's brilliance for hundreds of millions of years, and all the accumulated energy burst out at this moment!

Eighteen thousand years ago, Jiujue Daojun defeated many competitors on the immortal road and successfully ascended to the immortal. Since then, Jiujue Daojun has become Jiujue Xianzun*,

And the Nine Absolutes Dao Technique, which was created in the world, was also promoted to the original Immortal Technique at that moment!

Every one of the Nine Absolutes,

They all possess the invincible strength on the road to immortality in the past!

After being promoted to Origin Immortal Art, it is even more terrifying!

And the way of absolute heaven,

It is the first of the nine absolutes,

It is the most terrifying and terrifying ultimate move created by Immortal Venerable Jiujue!

In the past, Jiujue Immortal Venerable used this trick to cut off the connection between the Canglan Realm and the Upper Realm!


In order to deal with Zhang Qingyuan,

In order to completely kill the younger boy who brought him a huge threat in front of him, Immortal Venerable Jiujue has already been sublimated to the extreme, and has erupted with the most terrifying means of power in 18,000 years. Use the most terrifying power that is enough to shatter the heavenly way of this side of the world to completely kill it!

Boom boom boom! !

The boundless and endless momentum shock shook the universe, and the way of heaven seemed to be shattered!

Void, dead and chaotic,

All things in the world, at this moment ushered in the end of death!

The terrifying aura that escaped made the entire sky of the blue world completely darkened at this moment, like the abyss of despair that was about to fall into death!


Central Continent, the Eastern Boundary.

A page of the scholar looked up at the dark sky,

Even at this time, he has already achieved the realm of Escape One Sovereign, and in today's Canglan Realm, he is already at the peak of the peak.

But at this moment, facing the terrifying heavenly power that descends like a vast ocean from the sky, there is still a kind of fear that comes from the heart!

"That guy, who did he offend?!"

A page of the scholar gritted his teeth, resisting the terrified Tianwei who could not see his fingers in the sky, looked up at the pitch-black sky, trembling authentically. …. .

! Although he did not know the specific inside story of this great change,

But he has a 99% premonition in his heart that the heavenly change on the top must be the aftermath of Zhang Qingyuan's fight with an unknown enemy!

The terrifying heavenly might that spread to the entire Canglan Realm and almost turned the world upside down,

It made him feel a kind of fear from the bottom of his heart!

"Damn, didn't that guy say to solve this disaster and destroy the four ancient holy places by the way? Why did he provoke such an opponent?!"

In the face of the panic-stricken Tianwei on the top ~www.novelbuddy.com~ a page of the scholar is full of worry.

But at the same time,

Much more is powerless!

"No way. An opponent of this level is not something we can touch at all. All we can do is to bless and pray for him here."

A low voice came from behind, Lin Yan walked over with a solemn expression, stood next to a page of scholars, and looked up at the sky together.

"Old Yan said that this kind of heavenly power that affects the entire sky of the blue sky is at least at the level of true immortals, and it is very likely that it is the power that will only be produced when the powerhouses in the level of true immortals fight!"

"Now we *, not even the true king, are too weak!"

Have you reached the realm of the Tao?

Lin Yan looked at the pitch-black sky that seemed to have collapsed, and there were mixed feelings in his heart.

Like a scholar, he also felt that one of the parties fighting on the Nine Heavens at this time was Zhang Qingyuan, who was familiar to him and others.

In this world, I am afraid that only he can do such incredible deeds!

that guy. It is simply a monster among monsters!

Even with the help of Mr. Yan,

But compared with that guy, let alone catching up, the distance is getting farther and farther, until it can't be compared!

the current opponent,

It's already standing on a level of power that I can't understand at all!

Obviously everyone just walked out of one place, it can be said that they are the same monks, but now another person has reached the peak that he cannot reach.

This feeling really made Lin Yan feel a little uncomfortable.


The power of the True Immortal series...

Who will be on the other side?

How can there be immortals in this world? !

Lin Yan frowned slightly as he looked at the sky. . .

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