I Have a Proficiency Panel - ~ Concluding remarks and new book preview

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In the end, after 6,000-word chapters, it was finally over.

This book has been written for more than two years, with a total of 3.45 million words, and finally ushered in the end today.

There are thousands of words that I don't know how to start.


Thank you readers for your support along the way.

Perhaps this book is not considered an excellent novel, with many typos, a boring middle plot, a lot of words, and all-day attendance, etc.

In the middle of writing, the subscription collapsed, and the author wanted to force the ending several times.

But it's because of your support that keeps me pumping up time and time again to try and save this story.

Although the final result is not satisfactory, but finally let this story have a complete ending.

In fact, as early as March and April, I was already prepared for the ending.

It's just that there wasn't a satisfactory ending at the time, so it was delayed again and again,

From April to May, and then to June, until the last August and September, one update every day, one update every two days... and then one update every four or five days.

It's not that I'm lazy, it's that when I'm writing the final ending, I'm always thinking about how to write it, whether it's good to write the plot like this, or whether I should write it like this... revise again and again, again and again Considering the plot, it turns out that each chapter is extremely difficult to write.

Fortunately, everything finally ushered in the end.

Although the finale is still ordinary, it is already the best the author can do.

When you finish typing the word "finished",

Anyway, the whole heart is relaxed.

There were a lot of things I wanted to say, but I didn't seem to have that interest anymore.

Simply by the way, here is a brief preview of the new book.

This book is over though.

But it's not time to say goodbye.

As a street fighter, I am not qualified to say rest, so it is estimated that I will start writing a new book tonight.

However, learning from the lessons of this book, I will save the manuscript for more than ten days, and then send it out in 40,000 to 50,000 words.

To briefly say here, I cut out the book on liver proficiency in the fantasy world, because it was too verbose at the beginning, and I didn’t want to rewrite it, and the recent starting point of fantasy has a lot of points, and the subject of liver proficiency is written. The thief is not interesting, so I don't plan to fry cold rice.

The new book is still in the fantasy genre, but the subject matter will be relatively old. It is a traditional text of fantasy rebirth that no one seems to have written in the past few years.

Why class?

Because although the subject matter will be a bit old, I will use my own style to write and write my own story, instead of the almost pure waste material of ancient fantasy. The protagonist has a mocking face, and the villain is inexplicably attached A mocking homogenization plot.

Back then, when I was reading novels, I was hurt a lot by those fantasy novels that started off with waste and divorce.

Forget it, stop ranting.

The background of the new book is probably:

Thirty years ago, the protagonist traveled to a different world, and was attacked by bandits not long after he was taken captive and sold as a slave to a subordinate mine of a sect. After a big change in the field, the sect was destroyed and finally escaped from the mine.

Afterwards, the protagonist, who has no golden finger, was cautious, and while trying to seek opportunities to practice martial arts, he used the knowledge and ideas of his previous life to improve himself. After fifteen years of hard work, he finally became a famous little master in the southern wilderness.

However, it didn't take long,

The heaven and the earth changed greatly, the spiritual energy was revived, the ten thousand worlds invaded, and chaos followed.

Mountains and rivers shattered, countries perished, tragic wars, slaughter, swords and fires spread to every corner of the world, even though the protagonist has grown into a well-known little master, in front of the vast world, he is just like an insignificant speck of dust.

In the following years ~www.novelbuddy.com~ the protagonist struggles to survive in the vast world, and seeks a way of self-cultivation in the Xuantian world that invades the world.

But what made him despair was that when he became a mining slave in the past, due to the relationship between the martial arts that squeezed the origin of his life, his origin was seriously injured, and he was completely insulated from cultivation all the way!

In the following ten years, the protagonist struggled to survive in the chaotic world, while seeking a solution, but he cut off the way forward. With the advent of a new era of spiritual recovery, more and more other masters have risen, and more and more The young Tianjiao was born, stirring the wind and clouds, emitting a dazzling light.

And no matter how hard he spends ten times, he can only take a small step forward, staring blankly at the same generation and even the new generation, and eventually gradually begins to lag behind the times, and can only drift in the wind and clouds set off by other contemporaries. Uncertain, up and down...  

Back then, the famous Lightning Sword in the Southern Wilderness Wulin finally disappeared in the face of the tide of the times, and became a trivial piece of ordinary dust under the tide of the great era.

Until one day, the protagonist, who was already forty or fifty years old and full of wind and frost, followed the refugee team to retreat from a huge war. As a result, the gods and gods in the nine heavens fought, swiftly passing through the sky like thunder, and the terrifying aftermath shattered the mountains and rivers. , collapsed thousands of miles, the protagonist was crushed to death by the aftermath energy like an ant in an instant, and his consciousness fell into darkness.

Until he opened his eyes again, he was already back thirty years ago, back to the day when the bandits attacked!


This is the general background of the story.

After the start of writing, there will be fine-tuning, but the general story development is inseparable.

See you in ten days and a half.

By the way, don't be too busy to delete this book, I will post a new chapter here when I publish a new book.

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